“Let it go and have some fun with this simple Frozen birthday theme + dance party!”

It’s A Dance Party! With A Simple Frozen Birthday Theme

There’s moments as a mother you hold dear in your heart. Waiting patiently in anticipation for those moments to happen. For many it’s the first step, first word, and first day of school. But there’s also those moments you patiently wait for because they represent your own childhood. Special, unique, full of wonder. Well last week one of those moments finally came true.

Funny, Evelyn and I were both waiting for this moment… her first dance class. And y’all, this mamas heart just about burst when I watched her tip toe + twirl + jump across the floor.

It was a sweet moment, one I won’t surely forget. And to make the day extra special we incorporated a few simple Frozen Birthday theme touches. Ones that you too can easily replicate, especially with my FREE Frozen Cake Toppers, and some natural face paint for kids.

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My Baby You’ll Be, While Watching You Grow

Saying goodbye to the baby years was hard. But as Evelyn reached three, I began to realize there are so many things I’m looking forward to. So many things were I get to see her personality grow and shine. And it becomes a humbling experience, one that I’m reminded of how special each day is with her in our lives, and all our children.

So if your feeling time slip away and earning to freeze it all in the moment, I want to remind you that it is ALL filled with wonder. Each and everyday. And the more they grow, the more you get attached to watching them experience life.


Natural Earth Paint

One fun and creative way we brought this simple Frozen birthday theme to life was through the use of some natural craft supplies. Gifted by Natural Earth Paint, I was SO beyond excited for these goodies to arrive! I’ve been eyeing them for months now, and let me tell you… they lived up to my expectations!

These natural craft supplies were created from the passion of a mother wanting to make sure she took care of her children and the planet. And that is SO something I can get behind. Natural Earth Paint is a eco-friendly and a non-toxic art natural craft supplies company, which also happens to use recycled/ bio degradable packaging while being run on solar power! I mean how cool!

Party Craft Ideas + Natural Face Paint

This Earth Flags Craft Kit made for adorably simply Frozen decor. The rich colors happen to be so smooth when added with water, and best of all? They are created with vegetable based inks. So you can imagine I had no problem with each of my kids getting their hands on this natural craft supply.




And I will NEVER EVER go back to that nasty face paint you get at halloween stores. Natural Earth Paint’s Natural Face Paint has got to be hands down my favorite product. I was fully thinking I needed water to get it to go smoothly on Evelyn’s face. But NOT AT ALL! It was smooth as butter, and made it so easy to apply. And just look how cute Evelyn looks with her simple Frozen makeup created with the natural face paint. Just darling.

And if your even thinking about buying craft supplies that aren’t from Natural Earth Paint, I strongly suggest you change your mind. 😉 Because y’all I am hooked!

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Simple Frozen Birthday Theme with Free Printable

Now one of my children’s parties wouldn’t be complete without a free printable! And a simple Frozen birthday theme just wouldn’t be complete without these Frozen cake toppers. So so darling. And you can customize it with the age of your child! I’ve incorporated numbers 0-9 so you can customize these Frozen cake toppers however you’d like.

All you have to do is click the image below to download the Frozen cake toppers. Print onto cardstock and tape onto wooden skewers. Hooray for free party decor!



And if any of you all wanted to replicate this cookie cake, all I did was use a chocolate chip cookie recipe. Spread it out on a pizza pan and bake it a few extra minutes than normal cookies. I then piped a snowflake onto the cookie cake with buttercream icing. Anther simple Frozen birthday theme tip.

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It’s A Dance Party with Walnut Grove School of Dance & Music

Like I mentioned before, watching Evelyn in a dance class had always been close to my heart. Being in musical theater for the majority of my childhood, I longed to see her try some of my favorite past times. And the fact that she had been begging for a dance class, I mean I just couldn’t say no when Walnut Grove School of Music and Dance reached out.


And I’m so glad I partnered with them for this gifted birthday dance class experience. It was so easy to plan. They took care of the invitations + thank you notes + party favors + and of course the dance party! Us adults just had to sit back, relax and chat while we watched the fun unfold. This had to be by far the easiest and least stressful party I have ever done!

Does this sound like something your little one would enjoy? Sign up for a birthday party or weekly dance and music lessons here!


And the joy on all the little dancers faces was pure magic. You can’t hope for a better outcome. It’s just pure creative fun! Thank you Walnut Grove School of Music and Dance, we made some wonderful memories!

If your looking for dance classes or music lessons in the Langley/ Walnut Grove area, I highly recommend their friendly staff and warm studio. Registration is now open for January, and theres no better gift than that of creative learning.

Thanks again for reading along! I hope you found some useful tips for this simple Frozen birthday theme, and remember… simple can let you soak in those milestone moments too.

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