hygge glass teapot chic honey jar


When the temps start to fall, so do I… right into a comfy couch! Yup, I’m one of those people. As soon as the kids are in bed, I head for a little R & R. To me, there’s nothing quite as blissful as a snuggling into a warm blanket with tea in my cup, and the fire on.

And to share my love for all the hygge feelings this winter, I’ve put together five things you absolutely need for a cozy time. And three of them just happen to be from my favorite kitchen store in downtown Abbotsford, Yes Chef.


hygge glass teapot chic honey jar


When You Find that Perfect Hygge Item… GET IT!

You never know when you need a good cozy moment. So it’s always best to be prepare and have the essentials! Which means, when you find that perfect hygge item.. GET IT! Actually I shouldn’t say that…. No item could actually be considered Hygge. Rather, what I mean is find an item that gives you that feeling.


hygge glass teapot chic honey jar


Because hygge is just that. A feeling or familiarity of intimacy. Slowness. Contentment. Happiness. Comfort. Coziness…. get the picture? It’s a word that’s described as embracing the beauty in an outstandingly ordinary moment. Perhaps taking time to brew tea in a delicate glass teapot? I do believe so.


hygge glass teapot five things you need for a cozy time


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Hygge Glass Teapot

But for convince sake, I think I will just refer to this beautiful item from Yes Chef as my Hygge Glass Teapot. Because it really does bring all the feels. Figuratively and literally, it was quite lovely being able to watch my blossoming tea open up.  After the boiling water cascaded over the tight ball, the tea bloomed it’s colorful leaves and aroma.

I immediately sunk in a little more to my cozy retreat, and began to appreciate how lovely this moment truly was. Thanks to my little Hygge Glass Teapot, I think I’ll be able to find this solace a little more when those munchkins lay their heads down to sleep.



What Pairs Well With a Hygge Glass Teapot? Well a Chic Honey Jar of Course

five things you need for a cozy time- hygge glass teapot


Are you a honey or sugar person when it comes to sweetening your tea? Me? I’m honey allll the way! In fact, you might even see me steal a spoon after sweeting my tea just for that extra sugar kick.

So when my previous honey jar broke into many little pieces, I deemed it necessary to find a replacement. Lucky for me, Yes Chef has all the best kitchen gadgets and I found the perfect chic honey jar to pair with my Hygge Teapot. It’s clean lines and likeness to a bee hive were all I needed to say YES CHEF! A chic honey jar.. one of the five things you need for a cozy time. Definitely!


five things you need for a cozy time- hygge glass teapot


But Where to Keep the Rest of Your Tea for Your Hygge Glass Teapot?

Well, in a sleek gold trimmed jar of course. Oh seriously, this little jar gives me allll the hygge feels! I think it’s the deep blue color combined with the warming brass tones. Or maybe the comforting weight to it, and cold feeling of the stone? Either way, it just feels good in your hands and looks even better on your counter.


five things you need for a cozy time- hygge glass teapot


Which in my opinion can be a great reminder to slow down, grab some tea (in your hygge glass teapot of course) and have a cozy moment for yourself. I know when something’s in eye catching distance, I’m much more inclined to use it.

If I could design my entire kitchen around this item from Yes Chef and my “five things you need for a cozy time”, I totally would. Future project maybe? lol


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From Hygge Glass Teapot to Artisan Cup



And a cozy moment can’t happen if your hygge glass teapot has nothing to pour into to warm your hands and lips. That’s why I went for my Three Corners Artisan tumbler. Dipped in a rosy light pink and speckled with real gold, this hand thrown vessel instantly grounds me. Wrapping both my hands around it, I’m comforted to know I not only supported a local artist, but that I purchased it knowing I wanted to use it for special moments. Just like this.

This one is actually part of a pair. That way I’ll always be ready for a cozy time with my husband or friend. Yes, he loves having tea with me! I know, that’s pretty amazing! lol

Try making these No Fail Sugar Cookies to snack on


Pillows, The Last of the Five Things You Need for a Cozy Time

How could I possibly list five things you need for a cozy time, without mentioning pillows? I mean come on?! You have to have something to lean back on when your sipping your tea.

five things you need for a cozy time- hygge glass teapot

five things you need for a cozy time- hygge glass teapot





And not to toot my own horn, but I am pretty blown away by how beautiful these hand painted pillows turned out. Transferring my paintings onto fabric has always been a dream of mine. And recently I made this into a reality with these 18 x 18 pillow cases. And to make them truly shine, I embellished them with gold paint and vinyl. Perfectly, able to stand the wash, you won’t need to worry if you spill a little tea on them. I designed them to withstand all your hygge moments.


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Five Things You Need for a Cozy Time

Well there you have it. Five things you need for a cozy time and to start feeling all those hygge feels! Being conscious of my time, my physical and mental health, I find taking time to experience moments like these is not only necessary but so beneficial.

How do you take time for yourself? And what does your cozy time look like? Tell me below, I’m always looking for new ways relax and be aware of a good moment.


five things you need for a cozy time- hygge glass teapot


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More Photoshoot Details

Socks: Grace & Lace

Head Wrap & Scrunchy: End of Her Rope

Tea: Cup and Kettle

Blanket: Plaj

Artwork: GOLDNgrasses

Gold Cutlery: Yes Chef

Linen: Yes Chef

Wool Tassel: Mulder + Co.

This post was sponsored by Yes Chef

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  1. I love sitting at the breakfast table with my cup of coffee and watching my hummingbirds and others interacting with one another. My Hygge essentials would be my cup of coffee (or tea), bird book, binoculars, quiet time devotional book, and Bible (and maybe a blanket if I keep the door open)!

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