Giving Thanks: A Long Table Dinner for Friendsgiving & Harvest Feast with Community

How to you throw a Harvest Feast Friendsgiving Long Table Dinner with epic fall decor?  I’ll tell ya, but first I want to say thank you. Thank you, to every single person who has reached out, read, and invested in this little hobby of mine over the past year. Never in my dreams could I have imagined being apart of such a creative and encouraging community. It’s because of you that small businesses are thriving, women are empowering one another, and the community is becoming closer than ever.


friendsgiving long table dinner- harvest feast



And to say that I have enjoyed this year would be a great understatement.
Yes, it’s been crazy busy, and the amount of behind the scenes that goes into each styled shoot, post, recipe, etc. is far from what I had anticipated. But boy, I am so joyful when I’m reminded of the relationships that were formed because of it. So thank you from the bottom of my heart, it’s been an absolute treasure to share my happy place with you.
And as 2017 wraps up, I’d like to share one of my highlights of the year- A simple gathering of friends around a stunning thanksgiving tablescape. And as you gather to celebrate the holiday season with your loved ones around your own long table dinner, remember it’s about so much more than what you see. It’s about investing in those cherished relationships with joy and laughter, and all the while GIVING THANKS.

friendsgiving long table dinner- harvest feast

photography by Tally D Photography

Harvest Feast, a Long Table Dinner for Friendsgiving with Epic Fall Decor

Two months ago I had the utmost pleasure of attending a Harvest Feast, hosted by Cassandra Fenton from Stumbling Grace blog. It was my first invitation to such a collaborative event so you can imagine how excited and honored I was to attend.
For months, I had been exchanging conversation with many of the fellow guests over social media, and now I was finally able to truly invest in those relationships. (I do have to mention I as pretty excited about another turkey dinner and the stunning fall decor!) But not only that, I was eager to gather around a harvest feast long table dinner just as myself. Not with the title as wife or mother, but as Chalie. Not that a lot of our conversation didn’t revolve around those beautiful things! But there’s something comforting knowing that you are still there.
Gathering with fellow women that I look up to, and focusing on myself as a creative individual was a moment that I still and will most certainly always treasure in my heart.
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fall decor thanksgiving tablescape

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Hygge, A Comfort in Gathering: Especially When a Thanksgiving Tablescape Looks This Good

A beautifully styled thanksgiving tablescape with stunning fall decor is always welcome, but the conversations that happen over it and beside it are truly exceptional. A theme that was evident in fall decor and atmosphere was Hygge -a feeling whether alone or with friends that emphasizes a charmingly cozy and special vibe.
A relatively new term for me, but I think we can all agree that we have experienced this type of comfort at some point in our lives.
I don’t think Cassandra could have chosen a more fitting theme for this friendsgiving.
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fall decor thanksgiving tablescape

A Harvest Feast for the Eyes and Soul

The moment I stepped into this space at ‘The Secret Garden’ at Woodbridge Ponds,  I was immediately blown away. The months of preparation definitely paid off, as Cassandra made every detail of the Harvest Feast pure perfection. From the custom live edge table to the locally sourced food and beverage, each item was carefully selected to present to her guests.
This long table dinner was a night of feasting for the eyes and soul.
​To hear more about this friendsgiving: SG Harvest Feast- When you have all you need, build a longer table.
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friendsgiving long table dinner- harvest feast

friendsgiving long table dinner- harvest feast

fall decor thanksgiving tablescape

friendsgiving long table dinner- harvest feast

You can easily imagine how full our stomachs were when we left, but let me tell you how full our souls were. The Harvest Feast was a gathering of love and community. Not just a stunning Thanksgiving tablescape filled with fall decor and goodies.

friendsgiving long table dinner- harvest feast

friendsgiving long table dinner- harvest feast

harvest feast friendsgiving

friendsgiving long table dinner- harvest feast

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A Friendsgiving Turned Treasured Memory

