My Sweet Valentine Social: Kid’s Valentine’s Day Party

budget friendly event kid's party

What a SWEET turnout!
The My Sweet Valentine Social was filled with love, laughter and a crazy amount of energy that I’m attributing to all the sugar. The kids were able to have lots of fun with their friends, and more importantly, the moms got to socialize with other moms! This is something that I covet after talking to toddlers all day. 
As I mentioned in the previous post, My Sweet Valentine Social, this party was designed to be a budget friendly kid’s party. While staying budget friendly can look good on paper, or perhaps a blog post, it can look quite different in reality. But I cant tell you how pleased I was with this Valentine’s Day kid’s party. It turned out to be a crisp and lovely theme that can be recreated for future Valentine’s Day events.
budget friendly valentine's day kids party


Hello, and Welcome to The My Sweet Valentine Social!

The hello sign was a nice welcome to all our Valentine’s Day guests and offered a warm invitation to explore the area. Upon entering, a cocktail table greeted guests with beautiful tulips (purchased from the  Crystal Gala Foundation in affiliation Abbotsford Tulip Festival) and a donation plate where guest could drop off a toonie for the Abbotsford Hospice Society.
While kid’s parties are always super fun to throw and attend, I wanted our party to be a reminder of what Valentine’s Day is really about. And that is to spread love to all people, not just your romantic significant other. It also gave me a good teaching opportunity to show my kids generosity and compassion, which is always a plus. Because lets be honest, the everyday hustle can sometimes override the teachings of such things on a daily basis. 

One of my favorite things about the community room is the crisp white tables and clear modern chairs. Not only are they able to seat up to twelve, but they allow your decor to stay crisp and uniform. And looking back at pictures, I couldn’t be happier with how the table scape turned out. 

 valentine's day party for kids

Budget Friendly Tip: Recycle

Remember how I said I like to recycle party goods as a means to save money? Here are some of the ways I implemented this helpful tip!
valentine's day party for kids
For this budget friendly party I had just enough plates and napkins left over from my sons fourth birthday to use for this social. The flowers I sprinkled down the center of the tables were from Costco. If you ever need a lot of flowers, specifically roses, Costco is where you need to go. I purchased a dozen for only 17.99!  (The grocery store was offering half a dozen for the same price)
valentine's day party for kids
valentine's day party for kids
While the flowers offered the perfect amount of elegancefor this Valentine’s Day kid’s party, the printables from Paper and Parties and Paperheart Calligraphy added a nice chic look. And! The printables from Paperheart were free! I just subscribed to her email list, downloaded the images from my email and printed them off on cardstock.


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Your Wallet Can Take A Seat for this Valentine’s Day Kid’s Party

Seating can sometimes be a huge budget consumer, but Highstreet offers beautiful crisp seating that could fit any decor. Their large white sofas acted as a space to lounge but also as a cute area for pictures. I styled it with a customizable gold balloon banner from Heather and Gem. (this party store has since closed, head to Joonie and Joe for all your party needs!) Isn’t it SWEET! 


Guests like to participate in more than just eating and chatting. Incorporating different activity stations was a budget friendly and kid’s party approved idea.

The photo station, to be honest, was a last minute decision. When I saw the XOXO banner from EZ Party I knew I had to incorporate it somehow. Guest really took advantage of this, and got some great pics. Items I had around the house were used as photo props!


budget friendly valentine's day party for kids

budget friendly valentine's day party for kids


On the other side of the couch was a reading area. It ended up being a perfect place for mommies and kids to relax and have some bonding time. My daughters rug from her nursery fit perfectly amongst the Valentine’s theme, and the antique rocking chairs made it oh so cozy. These were a few more “recycled” items that kept this Valentine’s Day party budget friendly. Going through your house to find party decor is a great money saver! These items all came from my daughter’s nursery. 

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Valentine’s Day Kid’s Party: Food & Dessert

budget friendly valentine's day party for kids


For the food I kept it super simple and kid friendly. A veggie tray, fruit salad and some heart shaped meats and cheeses made up for the majority of the food. (I used a small heart shaped cookie cutter to cut them. It was simple, fast, and I could involve my kids) Pizzas from Famoso were also included and where super delicious!

Keeping a parties time frame between meal times is a great way to keep the budget friendly. Try starting your next kid’s party at 2.  By having it at that time, you can simply provide small snacks and a dessert.


budget friendly valentine's day party for kids

budget friendly valentine's day party for kids


Our Valentine’s Day Kid’s Party desserts also followed suit in simplicity. Some simple white chocolate and sprinkles from Dainty Sprinkles Co elevated the wafer cookies and popcorn to a delectable and fun Valentine’s Day treat.  And the cutest wooden heart picks from Sprig West fashioned some store bought donuts. The pink white hot chocolate was also a big hit and would be perfect for your next kid’s party!


Valentine’s Day Kid’s Party: No Fail Sugar Cookies

budget friendly valentine's day party for kids


The sugar cookies are where I spent some extra time, but well worth it. I’m a big sucker for them, and I have to admit they have been making there way onto my plate for breakfast post party. Try my aunt’s No Fail Sugar Cookies! You won’t find better! Not only where they a feature on the food table, but were the guest party favors as well. (Another budget friendly tip! Can you use an item for multiple things? We brought out this recipe again for our Christmas Cookie Gift Box)

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Budget Friendly Valentine’s Day Favors

budget friendly valentine's day party for kids






Each guest got to home with a personalized cookie and Valentine from my kids. They couldn’t have looked better together! I mean really, a sugar cookie valentine? So cute! A helpful hint is to purchase Valentine’s Day cards when they are on sale, I purchased ours from Tiny Prints when they were 40% off! Or even better, make your own!
Along with the personalized cookie, each guest received either a heart shaped hair clip from Peekabloom Baby or an individualized packet of XOXO sprinkle mix from Dainty Sprinkles Co.


budget friendly valentine's day party for kids


Want to make your own Valentine’s Day cards? try our Unicorn and Love Bug Cards with Ombre Rice Krispy Hearts

These were high impact favors with cost around a dollar each! Big Valentine’s Day win in my books! All favors were placed in bags where guest could hand out their own Valentine’s Day cards to their friends. The kids came home with so many cute cards, and they really loved seeing all the different ones that their friends took time to create or pick out!

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A Huge Thank You!


And I think that covers it! The party was so much fun to throw, especially because it kept to my budget friendly plan! But also because I got to watch my kids and their friends big smiles throughout the Valentine’s Day kid’s party. A huge thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate, and for all of you who are reading this blog. It means so much to me to be able to share this passion and inspire people to create fun and unique events. If you have any questions about the Valentine’s Day kid’s party, I would love to hear from you! Or if you would like to collaborate on your next event, Im your girl! All party details are listed below:

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budget friendly valentine's day party for kids

 Valentine’s Day Kid’s Party Details


Venue: Highstreet Community Room
Decor: Heather and Gem– balloons and paperware; Paper and Parties– love sign; Paperheart Calligraphy– free printables; EZ Party; Abbotsford Tulip Festival– flowers, Crystal Gala Foundation– flowers, Sprig West– wooden heart picks; The Land of Nod– rose rug
Food: Famoso; Dainty Sprinkles Co
Party Favors: Peekabloom Baby– heart hairclips; Dainty Sprinkles Co– XOXO sprinkles; Tinyprints
Wardrobe: Flora and Peg; Billy Bibs; Minimoc; Kewe Clothing; Charlee Dee; Beluga Baby


Pin these images for a quick reference back to this budget friendly Valentine’s Day kid’s party!

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