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mother's day gift for her one thing lockets


Mother’s Day is fast approaching, and for many, it’s a holiday that’s left to the last minute. Because who’s kidding, us moms are usually the ones to get things organized and done around here! And I have to admit, among the hustle and bustle I can forget I have a mom to celebrate too.
So for us busy moms celebrating their moms, or fathers looking for ideas for their wives, or even friends looking to tell their other mother friends, “Hey, I notice you and appreciate you”,  I’ve went ahead and found you the perfect Mother’s Day gift.

Day in and day out mothers selflessly instill values in our lives.  Sometimes directly, and other times it seems to flow out of them as a gentle river naturally flowing where it should. These quiet moments often go unnoticed, unrecognized and under appreciated except for this special day every year.

So why not give them a special gift that will remind them of your earnest love for the other 364 days of the year.

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mother's day gift for her one thing lockets

One Thing’s jewelry line embodies everything a mother is. Caring and compassionate, it’s mission is to connect people through the one thing that makes you, or someone whom your gifting a locket to special. When you gift a One Thing locket, your letting them know that what they have to offer is unique, cherished and important. And I can’t think of anyone more deserving than that of mothers.

One Thing wants to bring everyone’s message forward so that you can see their value, and they can see yours.  – Setareh Bateni, Founder, One Thing

 A Locket is a Keepsake with a Purpose

I’ve so enjoyed wearing my locket. For me, its a reminder of not only what I can give my kids, but what I want be better at. And for me, its something I find myself struggling with on a daily basis, PATIENCE. It’s hard when those little fingers take a bit longer to put on their shoes. Especially when your in a hurry! (which is usually how it goes, am I right?) And the times when all I want to do is unwind on the couch after a long day, patience is hard to come by. But when I do practice patience by slowing down at bedtime, reading that extra story, and sticking around for a longer hug, those days tend to end off on a better note. And I want more of that.

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mother's day gift for her one thing lockets

This locket is a keepsake with a purpose– practical, meaningful, and beautiful. It’s attention to detail in the charms, and the adjustable lengths are two of my favorite qualities, along with its great message and ability to connect people.

When she opens her locket she will be instantly connected to another individual through their inspiring words written inside. And if you’d like to leave a special note yourself, there are plenty of extra slips that come with each One Thing Locket. I like to keep the message that came with my locket in a safe place, while having my own words inside.



A Personal & Quality Gift for Mothers

All One Thing lockets are designed with long wear in mind and are made of quality materials of pure brass and Swarovzki crystals. I’ve been wearing my One Thing Locket for over a year now. And it still looks like it’s the first time I’m putting it on!

In fact, I have loved wearing my locket so much I gifted them as birthday and Christmas gifts this past year! It was warming to give something that was beautiful and purposeful. Knowing that every time I purchased a locket, proceeds were going to help Postpartum individuals and others in need of community support made it evident that I was giving more than just jewelry.

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This Mother’s Day, I hope you can see the beauty you give this world, and remind other mothers of the same.

We’ve been given a beautiful task, one full of purposeful adventures.


mother's day gift for her one thing lockets

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 mother's day gift for her one thing lockets

Free Printables and One Thing Discount Code

Pass on the love with a special discount code: GOLDNGRASS20 for 20% off.

Looking for a card or some artwork for a Mother’s Day gift? Here are some free printables! Save the image and print on card stock. Enjoy, and Happy Mother’s Day!


mothers locket free printable mother's day card

mothers locket free printable mother's day card


These No Fail Sugar Cookies would be a great Mother’s Day gift combo with these cards!

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