Say No to Boredom With These Summer Crafts for Kids

We are a week into summer break, and I’ve already broken up more fights than I can count, cleaned more messes than I’ve wanted to, and have heard “I’m bored” far earlier than I expect.


And it’s not like we haven’t been doing things! We’ve gone on hikes, played in the mud, built new Lego sets… and I’m still hearing those dreaded words. So it’s time to bring out the summer crafts for kids. I’m telling ya, these fun DIY Bubble wands + Scented Stress Balls + Lavender Scented Bubbles + Dragon Snot Slime are some smile filled activities your kids will surely enjoy! And not to mention they all have a natural twist with affordable essential oils from Simply Earth- a monthly essential oils recipe box.

DIY Bubble Wands + Lavender Scented Bubbles

Why I have never created my own more natural bubble mix, I have no idea!  Now that I know how easy it is, I don’t think I could ever purchase those big box bubbles again. Not to mention the lavender essential oil easily turned this typical summer activity into a healthier version for my family. Want to create your own Lavender Scented Bubbles? Simply follow Simply Earth’s recipe card below.

Keep this essential oils summer craft fresh by changing up the scent. This month’s recipe box, included four essential oils that are safe for families including Sweet Dreams + Fir Needle + Tangerine + Lavender. I think next time we will try a few drops of tangerine!

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Crafting Your Own DIY Bubble Wands

Extend the fun of your summer crafts for kids with this super quick DIY. Who needs a plastic bubble wand when you can create your own magical version! Made with just three materials, this is a great summer craft for camps, birthday party activities or a home craft.

Don’t have a straw? No problem, just use a pipe cleaner and bend into the shape of a bubble wand. Decorate with beads of your choice.

Blowing into Lavender Scented Bubble mix is also a great summer activity! Watch as hundreds of bubbles mound to create some rainbow magic. Just make sure your kids know to not suck up the bubbles!

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Scented Stress Ball With Affordable Essential Oils

Add a little sensory play to this beloved kid’s craft with some affordable essential oils! Again, this couldn’t have been simpler, as the recipe card and essential oils needed where provided by our Simply Earth recipe box. It even came with the balloon, so all we needed to provide was the flour.

When pouring the flour into the ballon, slowly massage the neck of the ballon to continue flow. Make sure the kids don’t pull to hard on the ballon or you’ll end up with a huge mess! After your ballon is filled, tie and give it a few good squeezes until the scent starts to come through.

Your kids will have so much fun poking, squeezing and smelling this summer craft. Try playing a few games with your Scented Stress Ball like: Hot Potato or Keep Away.

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Dragon Snot Slime and More Summer Crafts for Kids!

My oldest has been dying to make some slime! So he was all about this recipe included in Simply Earth’s Essential Oils Recipe Box. Using Tangerine + Lavender kid friendly essential oils, this slime got a fun and natural makeover. We added some blue coloring and glitter that inspired my kids to lovingly name this Dragon Snot.

A few other kid friendly recipes we tried were the Sweet Dreams Bath + Homework Diffuser Blend + a Sweet Dreams Roll On. We loved trying out the four kid friendly essential oils included in this months recipe box: Simply Earth’s Dream Blend, Fir Needle, Tangerine, and Lavender. To get your hands on these affordable essential oils and summer crafts for kids recipes, make sure you grab July’s box before they are gone!

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Affordable Essential Oils from Simply Earth’s Recipe Box

These summer crafts for kids couldn’t have been easier to put together. Why? Well, I had the help and convenience of all my materials and recipes (sans my DIY Bubble wands) sent right to my front door. It’s like Simply Earth knew July was was meant to get crafty with the family!

What is Simply Earth?

It’s a fun and affordable essential oils recipe box service that gets delivered to your door monthly. While the theme changes month to month, the quality of the items inside the box don’t. What your guaranteed to receive is four quality ensured essential oils hand picked to fit with the monthly theme + 6 recipe cards to expand your essential oils knowledge and creativity + other must have items to put your DIYs together.

At only $40 a box (valued at $150) it’s easier and more affordable than ever to grow your essential oil collection, while putting them to good use inside your home. I don’t know if you knew this, but buying essential oils can get costly! But not with Simply Earth. They believe every home should have the opportunity to live in a more natural and healthy environment. So you’ll find their individual essential oils have the quality and potency that every bottle should have, but not the price with their Simply Pure Promise.

And their passion to end human trafficking is something that I can definitely get behind, with every 13% of the sale going to organizations that help end this awful crime. For the month of July they are supporting A21: Amsterdam.

Ready to receive your July’s summer crafts for kids box or want to try next months box featuring skin care? Make sure you use code: GOLDNFREE to get your next box FREE with a $40 gift card + a BONUS BOX.*

*code applies after purchase of subscription


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  1. Love these crafts! I think we all need the stress ball and a few bubbles! Maybe I can skip the slime and save it for the grandkids!

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