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How many times have family memories been made in the kitchen and around the table? When you think about a loved one, is there a certain recipe that also comes to mind? When you involve your family in the process of creating dishes, the kitchen becomes more than another room. It becomes the heart of the home, a place to fill souls and tummies.

For this month’s #YesChefFavorites we came together to develop two delicious kid friendly lunch ideas. Not only did we truly enjoy this yummy lunch, but created soul warming memories too.


Delicious Kid Friendly Lunch Ideas Inspired By Donna Hay’s Basics to Brilliance Kids 

Please tell me I’m not the only one who’s tired of sandwiches! When I came across Donna Hay’s Basics to Brilliance Kids Cookbook, there was no if, ands, or buts, I knew I needed this kid friendly cookbook! What was hard? Choosing just two to feature with our favourite kitchen finds from Yes Chef.

But when I came across Pizza Scrolls and a healthy Pana Cotta recipe, my mouth literally started to drool! Plus, I knew these two kid friendly lunch ideas would be a hit with my biggest critics. Tristan just couldn’t get enough of the Pana Cotta, and Evelyn’s little hands wrapped around a Pizza Scholl was just so scrumptious!

kid friendly lunch ideas- pizza scrolls and low fat pana cotta

Trust me, you won’t have a difficult time getting your kids to eat this lunch!

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Pizza Scrolls

Buttermilk goodness with a bit of hidden greens, this kid friendly recipe is a little twist on a Donna Hay’s original must try kid friendly lunch idea. By incorporating spinach into the dough, we not only added some good vitamins and minerals, but extra color. And guess what?! The kids were none the wiser! Try adding in other fillings such as pepperoni, bell peppers or olives for extra crunch and flavour.



Another family favorite is our Poppyseed Chicken! Your kids will come for seconds and thirds!

Low Fat Strawberry Pana Cotta

I love Pana Cotta, and this just so happens to be the first time my kids ever tried it. Is it a dessert? Snack? Both? This kid friendly lunch idea is so versatile I served it one day to the kids, and another evening as a delicate dessert to my women’s bible study. Best part? There’s no guilt in diving in. Made with natural sugars and high protein-low fat Greek yogurt, it’s a healthy alternative to the traditional Pana Cotta.

Again, a great recipe from Donna Hay, but with a few tweaks of our own. By substituting maple syrup for honey, I didn’t even have to go to the grocery store for this recipe!

kid friendly lunch ideas- pizza scrolls and low fat pana cotta

kid friendly lunch ideas- pizza scrolls and low fat pana cotta




You might aslo enjoy baking these Ricotta Sugar Cookies with your family!

Under the Tree Photography | Shaping Ordinary Moments Into Memories

A little spark of magic in the ordinary of everyday, Tianqi Li captures moments we would typically miss. Enslaved to the chains of time, most of these precious memories fade as we age. But now thanks to Tianqi and Under the Tree Photography, we can treasure these everyday moments and move from one chapter of our lives to the next.

Having Tianqi come into the heart of our home and capture us creating these kid friendly lunch ideas was so special. Not only did she embrace our every messes, but she encapsulated my relationship with my kids in such a touching way.

kid friendly lunch ideas- pizza scrolls and low fat pana cotta

kid friendly lunch ideas- pizza scrolls and low fat pana cotta


I hope you can just be you, doing things that you would normally do with your family. – Tianqi Li




kid friendly lunch ideas- pizza scrolls and low fat pana cotta



These delicious kid friendly lunch ideas might have brought a smile to our faces, but it’s these photos that will keep bringing more. Thank you Tianqi, these moments will be treasured until I’m old and grey…

get social, and find her beautiful work on Instagram


These kid friendly lunch ideas just wouldn’t be the same without a trip to Yes Chef in Downtown Abbotsford! Did you happen to see the little golden scoops we used for spoons? Yup, that’s from Yes Chef! And it’s true purpose is a loose leaf tea scoop! I love it when you can find a useful kitchen gadget with more than one use!

And our table just wouldn’t have looked the same without the beautiful linen table runner. A true neutral in color and style, it should warm up your table and suit your home with ease.

We also loved the affordable baking pan we picked up! Black, with low edges I can see use making a whole variety of delicious food. Perhaps a beautiful frittata next?

And lastly the etched glassware truly had me in a huge puddle of love. Timeless and petite, it easily functions as a beautiful drinking glass to hold your OJ at brunch, some Pana Cotta at lunch and then a night cap to end the evening. We choose three of the four styles available from Yes Chef.



 You can get your own copy of Donna Hay’s Basics to Brilliance Kids Cookbook at Bureaux Modern Mercantile.

Thanks for reading! And make sure to come back for more of our #YesChefFavorites! And check out our Kids Easter Workshop happening April 14th!

This post was sponsored by Under the Tree Photography and Yes Chef.

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