Unique Family Portrait:

In Home Life Drawing Session

in home drawing session-unique family portrait

photography by: Julie Christine Photography

You take a deep breath and glance over at your children playing in the soft haze of sunlight penetrating a near window. It’s a welcomed guest, dancing on the tops of their wispy heads and highlighting every curve and crease of their youthfulness… you begin to notice some subtle changes. The plump rolls of infanthood have receded. Freckles now kiss a few features and they all seem to be standing just a little bit taller than before. Times gone by as it always does. And you begin to wonder how you might slow it down just a little bit more.

Finding a way to hold onto these moments shouldn’t be difficult. And it’s one reason why I’m now offering an opportunity for you to own a unique family portrait capturing your life’s everyday moments.

personalized home decor_life drawing


In Home Life Drawing Sessions Represent a Moment in Time


Quickly journaling a movement or a feature, each stroke of the pencil tells the story of what was… A family embracing each other, taking their time to love one another, and accepting the moment as it is.


Engaged, pregnant, new baby, or loss of loved one? These In Home Drawing Sessions capture all of life’s important moments in a new and unique way.

When you book an In Home Drawing Session, you don’t just receive a unique family portrait. You receive a story of the friendships and bonds that have grown in your home. A story of a mother’s tenderness unfolds. A child’s curiosity is captured through the tender dimples gracing each finger as they hold onto their new sibling. And a father’s comforting embrace is etched in time forever.


motherhood drawing family portrait vancouver artist


These Ricotta Sugar Cookies have brought so many special moments into our home. Want to hear more about how our house is a home? Read Our House Story


So Much More Than a Unique Family Portrait

personalized home decor_life drawing

framed artwork photography by: Posie and Pine

Each In Home Life Drawing Session is 45-60 minutes in length, and is conducted in the families home where the magic of their everyday moments happen. While you and your family read a book, play, cook, or simply just love on one another, I’ll be there capturing time with 5-7 sketches on newsprint paper.


personalized home decor_life drawing


After your session is over, I’ll compile your moments into one finalized unique family portrait in the form of a line drawing. Customized to your preference of image size and in gold or black ink, each unique family portrait is created on quality Stonehenge paper.

Not only will you now have some personalized home decor, but you’ll have stopped time, capturing your family just as it was.

Book you’re In Home Drawing Session and give yourself the gift of time.

personalized home decor_life drawing


Olivia’s Unique Family Portrait and Giveaway Bonus


Thank you to Olivia from Posie and Pine for welcoming me into her home to capture so much love. And a big thanks to Julie Christine Photography for capturing the process. Read more about Olivia’s home session experience and why she loves her personalized home decor.


in home drawing sessions- family portrait drawings

framed artwork photography by: Posie and Pine

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What special moment would you want to capture? Comment below and remember to write your IG handle for credit! Click below for your special discount!


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8 thoughts on “Unique Family Portrait | In Home Life Drawing Session”

  1. I’d like to capture just an everyday moment like sitting and eating together or just being together. My family is off on so many different directions at once these days, I cherish the moments we’re together
    IG : Karen.hawes

  2. Lena.vanderhoek
    What an amazing idea! We just moved into a house that has a fire place and we’ve been spending so much time hanging out on the couch as a family and talking about our day without the tv or phones on. I would love to have these “slow” moments captured!

  3. I would love to capture my husband coming home from work and watching the joy our son to see him. Love how Olivia’s was a 3 set piece – we are s family of 3 and I would be thrilled to win this!

  4. I think I would like to have moments of laughter and joy we share around watching and loving our baby Mackenzie. My other two daughters are smitten. I love the love they share already. It’s so special! Oh and maybe breastfeeding. Is that weird? I actually like it and think it’s special. Mackenzie is likely our last baby I feel sentimental about being done breastfeeding after her….

    IG: danaleighcurrie

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