Natural Non-Toxic Art Supplies for Kids

How great is it to let your kids be free with their creativity?! No helicopter parenting here. Just natural explorative play with adorable pudgy baby fingers!


safe craft play for families- natural non-toxic art supplies


Humans, especially kid’s are naturally curious creatures. So why do we look on in horror when our littles try and eat the sand, lick the marker and chomp on the crayon? Well, probably not from fear of them learning and using their senses, but because we know that what they are ingesting probably isn’t great for them.

I don’t want to limit my child’s natural urge to create. So why would I limit them in their materials? Especially, for the little ones that are just expressing their curiosity. Hey! That crayon really might taste good!

Trying out two natural non-toxic art supplies with my toddler this past week was not only freeing, but wow, I just felt like I was going back to my creative roots. That’s why I’m so excited to share my thoughts on safe craft play for families with Wee Can Too’s Veggie Finger Paint and Bobo’s Beeswax Crayons.

wee can too veggie finger paints for babies and toddlers

wee can too veggie finger paints for babies and toddlers

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Wee Can Too | Safe Craft Play for Families

Perfect for the do it yourself mama and her family, Wee Can Too has created an entire line of safe craft play for families. Focusing on natural non-toxic art supplies for kids, you can feel comfortable knowing that every product from this company comes from the highest standards of safety.



Wee Can Too™ was founded with a mission to bring art supplies to babies and toddlers by offering the highest quality products made from fruit and vegetable powders, plus plant-based ingredients. Our products are all natural, and made from the safest ingredients without chemicals, preservatives, color additives, and are made from food based ingredients. Our colors come from nature!


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Wee Can Too | Best Non-Toxic Finger Paint for Toddlers + Babies

Yup, I said it. Wee Can Too’s Veggie Finger Paints are exceptionally rich in color and safe for your little ones at home. Honestly, I get giddy thinking about the different veggies that went into getting these deep and vibrant colors. And before I left Evelyn go at it, I had a little fun myself.



Opening the powered paint, sticking my finger in it, dumping it on the counter to feel the texture… it was fun!  And it got me thinking that this characteristic is genius. What makes the best non-toxic finger paint for toddlers & babies, well the best?! Yes, the non-toxic part, but also the easy to store and savor part.



I don’t know about you, but I hate to waste precious craft supplies. And when kids are involved, well that’s just bound to happen. However! The fact that Wee Can Too’s Veggie Finger Paint comes in powder form means that I can mix up the perfect desired amount of material without waste and without it drying out in storage.

Not only that, but Evelyn absolutely loved mixing the water and powdered Veggie Finger Paint together. She got to be included on an extra step of the creative process and I think that is so cool!





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Bobo’s Beeswax Crayons | Crayons for Babies + Toddlers

And now onto the next popular form of arts and crafts for babies and toddlers, crayons! If you held a crayon as a baby or toddler, guaranteed it ended up in your mouth! I can’t tell you how many have succumbed to Evelyn’s pearly whites. In fact, I just stopped giving them to her altogether. And I definitely didn’t want to hand her a marker.

And you guys, it honestly broke my heart. I felt awful taking away something that was helping her fine motor skills, and encouraging her creativity. But then we tried Bobo’s Beeswax Crayons for Baby’s and Toddlers. And hallelujah, my dilemma was solved!




Our mission was to create pure, high quality crayons free of petroleums and other toxic chemicals.  Our pack of twelve hand-poured crayons is made with 100% all-natural beeswax and non-toxic pigments.  Enjoy playing and creating with Bobo’s Beeswax Crayons.


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Thank the Lord for Bees! | The Glories of Beeswax Crayons

That might sound dramatic, I know! But seriously, my obsession with bees and all the good they do just got crazier. In fact, I’d love to own a hive or two one day!




Just as described above, Bobo’s Beeswax Crayons are made with 100% all-natural beeswax and non-toxic pigments. making them the perfect and safe craft play for families. Not to mention, their shape fits perfectly in little one’s hands. I mean just look how adorable this is!


And just like Wee Can Too’s Veggie Finger Paint, Bobo’s Beeswax Crayons are pigmented with the most beautiful colors. I’m talking jewel tones y’all! swoon

And if you were wondering if Evelyn did in fact go for a little artsy snack, the answer is yes she did. lol





Or try out Bobo’s Beeswax Crayon Travel Set (8-Pack) for on the go families. And their  Bobo’s Beeswax Customized Crayon Set – Personalized Gift Pack  for unique baby shower and birthday gifts.

. . .


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Back to the Basics of Creative Play

Ahh man, I just had so much fun sitting down with Evelyn and getting to the basics of creative play. There really is something magical that happens when a child draws a circle for the first time, experiences a color in a new way, and you succumb to grant their wish of painting another rainbow with them… “just one more mommy”.


If you liked reading about these natural non-toxic art supplies for kid’s then I highly recommend giving them a try for yourself, or gifting them for a baby shower or birthday. There is so much learning and exploring to be had, why not do it the natural way. Soon your child will be saying ” Wee Can Too”.

This post was a review of the gifted items from Wee Can Too and Bobo’s Beeswax Crayons


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natural non-toxic art supplies for kids



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