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If there is one thing I want to live by this year, it’s to work smarter, not harder! Last year there was some amazing growth for me personally and for this creative adventure of mine. But by the end of the year, I was feeling burnt out and defeated that the rewards being produced were far smaller than all the work being put into every task.

Now that being said, I don’t regret how things played out last year because I’m considering it a great learning opportunity! So how am I changing things up this year, and working smarter, not harder?

Well, I’m starting with how I organize my thoughts while applying my families tasks efficiently. And it’s all thanks to my Personalized Yearly Family Planner from PurpleTrail.

A PurpleTrail Review of My New Personalized Yearly Family Planner

I have a confession. I am an extremely competitive person, and that includes competing with myself. Good for self improvement, bad for stress and anxiety.



So this year, instead of trying to keep my running to-do list in my head (ya, three kids schedules and mine… just call me insane) I’m organizing my thoughts in one of PurpleTrail’s Personalized Yearly Family Planners aka “Mom Planner” ! I’m two weeks deep in this adventure and I can’t begin to describe how needed and amazing this personalized yearly family planner has been!

Not only has my stress level been wayyyyy low, but I’m applying my families tasks more efficiently and not to mention more quickly. Things are starting to get checked off my to-do list and I’m jumping for joy! Yay for a Mom Planner that has it all!

How My Personalized Yearly Family Planner Has Helped Organize My Thoughts

One task my PurpleTrail Personalized Yearly Family Planner has helped knock off, is reorganizing my Pinterest to fit my creative brand. I can’t believe I can say this is complete! This was a task I was trying to get done all last year! Make sure you check it out. Follow. And head to the link in my Pinterest bio for my NEW and FREE “A How to Guide Towards a Creative Home” + Printable.


personalized yearly family planner mom planner


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Three Reasons Why I Love My Personalized Yearly Family Planner by PurpleTrail

personalized yearly family planner mom plannerIt’s as Custom as it Comes!

This Mom Planner isn’t just custom, it’s really custom! It’s one one thing to have your name and the year on it, and quite another to choose the font type and color scheme.

Not to adventurous when it comes to designing your own color pallet? No problem, choose from one of PurpleTrails professionally designed formats for your Mom Planner. Or if your like me, have fun selecting and experimenting with different colors. I ended up choosing a custom golden yellow to fit with my brand, and I couldn’t have been happier with how my personalized yearly family planner turned out!

And did I mention this Mom Planner is a hard cover sewn book? So durable and elegant!



personalized yearly family planner mom plannerIt’s Detailed.

I’ve never seen such a detailed personalized planner. Not only does it include a full month calendar (with a handy notes section on the side), but it includes a cover month page meant to highlight upcoming special events, birthdays and reminders. I used this extra section to write down my running to-do list.

Not only does it include these handy organizational features, but it also includes a weekly planner! Now I can write out our weekly plans in detail, making sure we stay on task and don’t forget a thing!

want to eat some yummy cookies while you detail everything in? Try my Ricotta Sugar Cookie recipe.

personalized yearly family planner mom plannerIt’s Personalized.

Yes, there is a difference between customized and personalized. And this Personalized Yearly Family Planner aka “Mom Planner” hit a home run with this feature! Remember, when I mentioned the weekly planner?

Well, it is personalized in sections for each family member! With one large section for me (broken down to morning, afternoon, and evening) and a section for each child, as well as the whole family, this planner gets as organized as possible!

It keeps our tasks laid out crystal clear!

personalized yearly family planner mom planner

PurpleTrail Has Everything for This Years Life Moments

It’s really hard to just choose one item when you go through what PurpleTrail has to offer. So it should come as no surprise that I found a few other items I absolutely love!

These Gelly Metallic Pens made keeping my Personalized Yearly Family Planner up to date fun, and something I looked forward to. Not to mention it really brought back some elementary nostalgia.



And this Custom Mug gives me a loving reminder of why I’m on this journey. Customized with my own line drawing “Not Yet”, it’s easy to think about how much I love teaching mothers and families about the importance of creative living. I can fill my cup with coffee while filling your home with creative ideas and encouragements!



All these items have found a special place in my home. It will be only a matter of time until I find some more goodies to bring home!

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching! Read all about our love for Jord Watches, a great personalized gift for him or her.

This post was sponsored by PurpleTrail.


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  1. I could not have managed with 3 little ones myself without a planner. This one looks very complete. I got my first planner after I missed a very important school event! I still need a planner to make sure I am maximizing my day and week!

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