Twister With a Twist: Birthday Party Game DIY

Twister’s always a party hit. It gets a big group laughing, and for the kids especially, it gets the chaos confined to the size of the mat. Since the majority of guests attending the Everything is Awesome: Lego City party were of grade school age, a party game was an important aspect of breaking up the two hours I would be hosting.
Take it from the horses mouth, if you don’t have anything planned, you are setting yourself up for sugar induced chaos! Twister was a great classic choice, but I wasn’t fully on board with the wide range of colors going on. That’s when I decided I would make my own Lego twister birthday party game DIY.
To make sure the Lego City party stayed cohesive and modern, I opted to only style with grey scale, silver, dark blue, light blue and yellow. So I thought if I was going to make my own Twister set, I might as well make it as Lego themed as I could. This birthday party game DIY took me under two hours and kept to a small budget, as I sourced everything from the dollar store. Perfect when planning a children’s birthday party.


lego twister party game diyEvent Photography: Creative Wife and Joyful Worker Photo Editing: GOLDNgrasses

Before we go any further, I do want to state this birthday party game DIY was a ONE time use. Because kids are destructive, especially on sugar, the materials I used could only sustain young party guests so long. So, if you would like this birthday party game DIY to last longer, I recommend spending a bit more money by purchasing a painters drop cloth and painting on the Lego blocks. But if you are looking for a cheap and effective children’s birthday party game DIY, read on!
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Make Your Own Lego Twister

What You Need:

  • plastic tablecloth
  • scrapbook paper ( 4 colors x 2 sheets)
  • scrap paper for dots ( could also use paint, markers or more scrapbook paper)
  • xacto paper trimmer ( scissors work fine too, this just cuts down on time)
  • glue
  • scissors
  • paper plate
  • split pin
  • marker


lego twister party game diy


Lego Twister: Step 1

Cut your scrapbook paper in half. You should have four rectangles of each color. These are the Lego Twister blocks people will be placing there hands and feet on.

Lego Twister: Step 2

Using scrap paper matching the colors you selected for your Lego Twister blocks, cut out 6 circles for each block. In total you should have 24 circles for each color.
Tip : paint and marker would also work to create the dots.
Paste dots onto your Lego Twister blocks.

Lego Twister: Step 3

Paste your Lego Twister blocks onto your plastic tablecloth. Spacing them out as seen in the picture below.


lego twister birthday party game DIY

Tip: I ended up trimming my tablecloth by about a foot and a half so it wasn’t so long
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Lego Twister: Step 4

Create your spinner for your birthday party game DIY. First, draw and “x” to break it up into four sections.
Cut out an arrow for the spinner. Fastening it to your paper plate in the middle with your
split pin. Make sure its not to tight or else it won’t spin.
Cut or draw rectangles, four in each section to represent the Lego Twister bricks. Each section should have one rectangle of each color as indicated in the picture.
Label each section with- “Left Hand” , “Left Foot” , “Right Hand” , “Right Foot”


lego twister party game diy

lego twister party game diy

Congrats! You just made a fun birthday party game DIY for your child’s next birthday! Remember to tag #goldngrassesdiy so I can see your hard work!
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