cover-homemade kid's perfume craft- DIY Essential Oils Kid's Perfume

Abracadabra It’s Spring! | DIY Essential Oils Kids Perfume

Well Hello There Spring!     This week has been absolutely gorgeous here in the Pacific Northwest! We’ve been loving every minute of warm sunshine with picnics, bike rides and gardening. So it only seemed fitting that we brought our #CreativeReadoftheMonth outside this week! Abracadabra It’s Spring! taught us what we can expect to see…

cover-banyan tree kidz monthly book subscription

Banyan Tree Kidz | Monthly Book Subscription & STEAM Projects for Children

Banyan Tree Kidz: A Kid’s Subscription Box Inspiring Minds and Creativity   Well it looks like the snow just keeps comin… so it looks like I’ll be fending off the dreaded snowed in “im bored” attitudes. Thankfully, for you and me this is a creative lifestyle blog and the interactive kids activities just keep comin!…

personalized home decor_life drawing

Unique Family Portrait | In Home Life Drawing Session

Unique Family Portrait: In Home Life Drawing Session photography by: Julie Christine Photography You take a deep breath and glance over at your children playing in the soft haze of sunlight penetrating a near window. It’s a welcomed guest, dancing on the tops of their wispy heads and highlighting every curve and crease of their…

cover- valentine cards for kids origami heart animals

Homemade Valentine Cards for Kids | Unicorn & Love Bug Ombre Rice Krispy Skewers

Origami Heart Animals: Unicorn & Love Bug with a Tasty Treat Valentine’s is fun as an adult, but I must say Valentine’s Day as a kid is even better! Remember the excitement of receiving all those cards in your homemade box? Just hoping you might get a special one from that classroom crush?!    …