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This week has been absolutely gorgeous here in the Pacific Northwest! We’ve been loving every minute of warm sunshine with picnics, bike rides and gardening.

So it only seemed fitting that we brought our #CreativeReadoftheMonth outside this week! Abracadabra It’s Spring! taught us what we can expect to see this season and inspired this homemade kid’s perfume craft. Follow along so you to can celebrate the arrival of Spring!


DIY Essential Oils Kid’s Perfume

Kids are curious little creatures. And when it comes to our daily routines, it’s a sure bet that they are leg hug away. So many times I’ve caught my kids digging in my vanity… only to leave messes to go along with their curiosity.

When Nicole Neesby, a Young Living Essential Oils consultant approached me for a partnership, a DIY Essential Oils Kid’s Perfume was the first thing that came to mind. Not only would it hopefully save me some messes to clean up, but I thought it would be fun homemade craft we could do together. Not to mention the great benefits oils can give my family.


Essential Oils Safety for Families

While chatting with Nicole, we discussed how important it was to use oils that not only would benefit my kids, but were safe. Just like any natural products, make sure you read up on them first. Know if you need to dilute a certain oil- if its a known “hot oil” aka: peppermint and oregano. Hot oils can actually burn or irritate the skin if not diluted.

And make sure they are kid approved. Certain oils such as Eucalyptus should not be applied on younger children for the possibility of seizures. And always have an adult present when using oils, these are intensely concentrated liquids!


After some discussion she recommend these three essential oils for their calming and concentrating properties. You’ll find at least one of these in each of our DIY Essential Oils Kid’s Perfumes!

Bergamont: Light, sweet citrusy sent. Build confidence and help your mood! Also good for skin irritations like acne or eczema.

Cedarwood: Woodsy and warm. Relaxing and calming this is a great oil to wind down to.

GeneYus: A Young Living essential oil blend specifically made for kids. Help them focus with this grounding blend.


Want more Essential Oil DIYs? Check out our Keep Calm and Spring Clean post! It comes with a DIY Natural Cleaning Recipe and FREE Spring Clean Checklist!

Homemade Kid’s Perfume Craft

Remember to always have an adult present when creating this homemade kid’s perfume craft and familiarize yourself with oil safety.

Enjoy creating your very own homemade kid’s perfume craft with easy roll on application!

Do you get hungry when you start crafting? Try my Ricotta Sugar Cookies, perfect for Easter traditions!

What You Need:

  • 10 ml roller bottle
  • Fractionated Coconut Oil or other Carrier Oil
  • Favorite Essential Oils (we include Bergamont, Cedarwood, GeneYus, Lavendar and Lemon)


Simply fill your roller bottle with fractionated coconut oil or carrier oil until a 1/4 in from top. Choose your oils. Test before adding by opening the bottles and smelling two oils together. Tip: For kids 2-6 use 2-3 drops for total combined oils. Roll onto wrist or feet.

Not sure what to combine?  Try our homemade kid’s perfume blends!


#CreativeReadoftheMonth | Abracadabra, It’s Spring!

Written by Anne Sibley O’ Brien and illustrated by Susan Gal, Abracadabra, It’s Spring! takes you on a magical adventure welcoming Spring. Large gatefold’s unfold to reveal this seasons magic, and along the way you will see what happens when winter fades away to reveal new begginings.

We had so much fun reading this book outside under the budding trees. It brought up a lot of questions about nature, what’s going to happen in the upcoming weeks, and how we can start preparing our garden.  Your kids will love the magical sayings and trying to guess what lies behind each folded page!


This book filled our imagination with what’s to come, including all the fragrant flowers! Our DIY Essential Oils Kid’s Perfume was a fun way to explore what we learned!

Missed last months #CreativeReadoftheMonth? Check out our experience with Banyan Tree Kidz!

This is a sponsored post by Nicole Neesby.


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4 thoughts on “Abracadabra It’s Spring! | DIY Essential Oils Kids Perfume”

  1. I love essential oils! Lavender and Thieves oil from Young Living are used almost daily. You are correct that due diligence is needed when using them, especially with kids.

    1. Oh I am so happy to hear that! I’ll be posting more about essential oils every other month with Simply Earth’s Recipe Box kits. They are super cool, and a great way to use essential oils. You can check out my first post on them under the search bar “simply earth”

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