Well Hello Fun & Healthy Family Living

I can be down with that. In fact, it’s like taking my two favorite parts of motherhood and smashing them together- creative fun and healthy living for my home.

Now what exactly am I talking about here? Well, let me tell ya in rhyme form, because why not and my brain is totally fried right now and I need some fun. lol


simply earth essential oils recipe box- healthy home lifestyle


Simply Earth

A recipe box that’s got a whole lot of worth,

it’s ethical living and respects planet earth

with fabulous pricing it’s got wholesome charm,

with four lovely bottles, it does no harm

for each essential oil has top quality girth

and fun little recipes, ideas you will birth

it’s great for the whole family, and healthy too

just look at this fun you’ll have with your crew

(mic drop)

Ok, that was too much fun! Did you catch my drift? Well, just incase my poetry skills are a bit rusty keep on reading to hear all about my first (and totally not last) experience with Simply Earth: Fun Essential Oils Recipe Box for families.

What you’ll find is an affordable and fun alternative to healthy family living + some summer recipes + and a company that wants to pay it forward.

Keep in mind that we may receive commissions when you click our links and make purchases. However, this does not impact our reviews and comparisons. We try our best to keep things fair and balanced, in order to help you make the best choice for you.

What is Simply Earth?

Simply Earth, is a small family run business that solved a basic problem that a lot of families are facing- creating affordable green products that make healthy family living that much more attainable. And did I say fun? Ya, that to.

We created Simply Earth to make having a natural home fun and easy at honest prices.






Sounds pretty great right? Well, how do they do it? Simply… they cut out the middle man. No more going to essential oil parties or overpaying to get what you want. Now you can shop for your essential oils through Simply Earth, all the while being assured your getting the same top quality guarantee as other big name essential oil companies. You can read more about it here with their Simply Pure Promise and 365 Simply earth Guarantee.

And the big cherry on top? They offer fun Essential Oils Recipe Boxes on top of their individual products! With monthly themes, you’ll find it hard not to camp out at your doorstep.



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What’s Included in the Essential Oils Recipe Box?

Well, it changes each month. But what you are guaranteed is four essential oils + six recipe cards + other items needed for your fun Essential Oils Recipe Box.



What did I try out this month? Summer Vibes Essentials! Including a natural Beachy Hair Spray, Travel Blend Roller and Hibiscus Skin Repair Bath Salts. Just check out those beachy waves and zen face! lol



Simply Earth made it so easy to create this DIY Beachy Hair Spray! The recipe card and refillable spray bottle are going to become quiet handy over the next few months. Hey maybe, I’ll even continue its use into the winter… get that vacation look if you know what I mean.



Not only did I find these recipes super easy to follow, but also very practical for the warmer months ahead. Not sure you would want a box every month, out of town, or perhaps you don’t quite need that “theme” for your healthy family living? Then no big deal, just change your “charge date” in the managing subscriptions page.

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What’s that BIG BONUS BOX I’m seeing there?

Mighty observant of you! It’s actually just that, a big bonus box! Filled with carrier oils, rollers, bottles and other items needed to extend the fun? And if you use my CODE: GOLDNFREE when subscribing to this fun Essential Oils Recipe Box you not only get your next box FREE with a $40 gift card, but you also get the Big Bonus Box! And after every six orders you’ll get another one sent to you.



This option is great for the families with lots of kids who want to join on the fun, or for the avid DIY gifter! Hey, Christmas is never to far away. Or cough cough my birthday….

The extra rollers sure come in handy when making your own essential oil blends. June’s box had a wonderful Traveler Roller Essential Oils Recipe that I ended up gifting to my mother in law and all her future getaways. And of course I made one for myself!

Speaking of Gifting… Simply Earth Gifts 13% of Profits to Help End Human Trafficking

Not kidding, and if you need the reminder than just look at some of their bottles. This just speaks to my heart. It’s been an issue I’ve been advocating for the past few years, and to support a business that’s helping in the fight is the TRUE cherry on top.



If you want to read more about it, click on Simply Earth’s Cause and/ or head to The Joy Smith Foundation to see how Canadians are fighting this tragedy in their own backdoors.

Simply Earth Coupon Codes

What’s one way you can help end human trafficking and have fun while creating a healthy home? A Simply Earth Essential Oils Recipe Box is truly the best of both worlds. And today I’m making it even more affordable for you to take home a box. Valued at $150, these $39 recipe boxes are packed with affordable healthy home lifestyle essentials.



Teach your family the importance of a healthy home and have fun while doing it! Use CODE: GOLDNFREE to claim your $40 Gift Card + Big Bonus Box at checkout when signing up for a Simply Earth Subscription. (note: this code only works with the recipe boxes, not individual products)

Only want specific affordable oils + products? Check out Simply Earth’s shop here.

May you all have many beachy hair days in front of you +  fun healthy family living + and a fire in your belly to do whats right every day!

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This post was sponsored by Simply Earth.

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