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Unique Family Portrait | In Home Life Drawing Session

Unique Family Portrait: In Home Life Drawing Session photography by: Julie Christine Photography You take a deep breath and glance over at your children playing in the soft haze of sunlight penetrating a near window. It’s a welcomed guest, dancing on the tops of their wispy heads and highlighting every curve and crease of their…

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Homemade Valentine Cards for Kids | Unicorn & Love Bug Ombre Rice Krispy Skewers

Origami Heart Animals: Unicorn & Love Bug with a Tasty Treat Valentine’s is fun as an adult, but I must say Valentine’s Day as a kid is even better! Remember the excitement of receiving all those cards in your homemade box? Just hoping you might get a special one from that classroom crush?!    …

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René Magritte Kid’s Portrait Craft | #CreativeReadoftheMonth

Surrealism Inspired Art for Kids  The thing that I love most about the Surrealist Movement, is that the artist’s seem to have harnessed the unbridled creativity of their childhood (a direct result of the atrocities of both world wars). Objects become more than what they seem, and dream worlds unfold. Everyday items mesh, mold and…

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10 Creative Ways to Host a Winnie the Pooh Party

For All the Tubby Little Cubby Fans Hosting a child’s party can either get those creative gears turning or cause you to freeze up when faced with the huge amount of party ideas out there. Thankfully, if your child vocalizes what kind of party theme they’d like, you can really start to narrow down appropriate…