A Monthly Art Project for Cultivating Creativity in Children

frida kahlo art project self-portrait idea


The past few months we’ve been adventuring out to our local library. Tristan is now a reading engine that can’t be stopped, and as such, his siblings have enthusiastically hopped on as well. Yay for learning!

frida kahlo art project self-portrait idea



And so it was in this past adventure to the library, that I came upon a sweet story of the Mexican artist Frida Kahlo and her animalitos (meaning little animals). Of course I immediately brought it home, for it not only spoke of a little girl’s passion for art and animals, but her fervor to overcome obstacles life placed before her.

It also happened to be the moment I realized I could start a monthly art project based on books about art and/ or artists. This #creativereadofthemonth would not only put a creative spin on reading, but it just so happened to be another way I could introduce #thegoldnmovement into their lives- a passion project I have for cultivating creativity in children and their families.

frida kahlo art project self-portrait idea

A Creative Art Project for Kids of All Ages

After reading this colorful book together, I began brainstorming ways that we could translate what we just read into a creative art project for kids. It wasn’t long before I came up with a self-portrait idea. Not only did it suit the late artists style, but made for a Frida Kahlo art project that could be used amongst a broad range of ages and artistic levels.

Cultivating creativity in children shouldn’t start or end at a certain age, but rather be a process that evolves with them.

frida kahlo art project self-portrait idea

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This creative art project for kids is a fun self-portrait idea that also teaches about an important female artist in North America’s history! Frida Kahlo de Riveria (1907 – 1954) was inspired by Mexican popular culture, self identity, nature and Mexico’s historic past.  With her ability to overcome childhood illness and to then position herself as a prominent artist, Frida Kahlo makes for her an especially inspiring figure to study.

Influenced by surrealism, her work takes on a magical and folk art style, much of which this creative art project for kids hopes to achieve!

Self-Portrait Idea, a Frida Kahlo Art Project

creative art project for kids monthly art projectWhat You Need:



Step One:

creative art project for kids monthly art project


Take a portrait of your child for the Frida Kahlo art project. Make sure it is close enough for their face to fill in at least half of the frame. Print off.







Step Two:

Cut out pictures of animals, fauna and flora. Glue them around your portrait. Try placing them on your shoulder like how Frida Kahlo painted her pet monkeys!

creative art project for kids monthly art project

creative art project for kids monthly art project

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Step Three:

Cut out little squares of tissue paper. Scrunch up a few to look like flowers, even mixing two colors together for a special look. Glue onto your Frida Kahlo art project.

creative art project for kids monthly art project

Step Four:

Adorn your self-portrait with more color with the use of paints or markers. Try painting a crown of flowers like Frida’s self-portraits. Or simple add in your favorite mark makings such as dots, squiggles or stars.

cultivating creativity in children frida kahlo art project

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cultivating creativity in children frida kahlo art project



Hang your Frida Kahlo art project where you can continue to add your monthly art project! Soon, you’ll have your own gallery that will be an example of cultivating creativity in children! And make sure to tag #creativereadofthemonth so we can grow this creative idea together! I can’t wait to see your amazing self-portrait idea, along with other monthly art projects.

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Monthly Art Project for October:

Frida Kahlo Art Project

The monthly art project for October was inspired by Frida Kahlo and Her Animalitos. Written by Monica Brown. Illustrated by John Parra.

cultivating creativity in children frida kahlo art project

Featuring charming visuals of Frida Kahlo’s early childhood years, this book takes you on a visual and literary journey of a brave and passionate young girl. Filled with imagery that harkens to the own artists folk art style, you are pleasantly introduced to Frida Kahlo’s dearest animal friends. A beautiful introduction to a prominent figure in North America’s art scene, your children will be encouraged to seek out their passions and dreams just like the young Frida Kahlo.

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Tips for this Creative Art Project for Kids

cultivating creativity in children frida kahlo art project



If you’d like to try this monthly art project for a larger age group, have them draw and paint their favorite animals on their self-portraits instead of collaging them with magazine cutouts. You could even push it a step further, by having the kids draw their self-portraits too! Just how Frida Kahlo did!

For more monthly art project ideas, make sure you stay in touch by joining my newsletter. That way you won’t miss one fun creative art project for kids! Let’s begin cultivating creativity in children together! Use #thegoldnmovement any time you and/or your child engages in a creative activity.

Want to know more about me and why I love to cultivate creativity? Head on over to the About Me page.

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