Build Your Own 3D Train DIY Children’s Craft & Train Themed Printables

DIY children's craft choo choo cutephotography by: Type A Photography

All Aboard! This train is headed to Celebration Station!
Whether you are looking to add something unique to your next party or a fun DIY children’s craft, these train themed printables will be sure to bring the fun aboard.
With an adorable little boy turing two, and a vintage train theme set, I got right to work collaborating with Deanna Reddy to bring her vision to life. The colors kept to a simple primary scheme, and allowed the decor to be fun, but sophisticated. You will have no problem incorporating these train themed printables into your next party, child’s playroom or bedroom.
Remember to pin these images so you have an easy DIY children’s craft to look back on!

3D train themed printable DIY children's craft

When Deanna, from Style by Deanna, asked me if I could put together a 3D train DIY children’s craft, I must admit I was nervous to accept the task. I had never tried anything like this, but I don’t like to turn down a project that pushes my creative boundaries.  In fact, it reminded me a lot of my university years, getting a task from a professor, going through all the creative processes, and in the end creating something amazing.
So I accepted the challenge, and got to work. And I can’t tell you how much fun I had coming up with the designs, as well as problem solving as I tried putting them together.
And by the end, I came up with something that I was truly proud of, and loved.
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3D train themed printable DIY children's craft

3D Train DIY Children’s Craft

What you need:

  • download and print my FREE 3D printables on cardstock
  • scissors
  • coloring materials
  • gluestick
  • imagination
The first step is printing out the train printables. I highly recommended to use cardstock, as it’s a thicker paper and will hold its shape better. Next, have the kids color their train printables. Or, skip this step to achieve a modern monochrome esthetic. Cut out all parts while making sure there is an adult present.
Fold and glue designated areas. Link trains, and have fun!
Make sure to tag @goldngrasses and #goldngrassesdiy so I can see all your hard work and 3D train DIYs!
 3D train themed printable DIY children's craft



The 3D trains were used along the center of the tables, acting as a simple table runner.
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Thank Choo! Gift Tag Train Themed Printables

Always remember to thank your guests for celebrating your special occasion! These gift tags, completed an adorable bundle of train related items.
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What you need:


thank choo free printable gift tags

  • cardstock (tip: print them at your nearest office supply store, it will save on ink, and the printing looks professional)
  • glue
  • scrapbook paper, color of choice
  • hole puncher
  • string
​Print and cut out tags. For clean lines, use a paper trimmer.  Cut scrapbook paper slightly larger than tags, leaving about an inch at the top to punch a hole. I added an extra embellishment by cutting the top corners. Glue tag onto scrapbook paper and hole punch. String and attach to party favors.

3D train themed printable DIY children's craft

More Free Train Printables!

I love adding printables to party decor. They are free, help set the theme, and can later be transitioned into home decor. They even make great gifts! All you have to do it print it (cardstock recommended) and frame it.
​Make sure to pin these on your birthday, playroom and bedroom boards!

Happy 2nd Birthday Lennon!
Thank you Deanna for including me on this CHOO CHOO CUTE collaboration. Interested in full party details, and inspired to throw your own Vintage Train party? Make sure you head over to Lennon’s 2nd Birthday.

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