“No one has ever become poor by giving” – Anne Frank

Christmas Is Over, But the Giving Doesn’t Have to Be

Everyone has a love language, and for me it happens to be gift giving and quality time. And this year, I plan to invest in others by way of quality time and gifts. One way I’ve decided I can do that without breaking the bank is through the affordable gift of baking. Now, full disclosure! I am in no way a professional baker! In fact, you’ll see my sourdough bread needs a lot of work! But it’s something that I’ve become incredibly interested in and I want to share that passion with you + my friends + and my family. Even though my loaf does look a bit lumpy and dense. lol

So this year I’m choosing to keep the giving going. Through the affordable gift of sourdough baking I’ve found a stress release + and a hobby that forces me to slow down and appreciate patience.

Why Gift Sourdough Bread?

Well, the obvious…. it tastes amazing! And it’s unique fermentation process gives it tons of added benefits.

The presence of bacteria, due to sourdough’s unique fermentation process, improves sourdough’s nutritional profile. This allows for better nutrient absorption, improved gut health, and some studies have even shown fermentation alters the structure of carbohydrates in the dough for better blood sugar control and a lower score on the glycemic index.

– Cooking Light

Sourdough bread is rich in vitamins + minerals + protein. As well as good in pre and pro-biotics for a healthy gut. But it’s not just the nutritional benefits that make sourdough bread a good gift. It’s the love and time involved to make it.

Made With Love, Sourdough Bread Is An Affordable Gift Beyond the Bread



If you’ve ever made sourdough bread, then you know how much love goes into it! From taking care of your starter, to the long process of making the dough itself, sourdough takes time and patience beyond anything I have ever baked. And over the last month, I can still tell you it’s a work in process.

So you can imagine that giving the affordable gift of sourdough is so much more than the bread itself. It speaks volumes to the love and thought that went into the making of the gift itself. It’s amazing how it can open the door to new friendships and welcome different seasons for peoples lives. It can say I’m sorry for your loss, congratulations on your new family member, and welcome to the neighbourhood. The moments are endless, but always full of love.

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How You Can Start Giving the Gift of Sourdough Bread

It all starts with a starter, the fermented flour mixture that will rise your dough and give it that traditional sour taste. You can either purchase a dehydrated starter online, create your own or ask around for some from another friend or family member. I happened to get some from a fellow mom at my kids school, and if your located in the Fraser Valley, I would be more than happy to give your some of mine.


Just get started! Search you tube tutorials + scavenge Pinterest + take a bread class. I’ve done the first two, and at the end of the month I’m so excited to take a bread making class with Yes Chef, our local kitchen store in downtown Abbotsford. Hopefully, I can figure out why my dough isn’t rising properly! This cooking worksop happens to be sold out, but their are plenty more to choose from.

Finally, bake your sourdough and gift it with love! Eventually, I’d love to gift some of my bread with homemade jam or preserves. And I love gifting it wrapped in a pretty linen. No waste, and it offers just an extra something.

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 Sourdough Supplies for Success | My #YesChefFavorites

Another important thing to have are the right tools. Baking sourdough is tricky enough, so don’t make it harder on yourself! I stopped by Yes Chef and was able to pick up everything I needed. Including a stoneware baking dish + a Bread Llama to score the dough + a pair of stunning salt & pepper shakers (because I LOVE some fresh cracked pepper with butter on my bread).


If I had to choose which bread making essential was my favorite, I don’t think I could choose! BUT the Bread Llama is pretty spectacular! Handcrafted out of the Okanagan Valley, they are an easy to handle lame to decorate any artisanal bread. Available in five colors or reclaimed solid wood, it will suit any chef.

If your planning on gifting sourdough bread or any other kitchen related item, Yes Chef is by far the best place to shop. It’s not just retail, shopping in Downtown Abbotsford is an experience.

This post was sponsored by Yes Chef, for more check out my #YesChefFavorites

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