baby's 1st cake smash sophisticated woodland birthday theme

Baby’s 1st Cake Smash Photography: Shannon Lee Photography

I wish I could savor every moment. Every little breeze that blew through her soft curls. Every little breathe that deepened as she fell asleep in my arms. I tried to savor them the best I could, but here we are, already into the week of her second birthday.

And so to savor every last drop of our last baby, I thought I’d do a little through back to our baby’s 1st cake smash.

A First Birthday Celebration for Every Moment

It’s already been a year since we all gathered around sweet Evie Rose to celebrate our daughter’s first birthday. It was as darling as I ever hoped it would be. And I think I dreamt about this first birthday celebration just as much as my own wedding.

A sophisticated woodland party theme, Our Little Chickadee set the stage to celebrate one of life’s biggest milestones. There was a cascading balloon banner, cake swing, and a table decorated with flowers, birds and the confectionary delight for our baby’s 1st cake smash. This first birthday celebration was a dream in all essence, but it was also a way to celebrate the little big moments.


baby's 1st cake smash sophisticated woodland birthday theme


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Like the way her face lit up when she saw a stool just her size. Or when a smile, that could make more than just a mother’s heart melt, shined when her loved ones sang Happy Birthday. And especially when the icing from our baby’s 1st cake smash squished between her little fingers from excitement.



These were the moments I truly treasured, not just our baby turning one.

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Our Baby’s 1st Cake Smash



Like I said before, I dreamt of our daughter’s first birthday and the sophisticated woodland party theme for quite sometime. So it should come as no surprise that our baby’s 1st cake smash turned out to be as cute as it was.

Simple, yet elegant. I choose a low relief cake design and a gold embellishment of our daughter’s name. Honestly, I till think it was one of the most beautiful cakes I could have chosen for our daughter’s first birthday. Now I might have had the vision, but Reddy Made Cakes were the ones who put it into reality, perfectly I might add!


baby's 1st cake smash daughter's first birthday

photo by Shannon Lee Photography


When it came time for our baby’s 1st cake smash, I must say I was kinda giddy! Would she dive right in? Or be completely disengaged. Well, let’s just say she got her mama’s sweet tooth.


baby's 1st cake smash first birthday celebration

baby's 1st cake smash first birthday celebration


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And I’d Do It All Over Again

If I was to go through the first birthday celebration all over again, I would hands down do another baby’s 1st cake smash. Why? Because I was able to savour all those little big moments one more time. And that’s something I’ll never be sorry for or regret.


baby's 1st cake smash first birthday celebration


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Having those special little moments has made this past year even sweeter. And now I can’t wait to celebrate our two year old. BEEing two is awfully sweet don’t you think?!


baby's 1st cake smash first birthday celebration

Sophisticated Woodland Birthday Theme

Venue: Highstreet Community Center

Baby’s 1st Cake Smash Photography: Shannon Lee Photography

Baby’s 1st Cake Smash: Reddy Made Cakes

Table & Wooden Chargers: The Jubilee Collection

Cake Swing Display: GOLDNgrasses

Balloons: Joonie & Joe

Wooden Cake Stands: The Jubilee Collection

Paper Ware & Cutlery: Joonie & Joe

Floral Arrangements: Sequel Events

Baby Cake Smash Photobooth: Stumbling Grace

Dress: Wheat Kids Clothing

Shoes: Minimoc (cranberry)

Bow: Always and Foreverly

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