This Grapefruit Sparkling Float Is the Perfect Summer Mocktail and More

Dang, guys! I nailed this one. Get ready to be refreshed and lifted out of the heat with this baby. I’m talking tangy pink grapefruit + creamy ice cream + easy sophistication all in one. This Grapefruit Sparkling Float is going to hit all the right spots. And watch out, you’ll be looking for more than one refill.

So get ready for a summer mocktail you can whip up in five minutes + a tortilla recipe that you’ll be saying óle too! Slather them with butter or use them for a sweet garnish, you really can’t go wrong with these babies.

These two recipes will help you hold onto summer just a little bit longer, and I think that’s just what we were all wishing for. Inspired by a trip to Yes Chef in Downtown Abbotsford, I’ve got my #YesChefFavorites to help you recreate this table situation.


Whip Up This Grapefruit Sparkling Float for a Summer BBQ + Baby Shower + After School Refreshment and More

That’s right, this is going to be a party refreshment that carries many hats. It’s got the right balance of sweet and tangy, without putting your taste buds on overdrive.

When I served this grapefruit drink to my kid’s, they finished it before I could pour the last glass! I even used this party refreshment for a little leverage to clean up their toys. It worked! It’s that good y’all.




Because this drink isn’t jam packed with sweetness, I can easily see myself serving it out as an after school refreshment or afternoon pick me up. Whatever you have in mind, this Grapefruit Sparkling Float is up for the challenge. Think of it as the little black dress of cocktails. Fun and flirty for a baby shower, add a little splash of gin, and you’ve got yourself a bombshell for the holidays.


Grapefruit Sparkling Float with Cinnamon Tortilla Chips

The party refreshment recipe you’ve been waiting for! Like I said, you can whip this up in five minutes, no problem. And your going to love these Cinnamon Tortilla Chips. On the side of your glass or in your hand, these are party snacks that will be hard to say no to.



For the best homemade tortillas head here. Want to do this semi homemade? No problem, store bought tortillas work just fine too.

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Fresh Tortilla’s For A Summer Snack Win!

You can’t really do a party or summer without tortillas. So for this #YesChefFavorites l I just had to try my hands at making them myself.

Turns out they are super simple with just a few ingredients, that I bet you already have at home. And after trying a few, I found Mexico In My Kitchen to have the best recipe and instructions! One of my favorite indulgences are fresh warm tortillas with melted butter. Ahh! I want one now.



Want to know how I got them so circular and flat? Well, keep reading.

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#YesChefFavorites | Sophie Conran Jug + Tortilla Gadgets

This Grapefruit Sparkling Cocktail with Cinnamon Tortilla Chip Garnish wouldn’t have been possible without all the amazing gadgets I found at Yes Chef.

The Sophie Conran Jug is a classic example of party elegance. It’s substantial weight feels good while pouring the Grapefruit Sparkling Float without feeling cumbersome. I feel like it’s not going to shatter at the light tap on the counter, and I love that! While the jug held everything together (literally), the Grapefruit Cordial by Canadian Company Split Tree was the bones to this post. So delicious! And no nasty ingredients.



And the tortilla making process wouldn’t have been as enjoyable without this handy tortilla press and tortilla container. While getting that dough technique down is up to me, this press makes it easy to get uniform shapes quickly. You’ll also find that it helps keep a consistent thickness, which is a must when cooking tortillas. The container is not only beautiful, but functional… and you know I love that.




I also couldn’t help myself and included a few past favourites. Including the wooden spoon + cake stand + glassware and napkins! Click each link to see how I used these in other recipes.

Again, thanks for reading along! I hope you found some new favourites in the kitchen! Leave a comment if you try these, I’d love your feedback!

this post was sponsored by Yes Chef

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