Surrealism Inspired Art for Kids

 The thing that I love most about the Surrealist Movement, is that the artist’s seem to have harnessed the unbridled creativity of their childhood (a direct result of the atrocities of both world wars). Objects become more than what they seem, and dream worlds unfold. Everyday items mesh, mold and morph life into extraordinary stories, all the while the viewer is left with a little bit more curiosity and creative thought.


reneé magritte kid's portrait craft


René Magritte is one such artist that embraced Surrealism and all its odds and ends in the early 20th century. And in my mind makes a fun figure to not only study, but create a children’s book about. Magritte’s Apple, by Klass Verplancke is witty, dreamy and down right inspiring. Join with me as I dive into this segment of #CreativeReadoftheMonth (a monthly children’s book craft), and share a Rene Magritte Kid’s Portrait Craft!

René Magritte Kid’s Portrait Craft

If there was one thing Magritte wanted the viewer to do, it was look beyond what they saw. A bird is not just a bird, an eye not just an eye, and a pipe not just a pipe. If you’d like get the wheels really turning, check out The Treachery of Images and start a discussion around it with your family. Can you guess why he wrote “This is not a pipe” when your clearly looking at one? It’s sure to give a few tummy’s the giggles!

reneé magritte kid's portrait craft



Like most of my kid’s crafts and DIY projects, I want them to fun, educational and of course wall worthy! And I think this René Magritte Kid’s Portrait Craft is no exception! In fact, I think it would be a fabulous idea to make this children’s book craft into one for the entire family and hang them like a family tree.

Inspired the surrealists and Magritte’s unique style, this kid’s portrait craft is more than a silhouette of your child. It’s a window into the creativity inside them! Using floral motifs, and dried flowers we will not only capture your child’s flourishing creativity and ideas, but illustrate it in a fun way that provokes further discussion from this children’s book craft.

reneé magritte kid's portrait craft

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reneé magritte kid's portrait craft

Children’s Book Craft Materials List:

René Magritte Kid’s Portrait Craft

  • Black Craft Paper
  • My FREE Watercolor Flower Printables
  • White Paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Pencil
  • Flashlight
  • A Dark Room
  • Flowers and or Greenery
  • Microwave
  • Paper Towel
  • Pie Dish

Step One

Using a dark room such a closet, hang your piece of white paper the same height as your child. Using a flashlight or a light on a smart phone, shine onto your child standing sideways in front of the white paper. (you will either need someone else to hold the light or set it on something) Outline the silhouette of your child onto the paper, making sure you have enough space on the paper around their outline.

Tip: If your child’s head is filling up to much of the page, simply scan the outline into your computer, and resize in microsoft word. Print. You want able amount of negative space for the silhouette’s full impact.

Step Two

Cut out your silhouette and retrace onto your black craft paper. Print out the FREE Watercolor Flower Printables.



reneé magritte kid's portrait craftreneé magritte kid's portrait craft


Tip: Use the black watercolor sheet to draw your own forest or flowers.

Want more kid’s craft ideas that come with free printables? Try our 3D Airplane Craft or 3D Choo Choo Train

Step Three

reneé magritte kid's portrait craft


If you’d like to keep this kid’s portrait craft simple, then just glue your black silhouette portrait onto the watercolor flower sheets and frame. Want greater dimension for this children’s book craft? Then keep following along.




Step Four

Cut flowers and greenery. Dehydrate them by laying them flat in between two sheets of paper towel. Lay them inside your microwave, and place a pie plate with a flat bottom on top. Cook at 50% for 1 minute. If the flowers are still moist, keep cooking in increments of 30 seconds.

Step Five

children's book craft



Glue dried flowers onto your free watercolor flower printable. Then paste your black silhouette portrait on top of your children’s book craft. Frame and hang.

Tip: Want to make two René Magritte Kid’s Portrait Crafts? Use the head shape of your silhouette and paste onto another watercolor print. Frame and hang side by side.

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children's book craft

children's book craft

Magritte’s Apple by Klaas Verplancke | #CreativeReadoftheMonth

Step into the world of a man and his dreams. A painter that dreams paintings, and paintings that paint dreams. Your children will have so much fun learning about René Magritte, his apple, bowler hat, and his fascination with turning ordinary objects into extraordinary moments.

You just might find your child is a Surrealist painter themselves!


children's book craft


Want to learn about another artist? Try our children’s book craft inspired by Frida Kahlo’s Animalitos

children's book craftAfter you read this book and before you begin this #CreativeReadoftheMonth try a few of these prompts to get the creative juices and dialogue going.

  • Pick two items. Then draw them meshed together.
  • Act out one of your dreams.
  • ASK
    • What is Surrealism?
    • Where was René Magritte born? Then point out where on a map.
    • Is there an event that has made you feel sad? (like the world wars did the surrealists) What can you do that makes you feel better? (the surrealists create exciting and dream like images)
    • Why did Magritte write “This is not a pipe” in the painting The Treachery of Images?

Look back on last month’s #CreativeReadoftheMonth project to get more ideas for children’s book crafts!

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