We Are Buzzing About Bees With This Print Activity for Kids

There’s a new buzz around here, and it’s our newfound fascination with bees! I’ve always made sure our gardens are bee friendly, but I’ve recently taken the next step into beekeeping and learning all I can to help these little guys out.

And WOW are they fascinating! I can’t stop sharing my new knowledge, and that includes with my children. So when I saw Bees: A Honeyed History in my new favorite online kid store The Wonder Cabinet, I knew I had to bring it home and create a bee craft around it.



Filled with interested facts and tidbits, this large children’s book encourages children to take care of this beautiful and important creature. Turning this into our #CreativeReadoftheMonth project helped us learn all the parts of a bee and how they turn pollen into delicious honey. In this two step DIY Bee Artwork craft, you too can learn about Bees while creating a print activity for kids thats worthy of the wall.

DIY Bee Artwork: A Print Activity for Kids

What I love about this #CreativeReadoftheMonth kid’s art project is that its quick and easy for all ages. And I should mention, it looks incredible as a framed piece of artwork! No tossing it into the garbage right away with this one.

What You Need:

  • My Free Printable (follow the link below)
  • Fresh Leaves
  • Speedball Printing Ink or Black Paint
  • Roller or Paintbrush
  • Piece of Glass or Smooth Surface ( that won’t stain or you can through away)



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DIY Bee Artwork Step By Step Instructions

The first step is to gather all your materials for your bee craft. Make this an outdoor adventure. Look at your surroundings, ask questions. Look for any bees and what they might be pollinating at the moment. It’s also important to create a feeling of safety around the bees. Remind your children they aren’t here to hurt them, and they use their stingers as a last defensive resort. Bees die when they sting, so it’s not in their nature to go about stinging everything they can. Grab a few leaves that you think would suit a bees wing, and a few they’d like to see printed as a collage.

Did you remember to print off your FREE Printable for your DIY Bee Artwork? Now’s the time to do so with the link above.

DIY Bee Artwork Step By Step Instructions Continued

If your going the tradition way of printmaking using printing ink, a roller and glass surface here are instructions. Using a putty knife, smear a generous helping of ink onto your glass surface. Taking your roller from the top, roll out the ink 5 inches below. Repeat 2-3 more times until you get en even surface like pictured above. Begin rolling back in forth in the ink space you’ve created until the “sticky” sound goes away. You can even roll left to right to achieve this to. This is when you know you have an appropriate amount of ink in your roller and surface.

Begin rolling the ink onto your first leaf, holding it by the stem for grip.

If your child’s hand has a lot of ink on them from this bee craft, it might be a good time to wash the excess off. The free printable does have a textured design so you won’t notice to many smudges just in case.

Place your inked leaf onto your DIY Bee Artwork with stem side closest to the bee’s body. Press down with first or fingers, and gently lift. Re-ink, and repeat on other side of bee’s body. After you have the two larger wings, you can take a smaller leaf and repeat the process for the smaller wings.

note: the brand of ink that I love to use above

Looking for a good toddler friendly beeswax crayon? Give Wee Can Too: Safe Craft Play for Families a read!

More Print Activity for Kids Fun with Leaf Stamping!

Want more print activity for kids fun? Use those extra leaves you gathered for some leaf stamping! They can learn what makes a leaf unique with their size and veining. Simply use the same technique as above, or press the leaves into the inked surface as pictured below.

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#CreativeReadoftheMonth | Bees: A Honeyed History

This DIY Bee Artwork was inspired the children’s book Bees: A Honeyed History by Piotr Socha. Taking into account the relationship between humans and bees throughout history, this is a must have children’s book for any library. Why? Because it’s so darn important we teach the next generation about the benefits and necessities bees provide our planet.

One part science, one part cultural history, and countless parts fascination, Bees celebrates the important role that these intriguing insects have played in our ecosystem throughout the ages.

Your children will be taken from Ancient Greece to present as they explore different beekeeping techniques, honey making and of course the fascinating anatomy of bees, and I shouldn’t forget a fun diagram of the waggle dance! Perhaps you and your children can make a fun game out of the waggle dance?

You can find this book among other nature play treasures through The Wonder Cabinet. Not local to the Fraser Valley? You can also find it through amazon.ca or amazon.com.

(I am an affiliate of amazon, so if you choose to purchase through them you also choose to support me)

Make sure you use #CreativeReadoftheMonth for this bee craft so I can see your beautiful creations! Looking for more summer kid’s activities? Check our our Lantern DIY + DIY Bubble Wands with Lavender Scented Bubbles


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