I Love My Kids So Shouldn’t I Love Their World To?

One of the best things we’ve done for ours kids has been putting them in an outdoor learning environment for preschool. Yup, they spend their entire class time out in the forest twice a week. Rain or shine, hot or cold.


wee woolies merino clothing


Not only has it been a great opportunity for them to get fresh air, but it’s taught them safe confidence in the outdoors. However, making sure their garments are safe for their time in the forest is a responsibility left on my shoulders. Keeping them warm and well is of upmost priority, and that’s why I choose to dress them in Wee Woollies, a Canadian made merino clothing line.

Warm & Well: Back to Basics with Wee Woollies

Things don’t have to be complicated when it comes to your kids well being. In fact, it should be as simple as going back to the basics of good and ethical quality goods.



There’s no fuss when it comes to Wee Woollies merino clothing. Made from quality merino wool sourced from Mew Zealand, and then manufactured right here in Canada, it’s purely a farm to home experience.

In addition, their ZQ merino wool fiber means that it’s not only high quality wool, but it’s guaranteed to come from ethical farming and husbandry methods. Good for you, good for the sheep, and good for our children’s world. So while their learning about their environment at forest school, my kids are also wearing items dedicated to helping it flourish.


wee woollies merino clothing


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Bright & Light: Wee Woollies Merino Clothing

There they are…. my kids in a natural state of joy and wonder. They run along a rocky shore and dig their pudgy fingers in the sand. Dipping sticks into the chilly water lapping close to their grounded feet is a fun game, watching as the water rhythmically dances along with each stroke.

They stand out nicely among the fallen foliage and bare branches. Like little menageries of paintings, their bodies are warmed by the hugging of bright and light merino garments from Wee Woollies.


wee woollies merino clothing


Bluesign approved, Wee Woollies bright colors won’t darken your smile, as all components of their merino wool, including the dye is harmless to people and the environment. And the breathable quality of merino wool keeps it light and soft against your child’s delicate skin.

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Warm & Well: My Wee Woollies Merino Clothing Experience 

Do I love supporting local? Absolutely. Do I love keeping my kid’s warm and comfortable? Absolutely. Do I love that I’m dressing my kid’s in fashionable items that leave the smallest footprint on their world. You betcha.



Can I say more good things about Wee Woollies? Honestly, I probably could, but I think you get the point. This brand is everything that’s important to me. I love what they stand for, and most importantly I love that my kid’s want to wear them. Want to try and guess what Charles wore all day? Lol You can find his outfit here, and Evelyn’s here.


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GIVEAWAY QUESTION: What adventures would your family have with your Wee Woolies? Write your answer in the blog comments for 3x bonus entries to win a $75 shop credit to Wee Woollies! (Make sure you leave your IG handle so I know who commented!)

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33 thoughts on “Warm & Well | Wee Woollies Merino Clothing Review”

  1. Love this review and supporting a Canadian company! Every outdoors adventures begins with a Wee Woolies bass layer for my little guy. He has a special place in his dresser just for his woolies so they are always ready for a mountain adventures (IG: KristelJoynell).

  2. We love our merino wool as a base layer for my daughter for anything we do. We live in Nunavut and love being outside watching the animals, ice fishing for most of the year and rod fishing for only a few short months, camping or going for walks.

  3. We love wee woolies!!!! We would take our daughter in the wee woolies into the forest to hike and into the snow now that it’s showing up this winter!! Haha


  4. The adventures are just starting for us with our new baby! We are a cross country skiing family, who love to ski into Gatineau Park yurts and we know that Wee Woolies would keep our girl nice and toasty! She already loves sleeping in her wool sleep sack, which was our first WeeWoolies purchase!I’m on Instagram as @pammiepamerson ♥️

  5. Wee Woollies as a base layer for every adventure that requires warmth and a wicking layer. From backyard wanderings, to winter biking and hiking, to pjs for our camping trip to Acadia National Park this Spring. I’d love a couple Wee Woollies for my little adventure partners. ❤️ Great giveaway & review!

  6. These are so cute! We would use them mainly for hiking and camping. That said my youngest as a set of merinos that he lives in for days at time. Would love to win a pair for one of my kiddos!


  7. We took our LO on the West Coast Trail in wee woollies as a baby, and want to take her again this year! IG is @lunchingwithlittleones

  8. We love wee woolies for our Idaho winters. I’d love to head over to Lolo Hotsprings for some adventuring in Montana before winter is over. I’m sueknoth on insta.

  9. With Wee Woolies we plan to go hiking and backcountry camping with our little adventurer! We also XC ski a lot so we would use our Wee Woolies as her base layer to stay cozy in the Chariot!

    Instagram @balsamclothing

  10. We’re a big ski adventure and climbing family, so both of those adventures come to mind for Hatch in his Wee Woolies 💕🏔 if I’ve learned anything as a mama, you better have enough snacks and the baby better be warm!

    Insta handle- @erin.roghaar

  11. A lovely review! 🙂 We are so happy with the pair we have for our preschooler. They are currently great for adventures in the snow (sledding, ice fishing, ice skating, skiing, just simple open ended outdoor play). And they will also be super for summer adventures this year, like camping in the mountains! Now our younger one is ready for a pair too! 🙂
    – @linnea_c_s

  12. I would go camping with my Wee Woolie clad wee ones to our favourite spot – Frye Creek. Or maybe to Tofino. They would be cool enough/warm enough snuggled in their “woolies” ❤️ There is no weather that these clothes can’t beat! @jennchic

  13. Would love some Wee Woollies! They would be the perfect base layer for my two little ones for our mountain walks in the Dolomites! (IG: @virginiabarbisan)

  14. We live right here in the PNW so we are lucky enough to have adventure all around- whether it’s exploring along the river or hiking up a mountain or just heading to the lake! The other 4 in my crew have merino wool base layers but not my littlest one…yet. 😊
    Insta is enjen

  15. We would wear them for all our outdoor adventures, and definitely as pjs for our camping trips!! Love Wee Woolies so much, just bought a set for my expecting sister in law!!

  16. Pretty much any adventure these days requires warmth 😂! We do have lots of adventures and hikes planned for this spring and summer though as the youngest can now walk and loves exploring…so these would be great for those early spring hikes ☺️. @oursideofthemountains.

  17. In Northern Nevada we have to prepare for several months of snow and several months of extreme heat. That means quality outer wear is a must and so are layers! A good quality base layer is the perfect start! Kids are always growing and we would love a new set for hiking, camping, and enjoying our mountain backyard. IG: kjbrother

  18. I’ve wanted to try weewoolies for my little ones. We would take our kids on adventures to the mountains here in Alberta Canada!
    IG: Natnguyen21

  19. We don’t own any pair of Wee woollies clothing yet. Traveling to Singapore and Australia this summer and would love to try the base layer top and leggings on our trip.
    Thank you.
    IG@ life_with_mihika

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