Miss Evelyn Rose’s 1st Birthday

There really is a perfect time for everything. And now that spring has finally decided to arrive, it felt like the perfect time to share Miss Evelyn Rose’s first birthday ideas and details.

A few months ago our little chickadee turned one! It was a moment I had been looking forward to since the day we found out she was a girl. With two older brothers, the only party themes I had ever surmounted to plan were quite the opposite of the girly party themes I had stored away in my heart… just hoping that one day I might be able to use them.

Well in this case, party dreams really do come true! And as we navigated that first year with a newborn we were soon faced with the 1st birthday- all those darling party themes I saved were now starting to become reality.

first birthday ideas party themes

A Darling Girls Birthday Party: A Selection of Feathery Party Themes

Typically when I start the party planning process I have a few party themes in mind and let the guest of honor pick from a few choices. But for Evelyn’s 1st birthday, there was only one way I wanted to celebrate. Being the bird lover that I am, and the fact that one of the meanings of our little girls name is “little bird”, it felt like there could be no other choice than to go with a sweet bird theme.

first birthday ideas party themes

But then were do you go from there? There are plenty of first birthday ideas and party themes that cater to our feathery friends…. should we go the tropical and very trendy route of flamingos? Or perhaps keep it classy with swans?

For months I thought we would go with swans for our little girls birthday party. But one morning, I looked out my window and saw some familiar faces hoping along the edge of our garden- plump little chickadees, one of my favorite birds. ( in fact i’m drinking out of my chickadee coffee mug at this moment) Yes! This was the perfect feathery friend for our little girls birthday party- “Our Little Chickadee” was going to be darling, moody in tone, and classy like the swan party themes. This wasn’t going to be easy, it’s not like there are a pile of first birthday ideas related to this little bird. But it was the right choice for our little girls birthday party, and I think you’ll agree.

Check out the customizable invitations we ordered for this 1st birthday!

first birthday ideas party themes

Our Little Chickadee: First Birthday Ideas

Setting the Mood

Setting a color palette for your festivities is a great place to start when you choose party themes that aren’t easily found on Pinterest or the internet. For our little girls birthday party I choose to go with a romantic and moody color palette. It not only felt appropriate for the cooler season we were in, but it gave a nice nod to the decor in her nursery. And if you’ve read a few of my past posts on festivities, you know that I love to take decor from my home for the special occasion. It not only saves money, but it increases the festivities warmth and elegance.

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Have a look through some of the 1st birthday pictures to see how I incorporated shades of grey, burgundy, peach and gold into the festivities decor.

need more color palette tips? check out Everything is Awesome


first birthday ideas party themes balloon garland

A 1st Birthday Tablescape

First birthdays have entirely different needs over other milestones. The festivities not only focus on a very tiny human, but on other very tiny human guests. After you have chosen your color palette and idea from age appropriate party themes, you should begin to think about the seating arrangements, activities and food you’d like to serve to your tiny guests.

Parents don’t always want to have to keep an extremely close eye on their child during a birthday party. Mingling with fellow parents can be something some look forward to, and by providing age appropriate seating and decor, the stress of their child ruining something can be diminished. For our little girls birthday party I was lucky enough to find this stunning wooden table with wooden stumps for our seating arrangements. It was low to the ground, so little legs had an easy time hoping onto the stools.

first birthday ideas party themes


Earthy materials such as wooden plate chargers and florals lined the table and made for a darling gathering space. Joonie & Joe’s line of Harlow and Grey party ware rounded out the sweetness. The perfect peach made this girls birthday party more like a sophisticated soirée.

1st birthday party themes

photo by Shannon Lee

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The lantern floral arrangements were exactly how I envisioned them. Sequel Events not only made them whimsical but classy as well. I wish I could have them on my table every day!

party themes 1st birthday


These decor elements could fit multiple party themes and occasions. I could even see the “Our Little Chickadee” festivities becoming a favorite baby shower theme!

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Unique Details for a Girls Birthday Party

The balloon garland and cake swing display have become my all time favorite dessert table setting! It was romantic, simply stunning, and again easily transferable to many party themes.

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balloon garland cake swing party themes

Ballon Garland How To

A ballon garland has shown up in many of my festivities this past year. Why? Because its so easy to incorporate your color palette and put together. It also makes a big statement without putting a big dent in the wallet. All you need for this 1st birthday balloon garland are:

  • fishing line
  • needle
  • balloons complimenting your color palette
  • fake florals
  • eucalyptus
  • little birds and a birdhouse from the craft storefirst birthday ideas gold himmeli


Simply thread the balloons until you get the desired fullness and length. Fill with your florals and greenery. Lastly place your birdhouse and little birds on the garland.

