“Welcome to the Tea-Rex Room, where the girly dinosaur theme party is roaring!”

Tea-Rex Party | A Sweet & Girly Dinosaur Theme

A sweet and girly dinosaur theme party that’s sure to impress guests while having a stomping good time! Filled with your typical kid’s tea party essentials we just added a few dinosaur friends + dried greenery + a dinosaur play dough activity + the cutest dinosaur cookie place-cards. Follow along on our little adventure so you too can throw your little one a Tea-Rex party! Trust me, the party is roaring!

How To Throw A Kid’s Tea Party

Like I mentioned in the intro, a Tea-Rex party consists of all the kid’s tea party essentials like:

  • small sandwiches
  • small desserts
  • herbal or rooibos tea (decaffeinated)
  • tea cups and plates
  • milk & sugar
  • place cards
  • tiered stands (we love ours from Yes Chef)
  • floral centrepiece

When keeping your kid’s tea party “kid friendly”, remember that simple is always better. Opt for crowd pleasers like PB & J + cucumber & cream cheese + turkey & cheese, as well as a few raw veggies and fruit. And remember that dessert goes a long way! If you’ve ever been to a tea party, you’ll know that all these little bites + tea really add up quickly. Typically, your leaving waddling and holding your happy belly.

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Another kid’s tea party tip is to cool the tea before serving. No one wants there little to burn their mouth, and honestly kids for the most part don’t care if it’s hot. So air on the safe side.

Lastly, use your china! I know, I’m crazy! But you have your china to use it, not to sit in your cupboard all year. Make memories, not dust.



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Now, How To Throw A Tea-Rex Party

Do all of the above, but throw in a few things to bring in your girly dinosaur theme! One of the easiest ways we accomplished this was using dinosaur cookie cutters for our sandwiches. Not only were they a huge hit for the party guests, but they literally took no extra effort. yay!

Other ways to create a dinosaur theme Tea-Rex Party:

The decor is also one of the easiest ways to tie in the girly dinosaur theme. We took a more tropical/prehistoric approach by incorporating dried palms and grasses from Eucalyptus Pop Up for our background and tablescape.

I was so thrilled with how it turned out, that I’ve kept the hanging dried florals up in the playroom (sans the three sign lol). I’ve been turning more towards a nature play approach with the kids, and this seemed perfect.


We were also able to use the fresh and dried florals from the tablescape when we moved onto our Dinosaur Playdough Mat Activity. Dual purpose decor always has extra room in my heart! This fun party activity is super fun + reusable + perfect when used with Hue Dough! A children’s sensory dough that’s natural + soft + safe.


Dinosaur Cookie Place-Cards

Ok, now for my FAVORITE part of the Tea-Rex Party! The adorable and oh so cute dinosaur cookie place-cards! Cookies by Andria totally nailed my idea, and really pulled this girly dinosaur theme together. Not only was the color scheme dead on, but the designs… I mean come on! There’s a reason why she got so much love on her Instagram for these! All heart eyes.


Not only did she create these dinosaur cookie place-cards, but all the other sweet designs as well. Gold Tea-Rex cookies anyone?! They looked so cute incorporated as decor along the tablescape, as well as on our tiered plates and cake.

Tip: No need to go crazy on a cake for a kid’s tea party. We bought a cheap and small cheesecake from the store and decorated it with the dinosaur cookies + wooden sign from Yes Chef.

Kid’s Tea Party Essentials | A #YesChefFavorites

Another party that wouldn’t have been complete without a few items from our local specialty kitchen store Yes Chef! For this girly dinosaur theme and kid’s tea party, we opted for three matching tiered stands + a wooden cake topper + bubblegum meringue drops.

But I must say the star of the three would definitely have to be the tiered stands. Made of cast iron + white enamel they will time and time again be used for parties and events. It’s were quality and aesthetic meet. And if it wasn’t for the friendly and helpful staff I might have overlooked them! There’s always so many amazing things, it’s nice to be able to go into Yes Chef and asked for some recommendations. Just tell them Chalie sent you, and your as good as gold! ūüėČ


Thanks again for checking out one of my many children’s parties! I hope you found some helpful tips and inspiration! Happy party planning!

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This post was sponsored by Yes Chef

Tea-Rex Party Details

Decor: Eucalyptus Pop Up

Tiered Stands: Yes Chef

Dinosaur Cookie Place-Cards: Cookies by Andria

Wooden Cake Topper: Yes Chef

Bubblegum Meringue Drops: Yes Chef

Assorted Mini Macarons: Bon Macaron

Dinosaur Playdough Mats: GOLDNgrasses

Children’s Sensory Dough: Hue Dough

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