Love You to the Moon and Back: A Monochrome Space Theme

love you to the moon and back monochrome space party
How do you throw a monochrome space theme? You planet of course! (haha, thanks to my very punny sister)
This monochrome space party was so much fun to create, and the details ended up being out of this world! From black and white desserts, to a tablescape emulating a launch pad, the guests were guaranteed to have a good time. So let’s blast off to a galaxy full of fun, so you know how to style your next monochrome space party!
The party styling all began with a trip to the NASA space center in Houston, Texas. My parents were in the throws of moving from my childhood home, and I wanted to take every opportunity to say goodbye to some of my favorite places as a child. The kids loved it! Most of all, one of our favorite experiences was when we toured the astronaut training center- a place where real astronauts prepare for space travel, and where current/retired rockets are on display.
It’s seriously any kids dream, and did I mention we touched an actual piece of the moon! Anyway, with Charles new found love for rockets, I thought it would be a great subject to incorporate into his next birthday. A monochrome theme had also been swirling in my mind for some time… and so the two ideas became one, and the Love you to the Moon and Back party styling began.

Party Styling: First Look

space theme monochrome party styling tipsInvitations! It’s one of my favorite details when party styling, as it sets the theme and mood for the event. I had so much fun designing and creating this monochrome space stationary. I kept the invitations modern and clean, and added silver leaf to the moon for that special pop. The envelopes were adorned with vintage space stamps. The hologram ones were out of this world! (Tip: make sure you purchase the correct country of origin for your stamps. ex: Canadian vintage stamps for Canada. Also, make sure to have the correct amount of postage!) Hologram washi tape and personalized calligraphy finished off the look. The Love You to the Moon and Back space theme was clear and easy to pick up on.

space theme monochrome party styling tips


Party Styling: Focus Point

After designing the monochrome space invitations, the next party styling detail I like to nail down is the dessert table. It tends to be the focus of the party, and why not, it’s where the most important part of the birthday happens. Everyone gathers around to sing Happy Birthday- the birthday boy’s/girl’s dreams and wishes lighting up their face before the candles are blown out.  Sweet Memories.
For the background, I decided to do a custom banner. I wanted the monochrome space theme’s slogan to be somewhere in the party decor, and this ended up being the perfect spot. It was in view of entering guests, and gave them an idea of a great place to mingle. To give dimension to the backdrop, metallic balloons floated on either side, and a silver crescent moon paired well next to the writing. Lastly, monochrome space desserts and a black sequin tablecloth blanketed the area to keep to the monochrome party theme.
Check out My Sweet Valentine Social: Part II for more party styling tips.

Monochrome Space Theme: Food

space theme monochrome party styling tips


The monochrome space desserts were something I had a lot of fun coming up with! The spread was created by a combination of local shops and myself.

Dainty Sprinkles Co. really helped my vision of the cake come together with their Chasing Rainbows mix. It added the perfect and sole pop of color to the party! (Tip: I took two store bought cakes from Save-on, put them on top of each other and did another layer of icing. Quick and Easy!) Their Night Out mix was a perfect monochrome combo for the cupcakes, sugar cookies and tablescape.

City Macaron, made delicious macaroons that resembled the galaxy. And I’m not kidding when I say delicious! I had them for breakfast the next morning. We choose the blueberry and coconut flavors for this event. MMM! And fluffy clouds of goodness where created by Fluff Gourmet Marshmallows. A fun treat, perfect for little hands!

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Out of This World Cupcakes & Cookies

These cupcakes were SO much fun to make! I think the artist really came out in me with these as I used different icing colors, piping tools and candies to decorate them. ( I think they might need to make an appearance at every party!)

