No Bundts About It, I’m Still Craving All The Comfort Desserts


This winter really fooled us. Super mild… thought spring had come early… and then BAM! Snow, snow and more snow! So you can imagine how my body might react to such frigidness, yup… lots of chocolate and lots of warm comfort desserts. So for this installment of #YesChefFavorites I’m going all in for decadent delights!

Follow along as I unveil not one comfort dessert, but two! You’ve got to try my Old Fashioned Hot Chocolate Recipe and Cheesecake Mini Bundt Cakes! All made with my favorite picks from Yes Chef in downtown Abbotsford.

Old Fashioned Hot Chocolate Recipe

Is there anything that soothes the soul quite like a good cup of hot chocolate? If I was to label my go to dessert this winter, it would be my Old Fashioned Hot Chocolate Recipe. Not overly sweet and with a hint of spice, you’ll be sharing this on a cool night for years to come.

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Cheesecake Mini Bundt Cakes

If your a sugar addict like me, then you know sometimes one comfort dessert just isn’t enough. Bring one the cheesecake! In little mini bundt cake form!



If it’s mini then it’s not only cute, but helps me stick to portion size. You’ll find these Cheesecake Mini Bundt Cakes pair perfectly with the Old Fashioned Hot Chocolate Recipe because they are both not overly sweet. Just enough chocolate to hit that sweet spot!

You’ll also love how you can serve them right on the rim of your favorite mug! Just make sure you don’t have the mini bundt cakes sitting in the hot chocolate recipe. Otherwise, you’ll have a soggy mess.

A lovely blend of vanilla, chocolate and cream cheese flavored with the Old Fashion craft cocktail syrup, it’s the perfect little cake!

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#YesChef Favorites

These comfort desserts wouldn’t have been possible without the wonderful kitchen gadgets I picked up at Yes Chef in downtown Abbotsford.

I just couldn’t resist not picking out of their Nordic Ware mini bundt cake pans again. Heavy duty, and a history of quality bakeware, Nordic Ware was the perfect choice for the Cheesecake Mini Bundt Cakes. You’ll find this medallion pattern at Yes Chef along with many other beautiful designs!



The Sophie Conran mugs were just a given. I’ve been slowly collecting her line since we got married and I’m still just as in love with its modern and delicate design. Not to mention, I love the slender style of these mugs. The wide brimmed mugs also made it into the post for their rustic feel and ability to show the Old Fashioned Hot Chocolate so well.

Lastly, the W & P Old Fashioned Craft Cocktail mix brought all my #YesChefFavorites together, by tying in a consistent palette of flavor. Why the Old Fashioned flavor? Well, it happens to be my husbands favorite cocktail, so I knew he would be a fan. But I also loved the orange and spice flavors it was able to add to the hot chocolate recipe. I’m a big big fan of orange and chocolate together, so if anyones at Purdy’s please send over a box of their orange creams!

 I hope you enjoyed these comfort desserts just as much as I did! Now excuse me as I go indulge again!

This post is sponsored by Yes Chef

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