A Behind the Scenes Look into Uniform Handmade: Ethical Clothing for the Modern Woman

ethical clothing capsule wardrobe

photography by: Jayme Lang Photography || behind the scenes photographs by GOLDNgrasses

You buy a dress at your local department store. The fit’s not quite right, or the color isn’t the latest trend, but you buy it anyway. It’s on sale, so why not? It hangs in your closet, only being pulled out on the rare occasion. Or maybe, it finds itself pushed to the back of the closet… forgotten for months, until you’re making room for next seasons wardrobe. You pull it out, decide it’s not longer desirable, and throw it out with the other misfits….. Welcome to fast fashion.

Like many other aspects of our lives, faster has become better. Or so we think. The availability of endless clothing options today, makes it easy to fill our homes and lives with clutter.  We give into the big blow out sale, an adrenaline rush ensues, and we are left with less money in our pockets and clothing that only satisfies us until the next thing catches our eye.

And I admit, I’ve been apart of this frivolous lifestyle. There have been many times were I have bought something, only to wear it once, and then decide it’s not for me. Or buy it because it’s on sale, forfeiting quality over quantity. 
But, I’m tired of this lifestyle. I’m tired of filling my home with items I don’t treasure, wasting away hard earned money, and contributing to the pollution of our environment and social ecosystems. That’s why I’m so excited to be sharing with this new minimalist women’s clothing brand with you. Taking cues from the ethical and sustainable handbook, Uniform Handmade is contributing towards changing slow fashion from a trend to a lifestyle.

Slow Fashion: A Time for Change & Capsule Wardrobes

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Recently, I had the opportunity to go behind the scenes on their first lookbook, and conducted an exclusive interview with the creator and designer of Uniform Handmade, Kati Moore.
Filled with passion and vigor for change, Kati has taken it upon herself to bring ethical clothing that suits all women in today’s society. With life in the fast lane, today’s women don’t necessarily have the time or luxury to sift through clothing that is going to be flattering, utilitarian and produced in a way that keeps the conscious clean. In other words keeping to a minimalist women’s clothing option that adheres to the slow fashion movement.
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ethical clothing brand capsule wardrobe staples

Interview with Kati Moore: Designer of the Minimalist Women’s Clothing Brand

What was your inspiration to start a small business?

​So, I think I would say, the inspiration came from finding confidence as a mother. And, since having my children it’s such a change, and I started to care about what I looked like again.
I completely understand, it’s something that definitely gets put on the back burner when you have little humans to take care of. Your own needs become second.

ethical clothing brand capsule wardrobe staples

Sustainable and ethical clothing is a huge part of Uniform Handmade, why should people choose to shop slow fashion?

​I think that once you learn something, you can’t unlearn in it.
Once I started to think about the reality that children the same age as my four year old were probably making my clothes, you start to see the downfall of fast fashion. When you start to look closer at the garments that you have, and you learn about construction and fabric content, you see that your throwing your money away. And every dollar you spend your casting your vote. And now I choose companies I want to be successful, rather than choosing ones that are more detrimental to society.
ethical clothing brand capsule wardrobe staples

What’s something that you want other women to get out of wearing Uniform Handmade clothing?


Just simplicity. And just one less thing in your day. The whole capsule wardrobe concept is something that I think everyone should adapt to. It’s a game changer. If you could start your morning off with a little bit less conflict, and one less decision to make, it just sets the tone for your whole day.

A true minimalist women’s clothing option. Putting your energy where it needs to go.

Absolutely, knowing that you like your clothes, and that they fit you properly. Or if your baby spits up, and you need to throw it in the wash… What if your husband puts it in the dryer? Is he going to reck it? It’s that rare occasion that if everything needs to go in the drier, it’s going to be ok. And you don’t have to worry about it. So, I want to make sure that the item is made for real life.

ethical clothing brand capsule wardrobe staples

How did you decide on the fabrics and colors of this ethical clothing line? Keeping it true to a minimalist women’s clothing brand.