In all honesty, I don’t know if I could ever put his friendsgiving long table dinner into exact words. When I think back on my time around this long table there are no specific words that come to mind, rather a symphony of emotions transcended by waves of gratitude.
There are moments in my life were spoken words have melted away, and yet the moment has fixed itself into my heart. My wedding day, the moment our children were welcomed into the world, times of utmost despair, and an evening of solitude accompanied by a crackling fire, gentle rain and the warmth of my husband.
And now, this evening…
There is a photograph of my dear friend Shannon above. Her face is stretched with appreciation, and her arm gently placed over a thankful heart- the epitome of how we all felt.
Hearts were warmed as each word that was spoken was listened to with the utmost keenness to understand ones thoughts and aspirations.  And as the room quieted, and the one that was speaking became magnified with our attention, the sense of community strengthened.
In this moment I found my tribe, my squad, my confidants, my friends.
friendsgiving long table dinner- harvest feast

friendsgiving long table dinner- harvest feast

fall decor thanksgiving tablescape


A Power in Gathering

There is a power in G A T H E R I N G. Of coming together with others, perhaps not even acquainted beforehand.
In these moments, we become aware of others -a very important thing in today’s society of self fulfilling trappings. And as we come together to celebrate the holiday season, gathering to acknowledge the gift of the savior and to ring in a new year, let’s be fully invested in the ones across the table.
Listen, engage, love.

friendsgiving long table dinner- harvest feast

Again, its been an absolute pleasure sharing this creative endeavor with you all; and to be fully invested in my friends and family over the next little while, I’ll be shutting down my media platforms. During this time I’ll also be fine tuning where I want this blog to go in the new year, as well as giving the website a little makeover. A little hint, its going to be getting a lot more artsy up in here!
I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas, I look forward to seeing you all in the New Year!
Love, Chalie

Harvest Feast Vendor List

Fall Decor

Autumn wispy wreath – Bloom Bloom Room
Letter Board – Letter Peddler
The Flores Towel/Blanket – Tofino Towel
Window Pane, Chalkboard, China Plates, Golden Frame –  Stumbling Grace
Floral décor on golden frame – Vintage Meadows
Chalkboard lettering & Window Pane lettering – Hand Lettered by Bev
Decor & Furniture – Jubilee Collection
Dessert Table, Silver Platters, Copper stand, Copper Chandelier , Menu stand, Large gold chalkboard stand , Rugs , Tea light candle holders , Glass Terrariums (on dessert table)
HYGGE Wooden Cut – Paper Heart Calligraphy
SweetSalted Caramel Popcorn & Pretzels – Batch Sweets
Macaroon’s & Cake Pops – Cakes’nSweets
Earl Grey/Lavender Cookie & Blueberry Scone – Crème de la Crumb


Mennonite Sausage Ring, Kolbassa Sausage Ring, Capicolla Toppers, Cervelat Toppers, Original Pepperoni Bites, Festive Ham – Grimm’s Fine Foods
Maple Smoked Indian Candy Salmon , Beef Jerky , Smoked Salmon Lox – West Coast Salmon
Bread & Dips – A Bread Affair 
Sweetheart Loaf , Three’s Company Loaf , Marquee Loaf , Sourdough , Baguettes, Roasted Carrot Dip , Beet Dip , Cranberry & Pecan Dip, Chocolate Croissants


Fortunello & Oat Porter
 – Four Winds Brewery
Growlers of Cream Ale & Sour Weisse, MB glasses – Mariner Brewing
Homemade Apple Cider – Stumbling Grace
Long Table Dinner Setting + Thanksgiving Tablescape

Invitations, Name Cards, Menus – AylaPena Calligraphy
Table Greenery & Greenery on dessert table – Maple Ridge Florist
Candles – Wood Lot
Live Edge Wooden Table – Gilbert Built (Jubilee Collection) Instagram : @gilbertbuilt
Stop Buggin’ Spray – K’Pure
Lavender Bouquets & Gather Tags – Grow & Gather Farms
Table Settings & Decor – Pretty Things Rentals
Wine Glasses , Moscow Mules , White Cloth Napkins , Curtain Backdrop , Eggplant Table Runner, Golden Candle Stick holders, String lights
Wooden cutlery – Joonie&Joe
TakeawayPumpkin spice cookie jars – Jars by Jodi
Woodlot Soap Bars – Wood Lot
Venue Location : The Secret Garden’ at Woodbridge Ponds


Cassandra – Stumbling Grace Blog
Chalie – GOLDNgrasses
Diana – Happy Bees Events
Jen – Little Sprout Creations
Kayla – The Jubilee Collection
Natalia – The Venture Creative
Samantha Lenz – Oh Samantha! Blog
Shannon – Shannon Lee Blog
Tallya – Tallya D Photography

Tell me, Have you ever attended a friendsgiving? What was the best moment of your gathering? The Thanksgiving tablescape? Fall Decor? Or the community?

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