Where Do I Even Start!?

Remember when you found yourself in a kitchen all your own? Whether that was in a college apartment scenario or newly wedded bliss, I think we can all relate to the panic, and “where do I even start” attitude. Well, at least I know I did!


most essential kitchen gadgets -yes chef


When faced with all those empty cupboards and drawers, I remember I wanted to high tail it back to the comfort and familiar kitchen of my youth. The place where my mother lovingly spent years cooking and curating the most homey and functional vibe.

Well, nine years later and I’m still running back to her to ask for advice! Especially, when it comes to my kitchen. What works, what doesn’t, what’s the best brands… oh ya, and I need that chocolate chip cookie recipe! ( real story, I’ve been making the wrong one these past nine years and just now realized it!)

So to hopefully ease the stress of making your kitchen functional and homey, I recently went shopping with my mother and had her guide me through her 4 Most Essential Kitchen gadgets every kitchen needs. And what better place to shop for these essential kitchen gadgets than Yes Chef!


You Start With Listening to Your Mama

most essential kitchen gadgets -yes chef



Ya you read that right, listen to your mama, or at least listen to mine! It seemed like every time my mother came to help me in my kitchen she asked me “where’s this?”, “oh, you don’t have one? you should definitely get one”.

Yes mom, I know. Now months… even years have gone by and I still didn’t have those kitchen essentials. Honestly, I don’t know why I hadn’t added those essential kitchen gadgets into my arsenal. Time? Money? Forgetfulness? Who knows.

Well, I can tell you I finally got fed up with using items that were only getting the job half done. So on my next #YesChefFavorites run, you betcha I was taking her along, and finally getting these essential kitchen gadgets my mothers wise years in the kitchen were suggesting. So what’s up first? Let me tell you what my mama says…


most essential kitchen gadgets -yes chef

most essential kitchen gadgets -yes chef

4 Most Essential Kitchen Gadgets

Every Kitchen Needs a Good Large Spatula

No, I have never owned one of these. I know! How did I ever scoop, pour or mix? Or better yet, how was I getting every delicious drop of my Chai Applesauce Cake batter out of the bowl?

Well, let me tell ya…a spoon, yup, just a regular spoon from my cutlery set. I somehow hear a large responding sigh. lol But hey, maybe if your reading this, you were making the exact mistake as me. Not only would this scratch my pans, but it left a lot of good stuff still in the bowl.


most essential kitchen gadgets -yes chef


My mama says, this Le Creuset Large Spatula is great essential kitchen gadget for its sturdy handle, silicone spoon, and large surface area. Me, I liked its traditional design with the crisp white and natural wood handle. You be the judge, what’s your favorite feature? And if your shopping at Yes Chef, make sure you check out the rest of the newly in stock Le Creuset items. There’s an insanely gorgeous limited edition color there as we speak!


most essential kitchen gadgets -yes chef

Every Kitchen Needs a Zester

No, I’m not talking about the large a frame one with a shedder on the opposite side. While, its nice to have that option in a gadget, I found years of using it frustrating and time consuming. Two things that don’t pair well in a functional kitchen.

My mama says, a long handle Microplane Zester is a perfect essential kitchen gadget for its precision blades and easy to grip feature. Not only does it cover a large surface area of the item your zesting, but I find it’s more difficult to knick your knuckles on.



For a person who absolutely loves freshly zested lemon, I just cringe that it took me this long to acquire such a handy zester. Don’t need to zest much? Yes Chef also, has a mini grater perfect for small cheese garnishes and zest of fresh nutmeg.

Try zesting some fresh spices into my No Fail Sugar Cookies or Ricotta Sugar Cookies



most essential kitchen gadgets -yes chef

Every Kitchen Needs Kitchen Shears

most essential kitchen gadgets -yes chef



We are a fried chicken on Sundays family. Which means, we are usually cutting up multiple whole chickens. A messy job, and dangerous if you don’t have the right kitchen essentials. Cutting through poultry bones and small joints means you need something thats sharp and accurate. You definitely don’t want stray bone fragments or mashed protein.

My mama says All-Clad’s Stainless Steel Kitchen Shears are a kitchen essential, and apparently so does Yes Chef’s online description! Meaning, you need these!

A micro-serrated upper edge and heavy duty deign, make these kitchen shears a cut above the rest. Not to mention its pull apart function, and dishwasher safe compatibility make this essential kitchen gadget useful and easy to clean.


most essential kitchen gadgets -yes chef


I’m not ready to give up my family’s fried chicken recipe, but if your looking for another great chicken dish, I highly recommend my Poppyseed Chicken Casserole.


most essential kitchen gadgets -yes chef

These kitchen shears would also be super helpful to add in small petal details in my DIY Pineapple Flowers.

Every Kitchen Needs Bar Keepers Friend Powder Cleanser

most essential kitchen gadgets -yes chef


I really think I kept the best for last! This was one of the first items my mother gave me for my kitchen when I got married. Why? Because there is simply no other pot cleaner like it.

Unfortunately, after I went through my first canister I never restocked it in my kitchen again. It’s difficult to find, and with kids I just didn’t have time to search around for it. So you can imagine the excitement on my mothers and I’s faces when we saw Bar Keeper’s Friend sitting nicely on one of Yes Chef‘s shelves!

Hooray! I can finally scrub away all those years of grease and grim! And that’s exactly what I’ve been doing this past week. Even my sink has a beautiful shine to it now!

My mama says, and I say, this is a must have essential kitchen gadget!



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Well there you have it, my mama is pretty wise if I do say so! I had so much fun showing her around one of my favorite stores in downtown Abbotsford. Typically, I share a recipe Iv’e made with my Yes Chef favorites, but these essential kitchen gadgets really deserved the spotlight this time. They are that important, y’all!

I hope you found this blog post full of insightful tips! Thinking of a way to say thank you to someone in your life? Why not use my Cookie Box Gift Set idea and add in these items?! Perhaps, your mom deserves a special thank you.

This post was sponsored by Yes Chef.

TELL ME: Let’s continue the discussion in the comments. What’s you favorite essential kitchen gadget?

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