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yes chef abbotsford kitchenware storeShe’s classy, she’s stylish and she’s dishing up the best kitchenware in town. Yes Chef, has branded itself as a kitchenware store that has it all. From luxury linens to dress up your table, handy gadgets, and cookware that will be passed down for generations, Yes Chef makes sure that your shopping experience is memorable and inviting. It’s a moment that’s reminiscent of a close gathering at your table- Everyones welcome, and there’s always room.

Stepping into Yes Chef for the first time, it was hard to decide were to go to first. Everything seemed to be calling my name, and the kids…. well they locked eyes on the kids station and off they went. So I decided to start with what was right in front of me, and faster than I could realize it, my hands were already reaching for an english teapot. It was as each carefully curated item was hand picked just for me. Full of elegance, but built with a modern utilitarianism that suited the busy working space of a kitchen. I knew I wanted something… but what would touch my heart and inspire me to get cooking?

And There it Was. A Hexagon Ice Cube Tray.

yes chef abbotsford kitchenware store

Perfectly situated among a plethora of desired items, this one seemed to stand out against the rest as it said, “hold on, you not only think I’m adorable, you need me”. In fact, this adorable hexagon ice cube tray was right. It had only been short of two years since our ice maker stopped working, less than a workweek since an unsuccessful repair job, and within 24 hours of my husband requesting me to purchase ice cube trays in order to save us from yet another unnerving reply to the revolving churning- “your ice machine isn’t working”.

After setting my eyes upon the teal trays, I began asking myself why I ever thought I needed to choose a boring, run of mill ice cube tray? Why not make it fun, entertaining, and dare I even say sexy! As I picked up these hexagon ice cube tray’s I couldn’t stop imagining all the posh Old Fashions I would make. Or better yet, a new recipe of my own creation!

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Yes Chef, I’ll Be Coming Back

So there I was, hexagon ice cube tray’s in hand, and a running list of other items that  would have to wait until my next visit. In fact, just writing about my first experience at Yes Chef makes me want to hop in the car, call up a girl friend, and have a little shopping date. Updating my kitchenware has never been so exciting!

Spritz Berry Cocktail with Hexagon Ice Cubes to Garnish

Finding the perfect kitchenware item should leave you with a sense of culinary creativity and passion to get into the kitchen. When you have found a kitchenware item that meets these expectations, you know you have found something truly special! Which is why I’m so excited to share this Spritz Berry Cocktail with you, a creative culinary treat inspired by the Hexagon Ice Cube trays.

berry spritz cocktail hexagon ice cube trays

Spritz Berry Cocktail: A Refreshing & Elegant Beverage

berry spritz cocktail hexagon ice cube trays

Hexagon Ice Cube Ingredients & Recipe

berry spritz cocktail hexagon ice cube trays

  • Hexagon Ice Cube Tray
  • Berry Jam (I used Blackberry, but raspberry would work great too)
  • Fresh Mint


Fill each hexagon ice cube compartment with a half teaspoon of berry jam. Loosely chop or pull apart mint leaves and place in each compartment. I ended up putting two nickel sized pieces in each tray. Fill to the top with water and freeze. The silicone makes these hexagon ice cubes pop out quite nicely! Enjoy these in my Spritz Berry Cocktail, iced tea, or sparkling water for a refreshing retreat.

Berry Spritz Cocktail Ingredients & Recipe

Berry Spritz Cocktail Ingredients & Recipe

Berry Spritz Cocktail Ingredients & Recipe

  • chic glassware
  • can of citrus sparkling water
  • 1 heaping teaspoon of berry jam
  • a hibiscus flower in syrup ( pick them up Yes Chef or find these at your local grocery store in the specialty items section)
  • 1 heaping teaspoon of hibiscus syrup (use the liquid inside the jar the hibiscus flowers come in)
  • 2 Hexagon Ice Cubes
  • 1/2 shot of Roots and Wings Gin (leave this out for a nice virgin beverage)

Place your heaping teaspoon of berry jam in the bottom of your glassware. Next, place your hibiscus flower (it is edible, and so yummy!) on top. Drizzle your heaping teaspoon of hibiscus syrup over the berry jam and hibiscus flower. Add in your 1/2 shot of gin if you would like to make it alcoholic. Drop in two of your hexagon ice cubes you made earlier. Fill to the top with a citrus sparkling water and enjoy!

Note: I caution adding anymore alcohol to this beverage. The citrus sparkling water seems to amplify the gin, and can become overwhelming if you add too much. Adding a half a teaspoon of pure vanilla extract was also a nice touch.

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This Berry Spritz Cocktail with Leave a Memorable Impression

This Berry Spritz Cocktail is not only beautiful and refreshing, but can be served for a multitude of occasions. Wether your savouring the last few weeks of summers on the patio, toasting a newly engaged couple, or in high holiday spirits, this Berry Spritz Cocktail will leave a memorable impression. You might even try substituting the Gin and sparkling water with a nice dry Prosecco or Champagne! It really is a beverage to suit all occasions!

Try paring this beverage with this Koji Toasted Almond Appetizer

Berry Spritz Cocktail Ingredients & Recipe

This post was sponsored by Yes Chef. A wonderful new kitchenware store in historic downtown Abbotsford, BC. Check back next month for more of my #yescheffavorites !



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