Stop and Smell the… Leaves? Welcome Autumn with Two Fall Crafts for Kids

It’s my favorite time of year! Hooray! Call me basic, but I love my PSL Lattes + cozy sweaters + crackling fire + and a good pumpkin patch. And you betcha that I’m encouraging a love for fall for my whole family. I just can’t get over Fall’s simplistic draw to slow down and observe the little details. And that’s exactly what we have done with this our children’s book craft and #CreativeReadoftheMonth project.




We opened up a world of magic as we flipped through the children’s book, The Conductor. Filled with delicate illustrations of a conductor animating falling leaves, we came up with not only one fall craft for kids, but two. You’ll find our Leaf Art prompt and Fall Haiku Poem DIY compliments our creative read and celebrates the arrival of fall. Keep reading for your FREE printables + directions!

Nature Play Craft: Leaf Art Doodles

One of my favorite ways to get crafty with my family is by using recycled or found in nature materials. Not only is this super cost-effective for us, but we also get a chance to talk about the environment and why is so awesome. For this nature play craft, we went exploring for some unique leaves just outside of our library.

We happened to get there a bit early, so it was the perfect time to gather our art supplies for our children’s book craft. We ended up finding a few already on the ground, and a few still attached to their branches. We asked questions about how some leaves got to the ground, why some had started changing colors, and how each plant grows its own unique leaves.


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How to Create Your Own Leaf Art Doodles

I love this fall craft for kids! Why? It’s so so simple, I probably don’t even need to give directions. But, just in case here are some simple step by step directions, supply list and a FREE Leaf Art Doodle Printable to get you started.


What You Need:

  • FREE Printable (click to download) or Blank Sheet of Paper
  • Collected Leaves
  • Glue Stick
  • Marker


Gather as many leaves as you want to make doodles. Observed their different lines, shapes and colors. Do they remind you of anything? Either print out the Leaf Art Doodle printable or gather your own paper. Cardstock or construction paper works best. Glue on your leaves and start doodling! Does your leaf look like the body of a clown? Then draw his arms, legs and head! This is a totally free flow creative prompt. There really is no wrong way to do it. Just have fun! And perhaps you can even create a story around your new Leaf Art Doodles!

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fall crafts for kids- fall haiku poem DIY- children's book craft

Fall Haiku Poem DIY: Children’s Book Craft

One reason why I came up with this fall craft for kids, is because our #CreativeReadoftheMonth book actually has no words inside! I know! But it’s also one of the reasons why I chose this book. I truly believed that it allowed my children to become the authors and flex their storytelling muscles. They were able to choose their own words to accompany the beautiful illustrations and create a story of their own.




After we “read” the book, we then printed off one of our other FREE fall printables to create our own Fall Haiku Poem DIY. We have never tried writing poetry in our house, so I thought a haiku would be a perfect way to start because of it’s simple and freeing structure.

What is a Haiku?

It’s a traditional Japanese poem consisting of three lines that usually don’t rhyme. Instead, it focuses on syllable count. The first line will have 5 total syllables, the second 7 and the third 5 again.

This style of poetry usually revolves around a theme, which I thought was perfect for our theme of autumn.

fall crafts for kids- fall haiku poem DIY- children's book craft

What You Need:

Fall Haiku Poem DIY Directions:

Again, this is a super simplistic craft. All you have to do is take some time to observe fall. Go for a walk around the block or just sit and listen/smell/view the changes around you. Again, this is a great nature play craft, you can even do this while your collecting your leaves for your Leaf Art Doodles!

Print off the frame printable and word printables for your Fall Haiku Poem DIY. Begin to talk about what you observed during your time outdoors. If you’d like write down a few words your child comes up with. Then go down the list of words I have provided and cut them out. Begin assembling words together to create the 5/7/5 syllable structure. One easy way to understand syllables is to place your hand under your chin and pronounce the word. IF your chin hits your hand, you have a syllable.

Assemble your words onto your printed frame and then glue down once you are happy with them. Sign your name at the bottom. Recite your fall haiku poem DIY for your friends and family! They will love your children’s book craft!

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#CreativeReadoftheMonth | The Conductor

The Conductor is illustrated by renowned artist Laetitia Devernay. A beautiful hardcover book that depicts an orchestra conductor symposing a grove of trees into life.

Her spare, yet intricate, illustrations truly appear to take flight before our eyes and her wordless narrative nearly roars with sound as the conductor prompts the leaves to rustle, then whirl, then swirl to unexpected life with each turn of the page. It is a celebration of creativity, imagination, storytelling, and the renewing power of nature that will entrance readers of every age.



If your looking for a book that with inspire your children to embrace imagination, this is the book for your library. You won’t regret coming up with your own narrative to accompany the dancing illustrations.

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