Hello Slow Mornings + This Delicious Egg Breakfast Bowl

 Schools out, so that means no mad rushes out the door with hot coffee in hand and a mix of pyjamas and “I’ve got my life together” ensembles. Now its just two months of slow mornings with a side of chill. OH I’ve been waiting for these days to return!

I am not a morning person, and there is nothing you can tell me, or make me do to change my ways. I like my slow mornings, sloth like energy and some comfort breakfast food to start my day.



Adding this delicious Egg Breakfast Bowl into my morning routine is just one way I am fully embracing this slow summer with my family. Full of rich flavors, and complimenting textures, this Egg Breakfast Bowl can be enjoyed as a welcomed whole foods recipe to a slow morning or served family style for a decadent brunch.

The artisanal touches and Bowl + Spoon Cookbook from Yes Chef really brought this comfort breakfast food to life.

The Sprouted Kitchen BOWL + SPOON

simple and inspired whole foods recipes to savour and share

I mean even the title of this cookbook whispers a delicious invitation.  From it’s artful photos to it’s poetic wording, you know this whole foods recipe cookbook was made to comfort you and embrace slowness.



Typically, I’m all about semi-homemade or quick recipes. Especially, when it comes to cooking for my family. But learning the art of slow mornings this summer means that it’s time to slow down in the kitchen and around the table.

So many school days revolve around getting place to place, and that’s just not how I want this summer to be. Someone recently asked me what our summer plans were and I honestly couldn’t tell her. And I’m happy about that. I just want to go with the flow and be present in the limited summers I have with my kids.

So picking up this whole foods recipe cookbook from Yes Chef Specialty Kitchen Store seemed like the perfect place to start.


From the First Chop to the First Crack | A Comfort Breakfast Food

This Egg Breakfast Bowl is ment to savor the entire cooking and eating process. In fact, it was almost therapeutic creating this whole foods recipe. Inhaling the spicy mustard mixture, feeling the sourdough bread crumble in between my fingers and watching the swiss chard come alive with color as I boiled it were just a few details that made this culinary adventure memorable.

In fact, I’m going to just let the pictures do the storytelling.


Do you get what I’m talking about? Sometimes you have to just romance yourself with food to get the full experience of the flavors.

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Egg Breakfast Bowl Recipe | A Sneak Peak Into Bowl + Spoon

Want to learn the art of slow mornings? Well, I think this delicious Egg Breakfast Bowl is a great place to start. This whole foods recipe is the perfect blend of slat, fat and heat that your tastebuds will be sure to thank you for. And thumbing through her cookbook will surely inspire to slow down in your home.




Thank you Sarah for creating such a magical bowl. This recipe is adapted from her Baked Eggs with Barley Creamed Greens and Mustardy Bread Crumbs with my own commentary and directions. This recipe is merely to give you a glimpse of what she offers in her entire whole foods recipe cookbook, and I highly recommend it as a cookbook must read.

comfort breakfast food egg breakfast bowl

comfort breakfast food egg breakfast bowl





If you’d like to create this refreshing Lemon Creams with Blueberries and Gingersnaps or any other of her bowl recipes, you can pick up your own copy of Bowl + Spoon at Yes Chef. Not a local? You can also purchase it online here.

Choosing the Right Serving Ware to Extend the Experience

You wouldn’t find this type of whole food recipe at a fast food chain, so why would you ever serve it with mediocre presentation. If quality ingredients are important to creating this bowl recipe, so are the utensils you use to eat it.

Choosing artisanal bowls and wooden spoons felt like the perfect choice to enjoy this bowl recipe. Earthy materials elevated this comfort breakfast food as you could focus on each bite’s texture and flavor. A compliment to the all the love put into a dish like this.

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These clay bowls by local artist Dave Dobie should be considered a staple to any kitchen. Not to mention he makes all glazes by hand, and all pieces are dishwasher and microwave safe.

Recreate this slow morning with a stop by Yes Chef in Downtown Abbotsford. And consider shopping at a local farm market for the best seasonal ingredients. There’s nothing better than fresh cream, greens and eggs. Want a unique cooking experience? Yes Chef is offering workshops inspired by this cookbook! Make sure to check it out here.




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