It was super super hard. Basically, I had a binder of swatches. I contacted a local fabric supplier that only carries ethically made products. I asked them to send me all their naturally made fibers. So, they sent me all the natural fibers, which probably ended up being over 25 swatches. It really was just a matter of widdling it down to see which ones had the fabric content that I was after… so, something that had a natural composition, meaning it will drape properly, wash well,  and then it will hold up and last.

So then would you do trials?
Ya I did. With each fabric I ordered, you have to order a minimum amount. So, I took the plunge, and ordered my favorite three. One of them was a total tank, and ended up being legging material. So that has been put away for a future project. There was definitely some trial and error. It was really hard to commit, because basically these two first fabrics I chose are going to set the tone for the entire line.
Another big deciding factor, was what color-ways were available. Because, if I liked the drape and feel of something, but it only came in neon colors… that was no good. The beauty of working with this supplier, is that they let you do custom prints. So I might end up even doing some shibori or indigo dying. So I know at least the fabrics that I have chosen, because they are natural fibers, will take the dyes really well…and can be customized down the road.
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 ethical clothing brand capsule wardrobe staples
 A slow fashion brand that is changing the way women choose their wardrobe.
How does the material stand up against the life of a busy mom?


I’m sure that everything is washer-dryer friendly. They are color fast, so they aren’t going to fade. The black is a linen blend, so it will age a bit. But it will almost look like a patina, it just gets better with wear. So, they are meant to be incredibly wearable. They are strong, especially the hemp one, it’s a really strong weave.  They are meant to bounce back. We spent a lot of time choosing the thread we are using, and the way we are stitching them, so there is bounce back. That way if you have a baby on your hip, and they are pulling on it, it’s not going to misshape.

Like pulling it down to breastfeed?

Yes, exactly. And I have a shirt that I ordered online,  and now it’s garbage because I pulled it down to nurse in.

I have a couple that I want to pull down to nurse, but its like oh, no….I’m going to reck it. 

Sometimes I ask myself, how late in the day is it? Can I sacrifice my neckline at night… you know whatever… it’s evening, and I’m taking it off soon. Or is it morning? I should pull it up instead, so I don’t make it baggy and gross by the end of the day.
And I pre-washed personally all of the fabric before we sewed. So the garment will not lose shape. Every garment you buy, the shrinkage has already been done, so what you see on the rack or online, is how its going to stay. I’ve been a victim of buying an item that looks great on the rack, but after the first wash, the hem went crooked. It’s garbage… and there goes my money.

ethical clothing brand capsule wardrobe staples

 women's ethical clothing women's ethical clothing women's ethical clothing women's ethical clothing women's ethical clothing women's ethical clothing

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Tell me a bit about yourself and your family.

​So, my husband and I were both born and raised in Chilliwack, BC. But, we have been living in Vancouver for the last ten years, and that’s were I had my first baby, and was a stay at home mom. It was really challenging to live somewhere were the cost of living is so high. We made sacrifices so that I could stay at home with my baby… my husband worked two jobs seven days a week.
So, we were living in an incredible area, but we were really only existing. We didn’t have any extra income to enjoy this beautiful city.
As soon as we got pregnant with our second, I knew I needed my mom, so we moved back to Chilliwack so we could be closer to our families and improve our quality of living. Which it has… substantially. And the things that I loved about the city ended up being the things I hated with children living there. So moving back now, I was able to go on this venture because we have our parents.
I do miss it… and miss the style of the city, I want people to care a little bit more and be a conscious consumer. So by doing this, it’s going to bring that to the for front, I’m hoping to meet some like minded people, because I know that they are here, I just can’t find them.
 Where do you see this new endeavor going, and what are your hopes for Uniform Handmade and the slow fashion industry?

