“A roaring dinosaur sensory activity made for a dinosaur themed party or for a stomping good time.”

Dinosaur Playdough Mats | #CreativeReadoftheMonth

November’s #CreativeReadoftheMonth is a bit late, but we had a whirlwind of a November! From finishing off our workshops, to launching Hue Dough and then American thanksgiving and Evelyn’s birthday at the end… November was productive. lol


But today, I’m finally sharing these creative Dinosaur Playdough Mats. Perfect for some open ended play, or use it as an activity for your dinosaur themed party! Which is exactly what we did, but more on Evelyn’s Tea-Rex party later.

Because right now I’m throwing y’all the deats for this dinosaur sensory activity at lightening speed, because you know…. the holiday run around. And I’m sure all you really want is these free dinosaur printables. Am I right?

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Dinosaur Playdough Mats | A Dinosaur Sensory Activity

What You Need:

  • my free dinosaur printables (click on the image below)
  • Access to a laminator or a printing service
  • Hue Dough
  • Dinosaurs
  • Flowers + Twigs + Leaves + Loose Parts


Click the image to download your FREE Dinosaur Printables. Or check your inbox if you’ve already subscribed to our newsletter. Print and laminate. Or choose a printing service such as Staples to print off your Dinosaur Playdough Mats. Grab your Hue Dough (or any Playdough, but ours is pretty spectacular 🙂 ️)+ dinosaurs + loose parts.  These Dinosaur Playdough Mats are designed for your littles to decorate the dinosaurs hats + tea cups and bodies! Just have fun and get creative!

A Dinosaur Sensory Activity for a Dinosaur Themed Party

Or more specifically I should say a Tea-Rex Party! An adorable girly dinosaur themed party that has everything from dainty T-Rex sandwiches to Stegosaurus place-card Sugar cookies. This dinosaur themed party really stretched those creative muscles, and I just love how a traditionally boyish theme turned soft and feminine. You can check out the full party details next week! So make sure you come back for a good read and sweet ideas!

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These dinosaur Playdough mats were a great success at the Tea-Rex party. And after lots of treats, bringing out this dinosaur sensory activity turned out to be the right move. I just wish I remembered to read the book I choose for this #CreativeReadoftheMonth! But oh well, the girls had a great time decorating their dinosaurs hats, giving them spots… and adding a few booger’s lol.

We even used the dinosaurs from the decorations for our dinosaur sensory activity! There’s just something so fun about stopping dinosaurs through Playdough and making cool dinosaur tracks. Not to mention, the Hue Dough’s scents really shown through with so much play. And did I mention we have a gluten free option as well?


If you haven’t given Hue Dough a try, I highly recommend it! Super soft + colored with vegetables + essential oils + and made with quality ingredients, it’s a sensory dough that’s great for whole family. And the small bundle packs make great party favours! You can check out our sensory dough and a welcome promo here!

#CreativeReadoftheMonth | Edwina, the Dinosaur Who Didn’t Know She Was Extinct by Mo Willems

Like I mentioned before, I totally forgot to read this great children’s book at the party. But we did get a chance to read it later that day when we pulled out our Dinosaur Playdough Mats again. And my dino obsessed kids loved it!

Created by Mo Willems, a creator of Sesame Street and the Muppets, as well as the popular pigeon chronicles, this children’s book is a fun and comical treat.

Following the primed and proper Edwina the dinosaur, this book highlights kindness and the need for a little bit of imagination. Get ready for a know it all goodie named Reginald Von Hoobie-Doobie and his incessant quest to prove Edwina, the kind cookie baking dinosaur extinct. And don’t forget to check out Hue Dough as well!




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