housestories canada memorable gift for everyone

If you’ve never had to say goodbye to a home, I consider you a lucky soul. But the truth is, we have all said goodbye to one home or another. Whether you’ve left the comfort of your childhood home in search of newfound independence or a grandparent has downsized. Or perhaps your family has made lifestyle changes and made a big move- we’ve all had to say goodbye.  The walls you used to run your jam covered fingers across, the dining room that held intimate gatherings that may or may not have been all that enjoyable, or a kitchen counter you endlessly placed your curious child upon- they’ve now become memories. Sacred ones I’m sure, but the edges of them seem to blur more and more as the years go by. 

I Still Remember my Childhood Home, Rather Homes


housestories canada memorable gift for everyone


The one I’m most fond of housed some of the most delicate years of my life in Oklahoma. I can still remember the floral wallpaper in the kitchen. The green carpeted staircase and a yard that seemed to span for miles. And how could I forget the pink bathroom. The one I had so long associated with an unpleasant and irrational fear of pink slime from Ghostbusters. It still makes me cringe.

We point out this house every time we pass it on our visits to Oklahoma, but I can’t begin to describe the desire I have to walk through that front door again. It’s a desire I know will never be fulfilled, but cling onto regardless.

And now, after living in our home for over nine years- starting our marriage here, bringing everyone of our children into this home, I start to realize this house has become a place that our family won’t want to forget too.

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housestories canadaHousestories Canada: Uniquely Capturing Life’s Moments


When Darren of Housestories Canada reached out to me about a new and exciting project he had in the works, there wasn’t one bone in my body that didn’t want to be on board. As he described how he would come into our home and document it through our eyes rather than the eyes of an interior designer, I could see his vision clearly.

It was something I wished I had from my childhood homes. So how could I not give this gift to my children? Or rather, memorable gift for everyone.

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Housestories was created to preserve these ordinary moments and strengthen a family’s connection to their home and their past.

Using a beautiful method of documenting the familiar and personal details of a home, Housestories captures a uniquely intimate perspective of family’s life.

                                                                   —- Housestories Canada


Photography by Housestories Canada

Housestories Canada: Our House Story

The first thing Housestories Canada did when they came to our home was interview us, or rather interview our home. What I didn’t think would happen was that tears would fill my eyes. We’ve loved this home, it’s given us everything we’ve ever thought we needed or wanted.

But we’ve also experienced some great pains in this house. Things we’d like to leave behind, yet they’ve grown us to who we are today.  In the time of that interview, I realized something. That our home stayed true to its purpose, even when we faulted from our failures- standing strong against life no matter what came at it. This home of ours has become a symbol of what our family is today- a fortress rooted in the presence, strength and forgiveness of God. And that’s something that I never want to forget. Ever.

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housestories canada memorable gift for everyone

Housestories Canada: A Gift for Life

After the interview, Housestories Canada left us to go on with our daily routine, snapping in the background along the way. I must admit, I wasn’t exactly sure what would end up in our coffee table book. There’s a lot of memories in this house. But I trusted their process, and when we received the book and digital prints in the mail I couldn’t have been more eager to open our package! And neither could the kids!

housestories canada memorable gift for everyone

It was beautiful. Memories safely pressed between the pages just waiting to come alive as each child began talking about what they saw. It instantly became a memorable gift for everyone.

But they weren’t just pictures in a book, they were stories. And not just one story. Each photograph might hold ten or twenty stories. And every time a little hand reaches for this memorable gift for everyone, I know there’s another opportunity to listen to a new story I haven’t yet heard.

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Housestories Canada : A Memorable Gift for Everyone

housestories canada memorable gift for everyoneI’m excited to have had the opportunity to give this memorable gift for everyone inner family, it’s truly a piece of treasure. It’s so easy to imagine us twenty years down the road, maybe in the same house and maybe not, reaching for this book and telling stories. Our lives will look a lot different by then I’m sure, but our memories shouldn’t, because they are preserved right here between our beautiful Housestories Canada book.


What’s Your House Story?

housestories canada memorable gift for everyone

Finally, to make sure you have this opportunity for your family, I’m offering all my readers 20% off with code: GOLDEN20. Whether your family is closing a chapter on a cherished home, a relative is saying goodbye to a lifelong house, or your simply wanting to freeze time in it’s tracks before it so easily slips from your grip, I encourage you to try Housestories Canada. Above all, it’s a memorable gift for everyone. So…what’s your house story?

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