monochrom cupcakes space dessert

monochrom cookies space dessert
 These cookies were made with my No Fail Sugar Cookie recipe found here and Dainty Sprinkles Co.’s Night Out mix. They ended up being a very easy space theme DIY with the use of star and moon cookie cutters.
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These chocolate covered Rocket Strawberries are something I’m super proud of! An original party styling idea that I was able to bring to fruition. Although, I did run into issues of them sweating and parts coming off- If you have any tips on how to avoid this, leave them in the comments, it would be greatly appreciated!
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space theme cake party styling

three corners artisan monochrome space theme


The Perfect Love You to the Moon and Back Gift

A special gift for Charles, and a useful piece of party styling decor that would later be used in his room, was created by the talented Three Corners Artisan.  It was  such a fun collaboration, and something that I think he will come to cherish when he is older. Whether it’s a birthday or Christmas, I always try to find something that can be cherished for a long time. (rather than a toy resembling the obsession of the hour)
Known for her crisp white porcelain and 18 k gold details, Aleena’s design really was stellar! The moon and stars are so delicate, and the inclusion of Charles’s gemini sign really gives it that personal touch. Thank you so much Aleena, your work is so treasured!
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three corners artisan monochrome space theme

Party Styling: Space Theme Recipe

The food was kept really simple, as the party was held in between lunch and dinner. (a great party styling budget saver!) I used a star cookie cutter for the sandwiches of course to take advantage of the space theme. Another space theme recipe that was not only easy, but healthy, were the moon cakes. So you and your little ones can enjoy this healthy snack at home, I’ve included the recipe below.

Moon Cakes

  • rice cake ( flavor of your choosing, I used multigrain)
  • 1 tbl of peanut butter
  • a few slices of banana
  • a few Cherrios to finish it off

healthy kids snack DIY- moon cakes

Monochrome Space Theme: Tablescape

This was fun! And a bit time consuming, but, I really think it WOWED the guests!


monochrome space long table party styling


Do you see the adorable rocket ships used as decor and party favors? Well, they originally had red tops and wings. And because I’m insane and a party styling detail freak, I painted them all black to match the monochrome party decor. Was it worth it? I’ll let you decide, but the pictures are pretty awesome! Oreo astroid popcorn balls, metallic almond candy, black licorice, Oreos, Hersey’s’ kisses, meringues and the Night Out sprinkle mix covered the table. And I mean covered! It was truly a kids dream and a parents nightmare.

monochrome space long table party styling

monochrome space long table party styling

Marbled gift wrap was used to ground the monochrome party decor, and the Noir line from Harlow and Grey added the perfect modern touch. You can find this line, as well as their other beautiful products at Joonie and Joe. (don’t worry all links are included at the bottom)
The quality and modern flare of Harlow and Grey’s party ware keeps me coming back for more!


monochrome space long table party styling

The rocket party boxes were filled with Rockets (or Smarties for the US readers) candies and Starburst. How perfect!
(Tip: I used the left over marble plates from my husband’s thirtieth. I always love to save money where I can! For more budget friendly party tips read My Sweet Valentine Social)

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Space Theme Activity Station


monochrome space party styling

I’ve found that if you don’t have designated activities for sugar hyped children at parties, you’re guaranteed to have chaos! I mean more chaos, because sugar hyped kids are always chaos! Therefore, I put together two space theme activities for the guests to participate in, and one I’ve included a free printable on how to create it. The first space theme activity was a build your own alien.

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Alien Space Paintings

i love you to the moon and back
First, guests painted their own personal canvas. A big oops, was forgetting to inform all the guests of the painting hazard. Some nice party attire ended up being ruined, and I felt so awful! Just check out Charles!
​After the children painted their canvas and it had dried, they choose alien body parts to then build their aliens. I premade them with polymer clay that you can pick up at any craft store. After their parents helped hot glue them onto their canvases, the guests got to take them home as a party favor. I think they turned out adorable! 
DIY alert!!!! The tablecloth was a super easy space theme DIY, and I highly recommend recreating it at your next space party!  I purchased a black tablecloth clothe and splatter painted it with white, silver and gold acrylic paint! THAT’S IT! (unfortunately, I forgot the white paint for the kids to apply the same technique on their canvases)
DIY rocket launcher free printable activity

 Rocket Launchers

The second craft were Rocket Launchers- put together from cardstock, straws and tape. For the free printable and directions, click here. These were very easy to make, and the guests had fun shooting them high in the air.
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Lego Twister is a great birthday party game!

i love you to the moon and back

i love you to the moon and back

A pop up rocket, and astronaut costume provided a picturesque place for guests to snap a pic. And a modern and easy backdrop provided by Posie and Pine Rentals, finished off the space theme look.

