Welcome to the continuation of this Spooktacular Halloween party for kids, hosted by Codi Lynn from Creative Wife and Joyful Worker. There was just so much goulish fun and Halloween party decor going on, that the monster napkin rings needed there own separate post! If you are just jumping in now, no worries! Iv’e linked the first part here- A Halloween Party for Kids + Best Kid’s halloween DIY’s | Boo Bombs Ghost Craft.

Best Kid’s Halloween DIY’s | Monster Napkin Rings!

Time: 20 min

halloween party decor- monster napkin ringsWhat You Need:

  • Pipe Cleaners
  • Craft Fuzzy Balls
  • Googly Eyes
  • Napkins (can use paper or these nice artisan napkins like the ones I used from Yes Chef)
  • Glue


To make this halloween party decor, choose napkins to match your halloween party for kids. Codi Lynn had chosen a traditional Halloween color palette of white, black and orange. I chose to stick to a nice grey, as I’ll continue to use these beautiful napkins at our dinner table.

party photography & Soda Stream Creamsicle Recipe: Creative Wife & Joyful Worker

Fold napkin in desired shape. I simply followed the creases already in my napkins and made multiple triangles to achieve this look.

Next, take your pipe cleaners. Choose however many you want! Halloween DIYs are always more fun when a little imagination is involved. Simply think of a monster you’d like to create and go from there. Does it have one eye? Two eyes? Four Eyes?! Use as many pipe cleaners to achieve the monster your going for.

If you’d like to create a spider, use four pipe cleaners as directed in this image.

Next, wrap your pipe cleaners around your folded napkin. Making sure they are tight enough to were they wont slip off. One twist around each other should secure it well.

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If you want your Monster Napkin Ring to have straight parts then leave them be. For curly, use a marker or pencil to wrap around the pipe cleaner and then slip off the marker or pencil.

halloween party decor- monster napkin rings

Next, grab your craft puffy balls for heads or eyes. As seen in the pictures, I added them to each end of the pipe cleaners and in the middle of the spiders body to make the head. Again, this is a completely person decision for this Haloween DIY.

Paste on your googly eyes. Does your Monster Napkin Ring have one or many eyes? Have fun with this part! Leave to dry.

Codi Lynn’s Halloween Party for Kids + Halloween Party Decor

Like the Boo Bombs, the Monster Napkin Rings made a great addition to the Halloween party for kids + Halloween party decor. Can you spot them all?!

halloween party for kids best kids halloween DIYs

I must say this simple Halloween party for kids turned out so cute! With just a little bit of effort, you to can make a set up just like this one! This Halloween party decor was filled with an adorable ballon banner, a Soda Creamsicle Drink, Ghost & Ghouls Popcorn, Ghost treats and these awesome Halloween DIYs it’s no surprise that the kids had a spooktacular time!

Make sure you try out all these delicious and fun Halloween party decor DIYs and recipes for your next halloween party for kids. Simply click on the links provided in the paragraph above, or scroll down for collaborator list. These are so good, you don’t want to miss one!

Looking for more party DIYs? Head over to the Event Styling page.

halloween party for kids best kids halloween DIYs

The Best Kid’s Halloween DIYs Were Brought to You by Yes Chef

These past few months sharing all about my love for Yes Chef have been a blast! Sharing drink recipes, salads and desserts galore, and let’s not forget the amazing fall tables cape I created a few weeks ago have hopefully filled you all with some great creative inspiration. For yourself and your kids!

And for this months sponsored post, I tried something a little bit different to show you there’s always more than one way to use an item. A napkin doesn’t just have to be a napkin! It can become a goulish beast with my Monster Napkin Rings. And egg dishes and bowls don’t just have be used for brunch. But can be used as some of the best Kid’s Halloween DIYs to make fabulous Halloween party decor. The Boo Bombs and Monster Napkin Rings were such a great transition from recipes to arts & crafts! So get shopping and crafting today! And have a wonderful and safe Halloween.

For more crafts, try out this Homemade Lantern or DIY Rocket Launchers.

This post was sponsored by Yes Chef.


Party Host/ Party Photography & Soda Stream Creamsicle Recipe: Creative Wife & Joyful Worker

Boo Bombs & Monster Napkin Rings: GOLDNgrasses

Ghosts & Ghouls Popcorn: The Cheerio Diaries

Ghost Cookies: Loving Littles Blog

Party Photography: Creative Wife & Joyful Worker

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