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tuna fish-mixed media resin painting vancouver artist


Tuna Fish, Chalie, Tristan and Charles Howes; Epoxy Resin and Mixed Media on MDF, 24 x 24, 2018

Tuna Fish is one of many mixed media resin paintings included in “The Goldn Years” series. Created by Vancouver artist, Chalie Howes and her children, it will make a fine addition to your home decor. Made with quality art resin and gold leaf.

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 About Tuna Fish

This painting is one of many mixed media resin paintings for The Goldn Years series. Created in tandem, Chalie Howes and her children communicate through color and gesture.  Through multiple layers, they work together to create paintings that represent a child’s unhindered imagination.

Using different mark making gestures their imaginative world imprints on the resin paintings as they explore, meander and create a story of the landscape they see before them. They are finished with a gold leaf and powder. Encapsulating the brief moment of creation- and bringing reference to the “golden” years once again.

Influenced by the great artist Pablo Picasso, and his words that “Every child is an artist.” The Goldn Years have taken an opportunity to explore his words and find a solution to his following question of how to remain an artist once we are grown. And if we can succeed in preserving this authentic form of creativity, how might this shape the future of our world and the relationships of its people?

Tuna Fish, Chalie, Tristan and Charles Howes; Epoxy Resin and Mixed Media on MDF, 24 x 24, 2018

Chalie Howes is a Vancouver artist exploring motherhood through art by cultivating creativity with her children. Learn more about the Vancouver artist here.

Howes’ mixed media resin paintings would make the perfect addition to your home decor or Vancouver artist collection.


Each painting on MDF is carefully packaged with bubblewrap and craft paper to ensure no damage in transit and reduce weight. Shipping Costs reflect Canada Post shipping estimates. Orders that cross national borders may be held up at customs causing a delay in arrival time. I cannot be held responsible for such delays, nor be held responsible for any duty fees upon arrival.

Color & Tone

Please be aware that the images in my shop are images, and as such color and tone may vary in reality. However, I strive to attain the integrity of the work as close as possible. Different device screens may alter tone or color.


Does not come framed or with framing material.


All creative license belongs to the artist. And as such, under no circumstances will a recipient of a work created by Chalie Howes or her children, reproduce such artwork in any form without the prior knowledge and consent of the artist herself. If a circumstance occurs in which the recipient does not comply with such terms, any reproductions of the original works must be surrendered to Chalie Howes with the possibility of applying incurred fines or expenses in such circumstance to infringing party.

All clients and recipients of artwork by Chalie Howes and her children must comply with the Terms of Conditions at checkout.

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