Life Drawing Session

You take a deep breath and glance over at your children playing in the soft haze of sunlight penetrating a near window. But it’s a welcomed guest, dancing on the tops of their wispy heads and highlighting every curve and crease of their youthfulness… you begin to notice some subtle changes. The plump rolls of infanthood have receded, freckles now kiss a few features and they all seem to be standing just a little bit taller than before. Times gone by as it always does, and you begin to seek how you might slow it down just a little bit more.

Life Drawing Sessions Represent a Moment in Time

Quickly journaling a movement or a feature, each stroke of the pencil tells the story of what was… A family embracing each other, taking their time to love one another and accepting the moment as it is.

What’s Included

Each session is 45 minutes in length, and includes 7-10 sketches on newsprint paper. Clients will also receive a finalized life drawing from the session on quality fine art paper. Customization of the size of the drawing, as well as the addition of a matte board can be chosen at checkout.

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