“A little holiday magic + a classic holiday story make this nature Christmas craft a memorable holiday tradition.”

A Nature Christmas Craft for Kids

There’s something extra special about nature play crafts. Maybe it’s the textures of the natural materials, or the fact that they are free (amen!), but I feel like they just bring an extra bit of magic into our creative family time.



And I have to admit, they tend to turn out more beautiful. The rich yet muted colors and tones just have my heart. And for this month’s #CreativeReadoftheMonth we fully embraced the nature play craft adventure by creating some stunning Nature Christmas Trees with found materials + seasonal fruits.

And to tie it into a holiday literary read, we explored the story of the first Christmas tree + the sweet “O Christmas Tree” carol. So get ready to be merry and bright with this nature Christmas Craft for Kids.

The First Christmas Tree

While the story of the first Christmas tree differs greatly- from place to time, one thing that is certain is the great fascination of evergreen trees amongst the history of civilization.  From Roman times to Martin Luther, people have been celebrating its life in the cold and often brutal season of the winter solstice.

And the evergreens ability to represent hope + life is something that is not only fascinating, but relatable. Aren’t we all seeking a little bit of magic during this time of year? And while I had heard of the Christmas Tree originating in Germany, with its candles resembling the light of heaven, this year we came across a new story. And I must say it was rather refreshing. But more on this later, for now I want to introduce you to our Nature Christmas Tree Craft.



Nature Christmas Tree Craft

what you need:

– 4 sticks (all same size)

– evergreen trimmings

– found lichen + winter blooms

– hot glue

– string + needle

– cranberries

– dried citrus

This great nature Christmas craft for kids helps little ones explore their winter surroundings, observing changes + textures + and life during a time that often looks bare. When your searching for your nature materials, engage with your children. Ask questions!

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Nature Christmas Tree Craft Continued

How magical did these turn out? One of the best parts? They stay looking fresh for so long! Decorate your mantle, table or your kid’s rooms with this special Christmas craft for kids.


Want a more in depth tutorial for the dried citrus stars? Make sure you check out Homemade for the Holidays: DIY Stain-glass Orange Ornaments

You can read the story of the first Christmas tree either before or after creating your nature Christmas trees. Totally up to you! And if you want an extra festive touch, we sang “Oh Christmas Tree” over our little creations, and you guys, my mama heart just melted.


And for your little ones handling a needle, you can always find a plastic needle to use. They work great, and you won’t have to worry about pokes. But if you don’t have time to search for one, a trick we used was keeping the cranberry on the table and poking it with the needle. Then your kids feel like they accomplished something really big! And you can finish stringing it on yourself without injury to their little fingers.

#CreativeReadoftheMonth | The First Christmas Tree

Who here has heard of the first Christmas tree and St. Bonafice? It’s quite an old story, dating back to the 700s. The story begins with St. Boniface, (a monk who travelled through parts of Germany) coming upon a group of individuals worshipping an oak tree. To show them it was merely a tree, he cut it down…But much to his surprise a small fir tree was spared in its destruction. And as a result, St. Boniface saw it as a sign of the Christian faith. To continue the tradition, individuals began planting fir trees instead of cutting them down. I love that! Planting a tree and bringing life, just as Christ did for us that first Christmas. I think we might need to start planting a family tree every year to celebrate. What do you think?

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If you’d like to read the same story we did, you can get the Treasury of Christmas Stories book here. Or perhaps find a collection of first Christmas tree stories, and then ask your children what their favourite was! Not only is it a great way to talk about tradition, but different cultures surrounding the great evergreen tree! If you post your creations on social media tag us with #CreativeReadoftheMonth!

May you all have a very merry Christmas and fun decking the halls with your beautiful nature Christmas trees.

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