Countdown to Halloween: The Best of Kid’s Halloween DIYs

best halloween kid's DIYs boo bombs ghost craft

party photography: Creative Wife & Joyful Worker

Besides Christmas and of course birthdays, the one other holiday that my kids are constantly asking a count down for would be Halloween! This year they started it all the way back at the first day of school, and since then, they have been consistently asking for an update on how many days until their candy coma ensues. And now with only two weeks to go, we’ve started prepping for the big night- scouting out the most decked out houses, perusing the grocery store aisles exploding with goodies (I’m guilty of the too!), brainstorming their costumes, and of course creating the best kids halloween DIYs.

But this year there’s a bit of a damper on the holiday… My husband and I are away on holidays, so that mean Grams (aka grandma) is taking over the trick or treating duty this year. Which also means there was no group costume effort ( we pulled of the sweetest theme last year!! I’ll share over on IG) and we will be seeing there chocolate lined smiles through FaceTime. Really, just not the same. And if you knew how much my kids LOVED candy… actually you probably do, because doesn’t every kid just love the stuff?! Continuing addict over here, que the monkey covering face emoji lol!

Anyway, I wanted to do something a little special before we left so all the fun Halloween activities weren’t had without us. And after my monthly trip to Yes Chef in downtown Abbotsford, I came up with the best kid’s halloween DIYs.

best halloween kid's DIYs boo bombs ghost craft

Going From Fall Recipes to Boo Bombs + Monster Napkin Rings

There’s been quite a few amazing recipes that have popped onto the blog lately, with my Chai Applesauce Bunt Cake being the latest. And side note- this would be an AWESOME treat for you parents after the kids have been tucked in bed (probably with their costumes still on lol hey, no judgment here!) It just screams fall! Trust me, your gonna want to try this, along with all the other applesauce desserts I’ve recently whipped up!

Sidetrack over! lol What I was meaning to say, is that its time for a good ole fall themed kids craft! So if your planning on throwing a kid’s Halloween party, or you simply want to have a little goulish fun, you’ll find these are going to be the best kid’s halloween DIYs!

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A Spooktacular Halloween Party for Kids

Codi Lynn from Creative Wife and Joyful Worker was putting together a simple halloween party for kids to highlight the seasons fun, and share a delicious Halloween inspired Soda Stream recipe. Already wanting to make some of the best kid’s halloween DIYs for my absence on the festive day, this event ended up being the perfect push I needed to actually do it!  But I still had no idea what the best kid’s halloween DIY looked like….But leave it to Yes Chef to get those creative juices going! Almost immediately after entering their store, I remembered I had looked at some beautiful artisan napkins on my first visit.

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best halloween kid's DIYs boo bombs ghost craft


Perfect! I’ll use those… but how am I going to make a kid’s craft around that? Oh wait, I have an idea, make the cutest Monster Napkin Rings ever!! And because I love to go above and beyond, or maybe it’s the perfectionist in me, I was inspired to create one more halloween DIY. My Yes Chef inspiration? Silver egg cups and a copper bowl, another perfect addition to my other copper kitchen gadgets– and perfect for my ghost craft BOO Bombs!

best halloween kid's DIYs boo bombs ghost craft

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Boo Bombs: Ghost Craft

Time: 50 min (including drying time) || Makes: 12

What You Need:

  • 12 Eggs
  • Large Bowl
  • Black Marker
  • 1/2 tsp for scooping
  • 1 C Flour
  • 1/4 C Glitter (color is your choice)
  • 12 Plastic Spider Rings
  • White Tissue Paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Copper Bowl or Egg Cups for Display


For this ghost cafe, begin by lightly tap bottom of egg on counter until it begins to crack as shown. And empty the insides in your large bowl. Tip: Use your leftover egg yolks and whites for a delicious omelette or frittata the next morning! No waste here!

best halloween kid's DIYs boo bombs ghost craft



Cut tissue paper in roughly one inch squares, or large enough to cover your openings. Put a ring of glue around the egg opening.  Lightly press on the tissue paper (to much pressure will break the egg) With your finger add more glue on top of the edges for a secure seal.

best halloween kid's DIYs boo bombs ghost craft

Draw on your best BOO face! And when you go to use the boo bombs, make sure you are outside and the kids through them hard. The harder the throw, the bigger the splatter of flour and glitter! What a fun ghost craft, don’t you think?!


Boo Bombs for a Fun Party Favour & Spooky Decor



As you can see, this ghost craft makes a great addition to any halloween party for kids. Simply display this ghost craft on your table. Now you have an adorable halloween decoration as well as an activity AND party favour! Halloween DIYs are always better when they have more than one use, am I right?!

The copper dish and egg cups from Yes Chef turned out to be the best way to display them. I even used one of the leftover napkins from the Monster Napkin Ring Halloween DIY for a little cushion and prop for the eggs.

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I can’t even begin to describe how much fun the kids had with this ghost craft! It was a good thing I made so many, because one boo bomb just wasn’t enough! Even four boo bombs weren’t enough! In fact, there were some pretty big pouts when the fun was over, but quickly wiped away when they proudly displayed their plastic spider rings to me.

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Party Host/ Party Photography & Soda Stream Creamsicle Recipe: Creative Wife & Joyful Worker

Boo Bombs & Monster Napkin Rings: GOLDNgrasses

Halloween Popcorn: The Cheerio Diaries

Ghost Cookies: Loving Littles Blog

Party Photography: Creative Wife & Joyful Worker

This post was sponsored by Yes Chef.

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