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Am I right?! Please someone tell me I’m not the only one juggling temper tantrums, flying through hoops in an effort to get a healthy meal in, and trying to not look like the next curious attraction?

Parenting while raising a three year old often looks like that picture I just illustrated doesn’t it. And even though it’s not the most ideal picture of balance and tranquility, it is a memorable picture of amusement and wonder. Toddler milestones are often seen as a “Let’s hurry this train up, and get through it with as little damage as possible”. And rightfully so, it’s a hard stage in parenting, and for the child going through those toddler milestones.

Both in the trenches of learning how to direct emotions in a healthy and positive way, together you’re bound have some bumps in the road. But, like I said, this stage of raising children also comes with it some magical moments of amusement and wonder. And that’s what I really want to highlight today, as well as spread some love onto a little boy who is no long a three year old.

raising children toddler jokes

Four years ago, we welcomed a special gift into our lives, Charles Wesley Howes II. Little did we know, we were gifted with the most GIVING child. A child full of intensity, drama and love, Charles has been showing us just what it means to give one’s love fully. With the most intense gaze you can imagine, daily he cups our faces into his tiny hands, gives a little tilt to his curly blonde head and blesses us with a kiss that just melts you to the floor.  And while that day might have been full of those circus like toddler milestones, every night after that special kiss those moments would just wash away.

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parenting three year old

Raising Children During Those Tough Toddler Milestones: Your Doing a Great Job

Parenting this three year old was no easy task. There was to much yelling, and not enough understanding. To much frustration, and not enough stillness. So if your in the deep trenches of raising children in this season, I just want to give you a big hug and tell you that this too shall pass.

But don’t feel the need to rush through this parenting season… no matter how tempting it might be. Because now that he is a fresh four year old, I start to think about how those intense kisses, endless cuddles, and desire to be by my side at every moment will start to transition into just memories. And while I hope that my giving boy will remain that way, I know our story will start to change soon.

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What I’m doing will no longer be the most interesting thing of his day, and my hugs and kisses will transition into the most embarrassing form of affections. So right now, just try and be present. It’s going to be extra hard some days, but down the road when your looking back, your going to be really happy you did take in all the toddler milestones.

Tonight, as I was tucking in Charles, I asked him how it was being a three year old. And in only the dramatic way he could, he said it was “good…gooood…. gooooood. ok mommy”. And now here are three stories for “How to be a Three Year Old”, taken from our little adventures this past year.

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parenting three year old

How to be a Three Year Old Confessions: Raising Children is Hilarious


  • Three Year Old Boys are Highly Inappropriate

On not just one occasion, you can expect to find him touch, show and name his private areas all kinds of silly names. No, the anatomical ones just won’t do it for Charles.There is no such thing as personal space, especially when it’s time to use the bathroom or take a shower. And they will use this time to lovingly question every part of your body. One of the most memorable occasions of such questioning happened when we were on the couch one day. Suddenly, my toddler was no longer watching the TV, but moved his gaze over to me…. little fingers poking me, proceeding to ask about my two tummies… they were my boobs.

parenting three year old



  • Three Year Old Boys will Tell you How it is

There are no run arounds, no polite alternatives, just some laughing induced truth.

After dressing himself, he went over to discuss his choice of clothing with his aunt. He states that he choose those specific pants because they were his hospital pants (they had little crosses on them), and my sister responds that he looked cute. Well, he didn’t take that well, and goes on to say “I’m not cute. I’m a boy.” ….Ok, Charles.



  • Three Year Old Boys have the most Amazing Toddler Jokes and Songs

And of course they have to be inappropriate! lol. Want a few stitches in your side? I’m sure a few toddler jokes will do the trick. And if the toddler jokes didn’t do the trick, this song just might.

“I farted, it tickled. My butt cheeks jiggled. I did it again, and it smelt like pickles!”

raising children toddler jokes

parenting three year old

Toddler Milestones, a Little Crazy and Full of Wonder

Oh gosh, you gotta love that one! And like I said before, parenting this stage of life often looks like a three ring circus. A little crazy at times, but so full of amusement and wonder! Happy Fourth Birthday Charlie Bear!

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Did you know I offer workshops designed for kids? They are great for birthdays or for special one on one time.

This is my happy place. Welcome to GOLDNgrasses.

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