Doughn’t Worry, I Got Your Buns Covered

Oh wait, we are talking scones and biscuits! Not buns, we’ll roll with that one another time 😉

Never have I ever given a thought to what constitutes a scone recipe vs biscuit recipe. But apparently there is a lot of issue on the two baked goodies and what separates them apart! And while making a search for the perfect scone recipe, I realized my quest had swiftly escalated into a full on war between the traditional British delight and it’s southern flaky counterpart.



After what seemed to be hours of scrolling, I did end up coming to the conclusion that there are some differences. However, what differences those are is still up for debate!

But doughn’t you worry your britches. I’m going to give it to ya straight by sharing an easy chart so you can learn some of the differences too. Also, I’m going to leave you with two baked good recipes that will be sure to satisfy the Brit and Southener in you. Not to mention a shopping list of all my favorite Yes Chef products that made this post possible.

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Scone Recipe VS Biscuit Recipe: What’s In the Dough

On my journey to find the best scone recipe, I actually first baked a recipe on Pinterest. It tasted good, but something didn’t seem quite right. It was flatter than expected, and the texture was more like a scone/biscuit hybrid. That fail, put me on the path to find some of the arguable differences between a traditional scone recipe and biscuit recipe. So in the end, I am pretty grateful for this Pinterest fail.

So lets get to it, and bite into the handy list I created to manageably make out the differences.



Want to go more in depth? Read this great article from Bon Appetite: A Scone Is Not a Biscuit

The Great Question: Dough It Really Matter?

No. I don’t think it really does. Unless your planning on starting up your own bakery business specializing in Afternoon Tea or Southern Cuisine, I think your fine not to make a stink about a scone tasting like a biscuit and vis a verse. I just ain’t got no time for that.  And I’d rather eat my baked good than complain about it. lol



And if you’ve got a side of clotted cream, I’m definitely not going to pass on slathering that all over my scone or biscuit. A girls gotta eat!

But if you do want the best traditional scone recipe and biscuit recipe, I’ve once again made it super convenient for you by sharing it here! The best traditional scone recipe that I’d like to share with you today is from Bon Appetite.  And I must say I think they were one of the biggest advocates for the debate over the perfect scone. And the biscuit recipe is one my family has been using for years. So differences aside, just enjoy some yummy baking and remember, always serve with a smile!

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Best Traditional Scone Recipe


Serve these with a side of Koji Toasted Almonds!


Best Traditional Biscuit Recipe



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#YesChefFavorites | Linen + Gold + Spreads

This post once again wouldn’t have been possible without a little trip to Yes Chef in Downtown Abbotsford. Filled with the top kitchen items available, it’s always such a treat to take a stroll through the store and be inspired.



This time it was the Creative Co-Op Cotton Tea Towels and gold serving spoons that did me in. Quality crafted, they were the perfect inspiration for this #YesChefFavorites installation.

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The beauty of these products sure caught my eye, but also the practicality of them. My tea towels and flour sacks are used just as frequently as my knives and dishes, which means they were in desperate need of some replacing! The cotton fibers give the tea towels amazing absorbency, and the neutral colors make them fit into any kitchen. The Baker’s Floursacks also supply amazing absorbency, and their thinner cotton supplies multiple functions when prepping cauliflower pizza or cleaning up dinner.



Some yummy treats were also a requirement to this post, because why not! I loved trying out a local Strawberry Wine Butter as a delicious topping for the scones and biscuits. And of course a good helping of Naked Snacks not only dressed up the staging, but gave a nice pick me up to our afternoon snack.



The afternoon spread was complete with stunning gold serving spoons that I’m sure to whip out at any dinner party. And a faux marble serving platter that was perfect for our baked goods, or cheese spread for a late night snack.


Yes Chef Shopping List

Creative Co-Op Cotton Tea Towels, Set of Three

Baker’s Floursacks, Set of Three

Faux Marble Platter

Creative Co-Op Gold Serving Spoons

Strawberry Wine Butter

Naked Snacks 3pm Goji Mix

This post was sponsored by Yes Chef

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