A Nature Themed Kid’s Birthday Party

Well, since summer is officially over in less than two weeks, I thought it appropriate to finally post Charles’ Nature Themed Kid’s Birthday Party.  Gosh, this was a good one. Not because we had crazy birthday party decor or a mile high cake, but because it was so down to earth and filled with things that embraced our kind and loving boy.




We went to his favourite nature spot + invited friends and family for a teddy bear picnic + tried our DIY Scavenger Hunt + and divulged in a cake that’s become a family tradition.

Want to throw your own Nature Play Birthday with little to no budget?! Ya you read that right, I threw this Nature Themed Kid’s Birthday Party in under $15! (sans gifts) So keep reading, so you too can create a low budget party, and download my FREE DIY Scavenger Hunt Worksheet + Gift Tag Printables.

Get Outside + Explore For Your Nature Play Birthday

It’s all about nature for this kid’s birthday party, so go out and explore your kid’s favourite outdoor park! Find a good place where you can let the party guests have free safe play. Meaning, let them run through creeks, climb trees and kick dirt. Let kids be kids, and just have fun surrounded by the outdoors!


If your worried about weather, just plan ahead. Make sure there are covered areas for when you want to avoid the elements, such as a structure or thick group of trees. But if your up for it, enjoy the weather! As long as my kids have their muddy buddies, they enjoy playing outside in the rain just as much as in the sunshine. And just think of all the mud pies the kids could make!

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Create a Teddy Bear Picnic For A Low Budget Party




One of the biggest cost saving tips from this low budget birthday party I can share is the lack of food I provided for guests. No I’m not a bad host! I’m just a smart one.

Because it was a relaxed get together, I thought it would be fun to make this Nature Themed Kid’s Birthday Party a picnic as well. Not only did it take the pressure of hauling in tons of food and overspending, it added another fun element for the guests. Each family ended up packing their own picnic, as well as their favourite stuffed animal. Because Charles is still inseparable to his favourite Tigger, it gave us another opportunity to truly celebrate Charles and all his favourite things. I mean doesn’t this photo just pull at the heartstrings!


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Make Your Own Cake, And it Doesn’t Have to Be Fancy

While I love a full out, over the top party with a crazy cake, it just hasn’t been the season for us to throw more parties like the Love You to the Moon and Back kid’s birthday party. So choosing a cake that represented Charles and suited this nature themed birthday party, we ended up going with a family favorite – Strawberry Sheet Cake.

Made by my Grams for my own mother for countless years, it felt like a right of passage to bake it for my own son. What makes this one so special? Strawberry Jell-O and frozen strawberries! What you get is a super moist and sweet cake. And it ended up being so loved, we served every last piece, with more still asking for seconds.


Do I need to share this birthday cake recipe? Comment below!

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FREE DIY Scavenger Hunt Worksheet + Gift Tags

Because we were at a park there really wasn’t any necessity to come up with a lot of crafts or activities. Nature was their playground! But just in case we needed an icebreaker or a change of interest, I put together a little DIY Scavenger Hunt Worksheet. This turned out to be a great and FREE activity! If you don’t happen to be near a body of water to find minnows, hiding some Swedish fish should surely do the trick ;).



These cute gift tags added the perfect amount of thoughtfulness for our departing guests. Charles loves to give, so of course we had to put a little something together. We kept to the nature themed birthday party by filling our treat bags with some trail mix, and then tying on these FREE gift tags. Don’t forget to download your printables! It’s another great way you can keep to your low budget party. Simply tap on the image below to start the download process.



Happy 5th Birthday Charlie Bear!


Wow! Another year in the books, and now we are sending you off to Kindergarten in less than two weeks! Charles, we had so much fun celebrating you with this Nature Play Birthday Party. It was ALL you, and so much fun. The only thing I’d change is to make more than one Strawberry Sheet Cakes, because I know you’ll want thirds and fourths!

Thank you son for teaching us how to truly love! You amaze us every day.

Love, Mom


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  1. You should definitely share the strawberry cake recipe. It has changed a bit over the years since the little box of frozen strawberries is now obsolete in the grocery stores. It had the right amount of juice in it when thawed, but the newer version is just as good! You might just have to make mine for me this year with my mom so far away! Oh wait! I will be there the week after my birthday. Hmm. I think I could eat two! Yeah! It is a great cake to share!

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