Celebrating Life’s Firsts the #BetterFirsts Way

We are choosing My First Bear Paws Cookies to help us along the way with a creative snack for toddlers.

How many firsts do you experience in life? As an individual, as a couple, as a parent? If you can calculate that in your head then bravo! Because that is one massive number.

Truth be told, it’s a little daunting to think back on all those firsts. All the uncertainties  and yet here we are, hopefully still in one piece! As parents, we’re not only experiencing firsts ourselves, but also through the eyes of our children.


What Did We Get Into? Oh Ya It’s Called Parenthood

Being a parent, it’s like being given a bike without training wheels and everyone just expecting you to hop on with ease and start gliding down the road of parenthood. But if you’re a parent like me, you know that it’s just not how it happens! We fall, we have embarrassing moments, and of course we are experiencing our child’s “firsts” for the first time as well.


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There’s uncertainty and sometimes massive fails, but what if I told you we can have better firsts? Maybe that means a little more grace for yourself or child, or maybe that just means making a “first” more special with a delicious and nutritious snack break.

It just so happens that the youngest member of our family is going through a “first” moment right now, and I can’t tell you how excited we all are!

The Last Firsts | The #BetterFirsts Way


So I’m here to share with you another last-first as our youngest transitions from her crib into a full-sized bed. Seven years…. It’s been seven years since I assembled that crib in the nursery, and now taking it down just seems to have opened the flood gate of memories. So many precious memories… (sigh)

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But. And this is a huge but, I can’t tell you how much it warms my heart to see our little girl thriving into a young lady. That’s why making this transition into her first big girl bed is so important to me that we get it right, for her sake and mine.


My First Bear Paws Cookies: A Fun-Shaped Snack With 5 Grams of Sugar Per Serving



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How You Can Have #BetterFirsts With This Easy My First Bear Paws Cookies Snack

Transitioning Evelyn into her first big girl bed hasn’t been the easiest. Especially when it comes to nap times. Did I mention we are potty training? Ya, we are… so we’ve also been dealing with poopy accidents mid nap time….parenting can be so glamorous!

To help her settle down, I ended up coming up with a quick healthy snack for toddlers with My First Bear Paws Cookies. Bear Paws knows that our journey to firsts are not always perfect, and that’s why My First Bear Paws Cookies (designed specifically for your children 18 months to 4 years) where made with such wholesome ingredients – to help parents like you, and kids on their way to better firsts.  One better snack option at a time!

Not only did this snack fill her tummy, but I wasn’t worried about this quick and better snack option for toddlers being overloaded with sugar. With only three ingredients, you’ll have no problem whipping this creative snack up yourself. It’s even a great creative snack to get your kids to make!


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Taking Our #BetterFirsts Moments To The Ocean

Evelyn also recently experienced her first ferry ride to Vancouver Island. And how did we choose to make this a better first moment? Haha do I really even need to say, these pictures sure speak for themselves!

It was so great! Not only was snacking a fun activity to do mid voyage, but it also kept her mind off of the bitter wind on deck.

Honestly, whether you’re experiencing a new moment with your first child or your last, each moment counts. Being present. Taking it in. There’s nothing better than being right in the thick of it with the little ones you love so dear.



I hope you enjoyed my quick and better snack option for toddlers while we celebrate life’s firsts the #BetterFirsts way. Make sure you check out their new video sharing the joys My First Bear Paws Cookies can bring, as well as joining the community with #BetterFirsts. We’d love to see how you’re choosing to make every moment count!

Also, drop a comment and share one of your funny first moments as a parent! We could all use some laughs and grace.

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2 thoughts on “My First Bear Paws Cookies | Our #BetterFirsts Moments”

  1. I remember the first time I tried potty training. With the new baby coming 17 months later, I didn’t want 2 in diapers. So I started the process. It was summer so we could stay outside in the back with the potty chair and forgo the pull-ups in case of accident. I will acknowledge that she was still dry after nap times. Three days later, she had figured it out and we were done for the most part. (Potty training is also mommy training to remember to take them at regular intervals until they learn when they need to get to the toilet in time). Fast forward 17 months to the next one when I assumed it was time to start potty training. Nope! She would have none of that! Three days later, we were no closer to being done than when we started. So the moral of the story is…firsts in potty training are dependent on a lot of factors, and can’t be compared to past successes or failures. Each child is unique!

    1. Absolutely! Find this out with all three of ours! SUPER thrilled to say our youngest is now officially potty trained! Hallelujah

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