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It’s the first week of spring! Wahooo! With how our winter went, it’s amazing that this day finally came. Sweet buds are popping out all over my garden and the sun is finally making a good appearance. This was the fist week I could get back in my garden, and it felt so good! Not to mention it got me so excited to share my Natural Cleaning DIY spray made with essential oils and Spring Clean checklist with you all.

Spring Cleaning: Getting Tidy

Even my kids must know spring is here. Just the other day, my eldest came to me and said he wanted to get rid of toys! What? Hold up! Really?! He must take after his momma, because I can’t stand clutter! However, he had alternative motives….apparently he was tired of cleaning them up and wanted to make room for more Lego. Hot wheels was so yesterday. Anyway, he led the decluttering, and I followed with organizing it to sell. I was quite proud after we filled the forth box! He then went on to negotiate a percentage of the profits (obviously gets this from his father lol) he says 18 dollars… we will see. So while spring has with it some great positives: peonies, robins and warmer weather, it also come with… dun dun dun, the spring cleaning list! But at least I can already check off the play room!


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spring clean checklist - natural cleaning DIY

 Where do I Even Begin? How About with my FREE Spring Clean Checklist

Even writing the spring clean checklist can be a pain. So to get things started in the right direction for you, I have included a FREE Spring Clean Checklist! But hold up, I’ve got a few tips for you first.
Let’s talk time management. That list can look like a monster when you try and tackle everything in a day. So let’s time manage this spring cleaning thing, and before you know it you’ll be done. Here’s an example of what I’m talking about: Already cleaning the floors today? Take the extra effort and wipe those baseboards down. How about putting away laundry? Oops, don’t have a hanger to put that sweater on? Take the time and weed out those blouses collecting dust.
​There’s lots of ways to incorporate spring cleaning into your daily routine, it just might take a little extra planning, but it will be worth it when that list starts to dwindle and your not left burnt out.
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 Get Prepared With My Natural Cleaning DIY Spray

Get the necessary supplies. Spring cleaning involves deep cleaning those hard to reach places you don’t normally have time for. A toothbrush can get into those tiny crevasses, including in-between the shower doors or sink drains.
If your like me and are trying to make your home chemical free, traditional baking soda and vinegar goes far. A great grout cleaner, yes you need to clean that stuff, only requires those two ingredients and a scrub brush and towel! Here’s how I do it: sprinkle the baking soda on the grout, next take a spray bottle full of vinegar and spray on top. Let sit for a few minutes, scrub and then wipe off. A good note is to mop your floors after to make sure you get all the dirt up.
Want more chemical free solutions? Here is a recipe for an all-purpose natural cleaning DIY spray with essential oils that I love.

spring clean checklist - natural cleaning DIY

Natural Cleaning DIY Spray

16 oz glass bottle
1/4 c vinegar
1 3/4 c water
15 drops lemon essential oils
15 drops tea tree essential oils
This natural cleaning DIY spray will have you prepared to tackle your spring cleaning list in less than five minutes! Simply mix all natural cleaning DIY spray ingredients into your glass spray bottle. (Tip: making sure your spray bottle is glass is very important- citrus essential oils are known to leach into plastic and cause it to break down in the future.)
Make sure the essential oils you are using are top quality. Beware of essential oils at the grocery store! Just because they say 100% organic doesn’t mean they are 100% pure. And if it’s a big bottle for a good price it probably is to good to be true! I use Young Living and dōTERRA essential oils, both of which are very reputable.  For more essential oil tips check out @flourish_essentials , Joni has some amazing recipes and knowledge on incorporating essential oils into your daily routine.
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So you have made it through my cleaning rant and now have a great natural cleaning DIY recipe to add to your arsenal! So lets get you your spring cleaning checklist: Just save the image to your desktop and print!
I have included two versions: one blank- for extra space or your own ideas, and one I created to get you started.

FREE Spring Clean Checklist

Don’t forget to download your FREE Spring Clean Checklist! I use this handy tool every year! Choose from my detailed checklist or blank checklist to add your own tasks in.
spring clean checklist - natural cleaning DIY

Happy Cleaning!

Pin these images for quick click back and spring cleaning inspiration! You are going to want to come back to this natural cleaning DIY spray time and time again!

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