Birthday Ideas for a Darling 1st Birthday

free printable cards treat box gift tag


Miss Evelyn Rose’s Our Sweet Chickadee 1st birthday wouldn’t have been complete without these birthday coloring sheets and free printable cards for the goodie bags! They kept the little guests entertained, while giving them a special reminder of their time spent celebrating their friend.

Sometimes navigating the many birthday ideas out there can be difficult. So I always try and give my readers something that they can easily print off at home and try for there next event. They are not only FREE, but they will be a unique addition your party guests will enjoy!

Birthday Ideas Made Right at Home

birthday ideas goodie bags birthday coloring sheets


Like I said before, these two birthday ideas can be printed and assembled right at home! No need to spend the extra cash at the craft store to get adorable coloring sheets and free printable cards for gifts tags, I’ve put them both right here.

 In minutes you’ll have a great activity for your guests to enjoy, and the best part… you will hardly have had to put in any effort! Wanna give it a try?! Let’s go!

Birthday Coloring Sheets

birthday coloring sheets birthday ideas


These adorable birthday coloring sheets were made specifically for our daughters 1st birthday celebration. You wont find these two chickadees anywhere else!

A few other activity birthday ideas we tried out were a simple building block station (pictured above) and DIY bird feeders made from cored apple slices, peanut butter and bird seed. Try one of these today!

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All you need is:

  • paper
  • printer
  • coloring materials
  • Our Little Chickadee Coloring Sheets

birthday coloring sheet birthday ideas

Simple right click and download the image above. Print as many birthday coloring sheets as desired. Assemble your coloring materials. Depending on your age group, some great birthday ideas would be to add feathers and other fun bird related crafting material!

Free Printable Cards for Your Goodie Bags or Treat Box

free printable cards treat box gift tag


Goodie Bags are always a fun way to say goodbye to your party guests, and thank them for the time they spent celebrating your loved one. But there is no need to spend the extra money on the gift tags! Wondering how you can keep the money in your wallet and still get adorable gift tags?

I’ve got you covered! Coming up with special birthday ideas is my speciality, and I’ve got the perfect solution for you – my free printable cards for your goodie bags or treat box.

All you need is:

  • my free printable cards
  • printer
  • scissors
  • hole punch
  • string or ribbon

free printable cards treat box gift tag


Simple right click and download this image. Print, cut and hole punch where desired. String onto goodie bags or treat box.

Birthday Ideas: Darling Goodie Bags or Treat Box

If you have decided to throw your own Our Little Chickadee party or some other bird party theme, these darling goodie bags will make your gets tweet with joy!

I filled the treat box (from Micheals craft store) with sweet treats to look like a bird’s nest. Cotton candy on the bottom made the nest, while copper colored egg shaped chocolate filled them. Adorable birds made from polymer clay I constructed at home topped the treats. (just make sure you tell your guest that part is inedible! you could also use peeps marshmallows too) Lastly, I tied the free printable cards gift tags to the treat box with ribbon that complimented the color scheme.

free printable cards treat box gift tagfree printable cards treat box gift tag


This feather shadow box I made for the kid’s bathroom worked perfectly on the goodie bag table!

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