“Get ready to be surprised with delicious and healthy yogurt muffin recipe- Yogurt Pancake Bites, perfectly sized for a Yumbox”

#YesChefFavorites : Add Yogurt Pancake Bites to Your Bento Yumbox Lunch!

Growing up in the states, we ate lunch in the cafeteria and ate cafeteria food. Yes, you could pack a lunch, but most of the time I ate what the lunch lady served. And I loved it! It was always different, and had a variety of protein, fruit and vegetables. Now, did I always eat those vegetables… ehhh not so much.

So now as I’m raising my own school aged kids, I thought this was how it was going to be. Umm no,no,no,no,no….boy, was I wrong. Canada is so different. Not only do my kids not have a school cafeteria (they eat in their classrooms, and I have no idea how this is sanitary) they also don’t have regular hot lunches. So that means, a packed lunch every day of the week. Lots of eye rolling happening over here.


yumbox yogurt pancake bites


So to keep things fresh for myself and my kids, I’ve come up with a healthy yogurt muffin recipe + a DIY Dry Erase Love Note craft so I can send some encouragements to school with them every day. Because you have to feed the heart, brain and stomach.

Keep reading to learn about these school lunch surprises + how much we love our bento Yumbox kits from Yes Chef.


Fill Their Bellies With Goodness With a Healthy Yogurt Muffin Recipe:

Yogurt Pancake Bites

I love muffins, don’t you? The perfect little accompaniment to breakfast and snack time. You can fill them with extra protein or hidden veggies, and your kids would never be the wiser. So you can imagine how excited I was to whip up a new healthy yogurt muffin recipe. Or should I say, Yogurt Pancake Bites.

note: recipe makes 6 substantial muffins


yogurt Pancake Bites- healthy yogurt muffin recipe

note: add a few blueberries and oats on top for a pretty presentation

Adding the Non Fat Greek Yogurt not only helps add much needed protein to the healthy yogurt muffin recipe, but it also creates a soft texture like the favourite breakfast food- pancakes.

It’s moist, a bit dense, and fluffy all at the same time. If that makes sense! Really, it’s like a Pancake in muffin form! You’ll also appreciate the added applesauce for no oil (sans extra fat). And did I mention it’s made with all natural sugars?! Yay to this healthy yogurt muffin recipe! And how cute do these Yogurt Pancake Bites look in the bento Yumbox from Yes Chef.

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At 62 calories a muffin (.2 g fat / 10 g carbs / 4.5 g protein) you’ll be sneaking these Yogurt Pancake Bites for yourself!

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Don’t Forget the Heart: DIY Dry Erase Love Notes for a School Lunch Surprise

Do remember opening up your school backpack or lunch and finding a sweet encouraging note from your parents? I can, and they happen to be the times that my lunch hour really stood out to me.

Sometimes we don’t get the full picture of what’s going on in our kids lives at school. So what better way to be there for them than a kind love note. These DIY Dry Erase Love Notes not only make it easy for you to send a note to school, but they are also waste free! (unless your kid’s carelessly throw them away!)

All you have to do is click on the image below to download your FREE printable + print them off + laminate + cut + write your note with dry erase marker. If you don’t own a laminator, you can print/laminate this off at Staples for under $3.

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yogurt Pancake Bites- healthy yogurt muffin recipe

If you find your notes are having a hard time rubbing off, try using one of the three- isopropyl alcohol, dryer sheet or Mr.clean magic eraser.

#YesChefFavorites | Bento Yumbox Kits

Would you call me crazy if I told you I basically stocked Yes Chef until their new shipment of bento Yumbox kits came in stock? Well, I pretty much did! Stopping by just to see if they were in, and finally they arrived. And I stocked up!


We’ve been using the Yumbox Tapas Bento Lunch Box the past two years for our oldest son. And it’s been the perfect leak proof lunch kit we could have asked for. We’ve put ketchup,yogurt, and other semi liquids, and absolutely no leaks have occurred. Not to mention it’s held up perfectly against a rough little boy, and is dishwasher safe.



So of course we went for the same bento lunch box when our middle headed to school. Annnddd we grabbed a few more sizes for snack time.  We’ve ended up using these sizes for our flight down south, and the various long car rides across Oklahoma and Texas. The kids are so excited to use them, and I’m even more excited because the Yumbox snack kits won’t open up on accident because of its latch.

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Make sure you check out Yes Chef in Downtown Abbotsford for your Yumbox one stop shop! There assortment won’t disappoint! And make sure you check out #YesChefFavorites for more great recipes + favorite kitchen gadgets from Yes Chef.

This post was sponsored by Yes Chef.

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