Final Space Theme Details and Touches on Love you to the Moon and Back

i love you to the moon and back


Another one of my favorite details, was the balloon menagerie behind the couch. It drew your eye to the other side of the room, and provided space theme decor that didn’t have to be hung on the walls. This would be a great idea if you had an area that you wanted covered up.
I put a lot of effort into my party styling as you can see, and that even carries into the person of honors birthday suit (no I’m not talking about that one lol). Luckily, I already had the perfect shirt from Modern Moses Clothing (unfortunately, this shop has since closed, but Im hoping to see their designs with another brand, as there was talk about selling their designs) Harem pants that resembled the night sky, a moon tattoo and specialty pins were also included to pull the outfit together. Make sure to check out the full space theme wardrobe details below. Your definitely going to want to get your hands on these amazing brands!

 Moon artwork was created by a local Vancouver artist, Matt Osborn. I found these prints and other space theme memorabilia at Spruce Collective and The Market by Spruce Collective. (Tip: use greeting cards for a cheap decor option you can frame) 

i love you to the moon and back

Party Styling: Birthday Traditions

Charles’s bear bank collected toonies from guests. Another party we attended recently used this idea, and we agreed it would be a great way to cut down on the emphasis of gifts. We ended up using his birthday money for a zoo pass!
The last party styling detail is probably our family’s favorite, as it has become a tradition.  Every year I put together a slideshow. It’s a great way to see how they’ve grown in a year’s time, but beware it’s guaranteed to pull at the heartstrings!
Looking back on this party, I’m reminded of all the crazy effort I put into each party styling detail. By no means do you ever have to put this much detail into a child’s party! (especially when they are three!)  However, it’s something that I thoroughly enjoy doing, and it challenges me to come up with new and exciting party styling ideas. I found with this theme, this was especially true. There aren’t very many monochrome space parties to draw ideas from, so this space theme end up stretching my creative muscles a bit more than usual. And it felt great! It was a party styling theme that proved to have endless options.
​So thanks for reading! I can’t wait to see what you all take from this party in creating your next special event! And hopefully see it floating around on Pinterest one day!

i love you to the moon and back

Happy Third Birthday Charles! We Love You to the Moon and Back!

Event Details

Venue: High Street Community Room
Monochrome Space Food: Blueberry and Coconut Macarons: City Macaron
Black and White Marshmallows: Fluff Gourmet Marshmallows
Chasing Rainbows and Night Out Sprinkle Mix: Dainty Sprinkle Co.
Kombucha: Healthy Hooch Kombucha
Candy: Old Clayburn Village Store
Famosa Pizza
Monochrome Space Decor: Nior party ware by Harlow and Grey: Joonie and Joe
Star cake toppers, paper straws & marbled balloons: Paper and Parties
Party Hats: Meri Meri
Love you to the Moon and Back backdrop: GOLDNgrasses
Copper Backdrop Hangers : myself ***
Gold Hoops: Posie and Pine
Helium for Balloons: Heather and Gem
Moon Artwork & Peace Constellation Card: Matt Osborn via The Market by Spruce Collective
Cards used as Artwork: One Canoe Two via Spruce Collective
Astronomy book: The Market by Spruce Collective
Rocket Gift Boxes & Pop up Space Ship: Oriental Trading
Astronaut play suit: Melissa and Doug
Porcelain Moon and Star vase: Three Corners Artisan
Plant in vase: Confetti Floral Design
Monochrome Space Wardrobe: Shine T-shirt: Modern Moses Clothing
Harem Leggings: Charlee Dee viaPrecious Kargo
Moon Tattoo: Banquet Atelier & Workshop LTD via Spruce Collective
Crescent Moon & Lost at Last pin: Explorer’s via Spruce Collective
Monochrome Space Activities:
Craft Supplies: Dollar Store
Polymer Clay: 4Cats Art Studio
Rocket Launcher Printable:GOLDNgrasses
*** if you are interesting in renting these decor items, please contact me for more information

i love you to the moon and back

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        1. You could use acrylic paint to paint the wings. However it will take a VERY long time. Because the wings slip into slit on the rocket I was able to lay them all out and spray paint before putting them on. The marble gift wrap I purchased online a couple of years ago so unfortunately I cant remember were. A quick google search will help you out though.

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