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holiday scratch board art DIY homemade cards





I don’t want a lot for Christmas, except some extra snuggles by the fire and this fun holiday scratch board art DIY!

Of course this #CreativeReadoftheMonth was once again inspired by illustrations covering a sweet and dreamy children’s book.  Filled from beginning to end of lyrical text and beautiful scratch board art, Before Morning reminds us that if we wish from the heart, our dreams really do come true.

Follow along for this #CreativeReadoftheMonth and create your own holiday scratch board art DIY for homemade cards and ornaments!

holiday scratch board art DIY homemade cards


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Finding the Perfect Formula for our Holiday Scratch Board Art DIY

At first I was a little skeptical I could turn this beautiful art form into a fun art DIY for kids. I had tried scratch board art years ago in high school (loved it!), but never returned back to it.



Then I started doing a simple google search on how to create your own scratch board art DIY. Some were very intense/intermediate tutorials, and then I stumbled upon a familiar name Babble Dabble Do. Right! I follow their fun art DIY ‘s over on Instagram. This place had to have what I was looking for, and sure enough they did!

Tried and tested, we loved Babble Dabble Do’s Scratch Board Art DIY!  It ended up being the perfect formula for our Holiday Scratch Board Art DIY inspired by Before Morning’s snow covered pages.


How To Make a Holiday Scratch Board Art DIY

What You Need:

  • Cardstock (we used 5×7 pieces)
  • Painter’s Tape
  • Crayons
  • Black Acrylic Paint
  • Dish Soap or Liquid Laundry Detergent
  • Large Sponge Brush
  • Scratching Utensils (toothpick, spoon, fork, etc.)
  • Hole Punch
  • String to hang ornament


Step One:

Cut out your cardstock into desired sizes. We choose 5 x 7 and 2 x 5 to turn our holiday scratch board art into homemade holiday cards and ornaments. Tap paper to table (it does get messy so you might consider putting newspaper underneath). Keeping half of the tape on the paper and half on the table. This will create a nice white border when complete.

Step Two:

Color your entire paper with crayons. Try an ombre look by pressing hard at the bottom and lighter at top. Cool colors such as blues and purples make a nice wintery background. An warmer colors make this fun art DIY look like a sunset. Really, just have fun with this part and go color crazy!


holiday scratch board art DIY homemade cards

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Step Three:

Mix together a 1:1 ration of black acrylic paint and dish soap or liquid laundry detergent. Tip: Make sure your measurements are correct! Otherwise the paint wont come off enough. Air on the side of caution and add more soap if needed. Paint over colored paper with sponge brush. Two coats is required. Let dry.


holiday scratch board art DIY homemade cards

Step Four:

When completely dry, carefully peel away tape to reveal your nice white edges. If the paper starts to tear, go to the other side.

Step Five:

Oh what fun it is to ride…. wait… it is to draw on our holiday scratch board art DIY! Taking an object such as a toothpick (gives fine lines) or whatever your child deems fun, start scratching into this fun art DIY.  Encourage your child to scratch away the black paint to form colorful snowflakes and flurries! You can even write Merry Christmas like we did one on of our homemade cards!


Step Six:

Hole punch any ornaments and string them with festive ribbon. Write thoughtful holiday wishes on your homemade cards, and send them to your loved ones with joy!



#creativereadofthemonth fun art diy

About Before Morning by Joyce Sidman and Illustrated by Beth Krommes

#creativereadofthemonth fun art diy


How many of us have wished for a snow day? Wishing for those long drawn out days slowed down by the magical snowflakes which brighten up the darkest sky?

Before Morning is about a child’s simple wish for a different sort of day. As her invocation (poem) drifts from her mind and up into the clouds, the sky begins to fill with enchanting snowflakes and flurries. A once busy town and family finds themselves embracing the slowness that winter can bring, and experiencing the magic of a child’s heartfelt wish.

This book is a must holiday read, and will surely remind you to slow down and embrace the magic of the season. Our Holiday Scratch Board Art DIY was inspired by a need to sit, create and have fun, just like this magical book.

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  1. Love this idea! It seemed complicated, but the steps show it can be a really fun, easy project. Love the end results. The possibilities are endless!

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