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I will always remember the first time you looked into my eyes. I will always remember your first laugh, your first step, your first word. I’ll remember your smile on your first day of school. And I will always remember the drawing you made me, and how special I felt that you knew my favorite color. I will always remember. At least I hope I will…
And if I can’t, and time begins to take those memories away, I won’t have to worry.  Because I meticulously stored those memories here, right here… for you and I to come back to, time and time again.

Growing up, I always remember my mom pulling out milestone books, recording memories of every cherished event. And it didn’t take long for me to start cherishing them too. I knew when I had kids of my own, that it was very important for me to record their school years, just as my mom had done.
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modern memory book - AMK Design Shop

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It’s a societal norm to record the first year and the BIG milestones. And some even record the moments leading up to the birth. But life gets busy as the family grows, and we stop recording memories.

Today, our phones have replaced the traditional memory book. They are quick to pull out and easy to snap a pic or video. But then they stay there… They are not printed off, and there is no dialogue beside them to give context to the next generation looking back.

When I found AMK Design Shop and The School Days modern memory book, my face just lit up. Finally something that I can use, just like my mom, to contextualize some of their brightest years!
As I flipped through the pages, I began to think back on my own childhood.  It’s such a great reminder that these years are going to fly by much faster than I’ll want them to. I can’t believe I’ll be putting my oldest first day of Kindergarten picture in this book in a weeks time…
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modern memory book - AMK Design Shop

As you can see, this book has everything you’ll ever want to record. One of my favorite features of this modern memory book is its simplistic monochromatic esthetic. I can either let my child color it for a fun project, or I can keep it black and white – using it as a modern decor element in my child’s bedroom.

recording memories modern memory book - AMK Design Shop

recording memories modern memory book - AMK Design Shop

Recording memories and adding in projects from his Preschool years, Tristan began to tell me the stories behind creating each one.
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remember modern memory book - AMK Design Shop

Recording Memories Doesn’t Need to be Difficult

If recording memories in a memory book isn’t for you, try a question and answer book like the one pictured. It’s a fun way to see how their answers grow and mature with them through the years.
A journal I keep in the living room, also acts as a memory book. Every time the kids say something funny, or something happens that I want to remember, this journal is in arms reach to quickly jot it down.
If your looking for a way to capture moments in time, AMK Design Shop has you covered with a modern memory book for every life’s milestone.
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22 thoughts on “I Will Always Remember”

  1. My favorite way to record memories is by writing them in my planner on the day they happen or, on occasion, writing them in my journal!

    1. My favorite way to record memories, is by taking pictures and video tapping. I write down the date and what was happening next to the picture in a scrap book.

  2. My favourite way to record memories is through pictures. I use to write out blog posts when my kids were younger but now the pictures sum it up (since life is so busy). We love looking through our slideshows after holidays to reminisce.

  3. I have two favourite ways I like to record memories. The first is making little scrapbooks with every stage my wee one goes through. My favourite book I made was when she was born and had to spend 7 days in the NICU. Although it wasn’t the glamorous first week we envisioned it still tracked all the milestones she got through in the hospital, and the ups and downs. It was the best therapy a new mom could look through and journal as the days went on. My second favourite has been recording videos and downloading them to DVDs. I loved looking back at my videos when I was a kid so I want to make sure I have them for my kids.

    1. My oldest was in the NICU for his first few days as well. It’s not something you prepare for. I can see how journaling those moments would be so beneficial for a new mom.

  4. I love to record memories as photo books with little blurbs. I have baby books for both of my kids and don’t write in them nearly enough.

  5. My fav way record memories is with pictures but I also love to hear stories and talk about events to help re-live them ????

  6. Sadly, I’m the WORST at documenting the baby years. I rely on monthly pictures and Facebook. These keepsake books are so perfect!

  7. My favorite way to record memories, is by taking pictures and video tapping. I love to put my pictures in a scrap book with the date, and a description of what the pictures are about.

  8. That book looks amazing!! Thanks so much for introducing me to it!! My favourite way to record memories is in the Mushybooks book I have for each of my kids. I need to write the memories down right away before I forget!

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