Love my cake swing display?! I custom made this for Evelyn’s 1st birthday. Want to use it for your next event? Let’s Chat.

Special 1st Birthday Desserts

Almost every party I have ever thrown has had to many desserts. So this time around, I decided to try a fake cake. That’s Right! A fake cake. Because I already had a selection of desserts ranging from custom cookies to cake pops, there was no need for a large cake- especially when we were doing a baby cake smash for Evelyn. So to save money I opted to make the display cake on the cake swing out of styrofoam. It ended up being a great budget friendly decor decision, and I’d do it again for future festivities.

first birthday ideas cake swing



The dessert selections were a variety of homemade and store bought. Want a dessert recipe for a girls birthday party? Try out my DIY Pineapple Flower Sugar Cookies!

first birthday ideas 1st birthday party themes

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Do you have a local bakery that can make more than just cake? Reddy Made Cakes not only made the baby smash cake, but the display cake, cake pops and meringues! Wooden Whisk created the adult friendly desserts such as the mini pecan pies and cream puffs. Soooo good.

first birthday ideas baby smash cake



Want to try out some original first birthday ideas? I came up with these unique birdcage cupcakes specifically designed for our daughter’s 1st birthday! This was a 1st birthday dessert that I’m extremely proud of for it’s creativity and easy instructions. (link coming soon!)

photo by Shannon Lee

Activities for your 1st Birthday Festivities

first birthday ideas baby smash cake

photo by Shannon Lee

Keeping babies and toddlers busy can be tough. Having different stations for guests to go to can help spread out bodies, and keep their interest going. Having a designated snacking area is a first priority when planning festivities.  People commune around food so you will find this to be the most popular area.

Have a craft or coloring station. For our little girls birthday party we choose a coloring station as it was age appropriate for the guests, as well as a DIY Bird Feeder Station made out of simple apple rings, bird seed and peanut butter. Download the free printable coloring sheet for your “Our Little Chickadee” party + Free Gift Tags!

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A 1st birthday gives you way more room for activity stations! 1st birthday festivities celebrate many milestones, so guest might enjoy reading through their baby book and look through pictures from their first year. For our little girls birthday party, guests had this opportunity at the seating area.

Lastly, a baby cake smash has become an adorable 1st birthday tradition. Who doesn’t love watching a little one diving there pudgy hands into a cake made just for them!?

first birthday ideas baby cake smash

photo by Shannon Lee

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1st Birthday Conclusion & Letter to Our One Year Old

Dear Evelyn Rose,

What a joy it has been watching you grow into an adventurous and happy one year old. While your first year was filled with your dad and I teaching you about life, you ended up teaching us so much more. To slow down, take every moment for what it was, and most importantly about grace of God through parenting. You’ve placed yourself into such a special place in our hearts and of your brothers. It was such a treasure to celebrate this special milestone in your life. It’s hard not to think of the time when we will be celebrating your sweet sixteen. Im sure it will come faster than we would like.

Happy 1st Birthday baby girl. We love you so much,


first birthday ideas darling baby girl

Throwing a girls birthday party ended up being everything I had dreamed of! From the romantic color palette to the florals incorporated into every detail, the “Our Little Chickadee” was a darling party theme full of sweet festivities.

I hope you were able to get some useful first birthday ideas and use these styling tips for multiple party themes. Remember to celebrate not only the 1st birthday, but to acknowledge your success as a parent. You did a fabulous job, and your child thanks you for that!

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1st Birthday Party Details

Venue & Decor

Venue: Highstreet Community Center

Baby Cake Smash Photography: Shannon Lee

Table & Wooden Chargers: The Jubilee Collection

Cake Swing Display: GOLDNgrasses

Balloons: Joonie & Joe

Gold Himmeli: Aloe Yucca

Wooden Cake Stands: The Jubilee Collection

Paper Ware & Cutlery: Joonie & Joe

Floral Arrangements: Sequel Events

Children’s Activity Table: Turkey’s Party Makers

Baby Cake Smash Photobooth: Stumbling Grace

Milestone Prints: Impressed App

Our Little Chickadee Printables: GOLDNgrasses

Modern Baby Book: Mushybooks


Baby Smash Cake: Reddy Made Cakes

Display Cake: Reddy Made Cakes

Cake Pops & Meringues: Reddy Made Cakes

DIY Pineapple Flowers: GOLDNgrasses

Custom Cookies: Sweeter with a Cookie

Food: Memphis Blues BBQ


Dress: Wheat Kids Clothing

Shoes: Minimoc (cranberry)

Bow: Always and Foreverly

First Birthday Ideas: Gifts

Pill Box Hat: Goldybelle Designs

1st birthday party themes

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