​I would hope that I would bring awareness of how important it is to buy local and support your local entrepreneurs. I’ve employed local mothers, so none of this is being done, in a factory setting. It’s all helping stay at home moms contribute to the income of their family, and continue their lifestyle.
Eventually, I want to continue this line so that I have all the makings of a capsule wardrobe. And that my sizing is consistent enough, so that once you know your Uniform size, it’s easy to online shop. The idea, is that If you know you are a Uniform medium you can go online and order a garment in all the different colors and patterns…very easily being able to start the foundation of your capsule wardrobe.
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There’s a new saying out there, “lets collaborate instead of compete”, how do you feel about that?


Absolutely, it was important for me to work with Jamye, because she’s an amazing local photographer. I even went out of my way to stop at Duft and Co. instead of Tim Hortons for baked goods. I’ve got k’pure here. My eucalyptus is from Sophia’s Flower Shop. My flowers are from Willow Tree Vineyards, the tea is from New Moon Tea Co…so really any opportunity to showcase the fruits of the Faser Valley.

I agree, whenever I do my parties, I always try and support local. It takes more time and money, but…

Yes, exactly! But that’s where I like to put my money. When I can do it…locally and small shop wherever possible. And really, the options are such much better in the long run, because they are making rad things. And they are making things that I want at my photoshoots, and in my own home. They are far superior.

​I agree.

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ethical clothing brand capsule wardrobe staples

Custom embroidery is in the works, and soon you’ll be able to add personal touches to your Uniform Handmade garments. Something that I can’t wait to see brought to fruition!
From the culinary goods to florals for flat lays, Kati kept it all local. Supporting other small business owners and creatives, the studio was filled with an uplifting community vibe. 

What’s one thing you want readers to know? You can have fun with this one, and be completely random!


​In a previous life I was an event planner- working on everything from celebrity weddings, to parking lot parties, to concerts. I once accidentally locked the band 54-40 in a secret staircase at the Waldorf Hotel. I still do bespoke events freelance, in my spare time.

That awesome! Were they absolutely terrified?!

They were… not amused.

slow fashion minimalist women's clothing

I believe in the mom uniform, and that’s where the idea for the name of my brand came from. The mom uniform- it’s what you wear everyday, and reach for. I want to keep everything approachable. And I’m not trying to build an empire, I’m trying to support my family, and create something I saw a market for.

Why choose Uniform Handmade: A Minimalist Women’s Clothing Brand Highlighting Slow Fashion

​Made from sustainable textiles that have been produced in Canada, and then sewn by women in the community, you can guarantee that your Uniform Handmade garment was created with the intention to better our ecological and social environment furthering the slow fashion movement.  Using only the best materials, you notice that your garment only gets better with each wash. Created to sustain the lifestyle of a busy mom, Uniform Handmade clothing is meant to hold up to tugging, pulling and the occasional spill. After wearing the tank while doing housework, chasing the kids, and even paring it with a skirt for a nice evening out, I can attest to its durability and function in a capsule wardrobe.

Simplicity to match the beauty of womanhood.

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slow fashion minimalist women's clothing

Thank You Uniform Handmade

This shoot was so fun to be apart of. There was a beautiful blend of chill and chaos, as each Uniform Handmade model had a little one they brought along. Keeping true to the minimalist women’s clothing functionality this brand offers!
​Shop their presale today, and keep your eye open for the grand opening launch to start your capsule wardrobe and live a slow fashion lifestyle!
Thank you Kati for keeping it real, and providing an atmosphere for creativity!

slow fashion minimalist women's clothing

slow fashion minimalist women's clothing

Small batch, minimalist women’s clothing, handmade with natural fibres in the Fraser Valley.  Born of necessity, Uniform was created to fill a void for locally made, quality garments for modern women.  Our pieces are capsule wardrobe friendly and meant to be a starting point towards a simpler life.

collaborative elements

minimalist women’s clothing:  Uniform Handmade
photography: Jayme Lang Photography
venue: High Street Community Hall
food: Duft and Co. ; New Moon Tea Co.
positive vibes: k’pure naturals
flowers: Sophia’s Flower Shop ; Willow Tree Winery
capsule wardrobe review with Uniform: Tara Teng
You first saw this interview on GOLDNgrasses, curated by Chalie Howes.

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