Because Dads Like to Smell Good Too

Gift them with ethically sourced skin care by  Bāsd Body Care this Father’s Day

And I’m pretty sure you want him to smell good as well. Am I right?! Whether you’re shopping for the perfect Father’s Day gift for you own dad or the father of your children, there’s one thing you should know.




They don’t actually want to sit on the couch all day watching the PGA’s US Open with a cold beer in hand.

Haha sorry, I can’t even type that without laughing! Of course they want to do that! But really they just want to feel appreciated and honoured for the day, just like we want to for Mother’s Day. Now I can’t help you with the quiet afternoon of uninterrupted golf, but I can give you some ideas for the appreciation part!  In fact, I honestly can’t wait to share all about these Father’s Day Ethical Gifts for Dads from Bāsd Body Care.

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What is Bāsd Body Care? And Why Is It the Perfect Father’s Day Gift?

  You wouldn’t purchase the perfect Father’s Day gift without first researching it would you? Of course not, you want to make sure it’s perfect! You want to make sure it’s going to suit their lifestyle + be a good price point + and show true appreciation for all their love and support.



So what is Bāsd Body Care? And why should you care?

Well, for starters, its Canadian made! Which, if you know me is a big deal. I love to support local/Canadian brands while growing and supporting my community where I can.

Bāsd firmly believes in how you feel, not how the world thinks you should feel and look. And that means being comfortable in your own skin, and caring for it with ethically sourced skin care.



show the world who you are. be comfortable in your own skin. we’re already proud of you, and you should be, too.

with bāsd. it’s good to be nakd.



Bāsd Body Care Creates Ethical Gifts for Dads + All

Organic, plant-based, cruelty-free products that rated “0” on the Think Dirty Scale! That is pretty incredible in the skin care industry!

Transparent and honest, Bāsd Body Care wants to make sure you feel good using their ethically sourced skin care, while also knowing what’s in their products. In fact, you can check out all their ingredients here.

So really, what are you waiting for? Oh ya, that’s right…. a coupon code to score your Father’s Day Ethical Gifts for Dads. 😉 But wait, I’ve got more to spill on why this is the perfect Father’s Day gift and more adorable photos of my expecting sister and brother in-law.


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Father’s Day Ethical Gifts for Dads: Why I Choose to Gift Bāsd




Because I’ve gifted it before, and my husband loved it! This past Christmas, I snuck in some travel sized sandalwood lotion into his stocking, and then a few months ago, we stocked up on the bundle pack which happened to include the Sandalwood Coffee Scrub + Lotion + Body Wash.


Now your probably thinking, wait this isn’t you and your hubby in the photos! And your absolutely right! In fact, it’s my sister, her hubby and the sweet little bundle growing in her belly. I just couldn’t help celebrate this first time mom and dad. And not to mention they make the cutest modelling duo.

Are they more excited about their new edition arriving come fall or this minty goodness?!


Not only was this the perfect father’s day gift for him, but it will be super soothing for my sister’s belly and feet. There’s nothing wrong with the father giving a foot rub to his glowing parter on Father’s Day right?! Someone just give him the “Best Dad” Cup now.


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Grow Together Glow Together

That’s right your skin literally glows after a good scrub down with Bāsd Coffee Scrub. This one happens to be made with mint so you’ll also feel super refreshed!



Bāsd Body Care keeps your glow going strong with their perfectly paired bundles packs. Included is their ethically sourced skin care in lotion, body wash and coffee scrub form. There won’t be one inch of dad’s bod left untouched by this heavenly trio. There’s a good reason why they say

it’s good to be nākd

just make sure if your gifting these ethical gifts for dad to your own father you give your mom a heads up there might be some extra massages in the near future. And hopefully your not worried about any oopsy siblings popping out nine months later!

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Shop now to take advantage of their discounted Father’s Day gift bundles and use code: chalie for 10% your order! Don’t forget to download your FREE Father’s Day Card Printable too!


father's day ethical gifts for dads



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This post was sponsored by Bāsd Body Care. But as always, opinions are my own.

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