An Epic Easter Bunny Drink For An Epic Easter Party

bunny bomb- kid's easter drink


Boom! I gotta say these kid’s Easter drinks are the bomb! That is they are epic Bunny Bombs! I mean how could you not call them anything else?! Chocolate, strawberry milk, jelly beans, whipped cream, cupcake, and oh ya… more chocolate! This epic Easter recipe is sure to make you yell “Halleluja”!

Not to mention it’s an Easter party must as it only takes you seconds to make… and probably seconds to consume as you will see from my kids photos! Welcome to the cool moms club.

Kid’s Easter Drink… But Really?

Seriously, I’m not sure why I’m even labeling these Bunny Bombs as kid’s Easter drinks. Really, every person should enjoy this. No questions asked. I’m serious. No judgment if you decide to make one for yourself, and slip into the bathroom so you can indulge undisturbed.

What? Have I done that before?! ….I can neither confirm, nor deny that those chocolate crumbs by the sink are mine…. In fact, they probably aren’t because I wouldn’t dare leave a crumb behind. hehe


Any who my point, these Bunny Bombs should be enjoyed by everyone! But they are a pretty rad idea for a kid’s Easter drink/ Easter party.

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Bunny Bombs: Let’s Hop to it Shall We?

What You Need

  • Hollow Chocolate Easter Bunny
  • Strawberry Milk
  • Whipped Cream (canned bc it will be eaten in record speed and no one has timed for hand whipped)
  • Mini Cupcakes
  • Mini Lindt Chocolate Bunnies
  • Chocolate Eggs
  • Jelly Beans
  • Peeps Marshmallows
  • Cool Straw

bunny bomb- kid's easter drink


Do you really need directions? Alright, sure. lol. This really is so simple, and feel free to add whatever sweets you desire to this Easter treat!

Cut off the top of the hollow chocolate Easter Bunny, fill with strawberry milk.

Start stacking Easter treats around the rim of the opening. Or screw them onto your cool straw.

Note: To secure candy better, you can always use royal icing

Fill empty spots with whipped cream… lots of whipped cream, because that stuff it gooood. Serve and enjoy your Bunny Bomb!

easter party bunny bomb easter recipe

easter party bunny bomb easter recipe


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Save this epic Easter Bunny Drink so you can make it for all your epic Easter party!

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