Banyan Tree Kidz: A Kid’s Subscription Box Inspiring Minds and Creativity

banyan tree kidz- monthly book subscription


Well it looks like the snow just keeps comin… so it looks like I’ll be fending off the dreaded snowed in “im bored” attitudes. Thankfully, for you and me this is a creative lifestyle blog and the interactive kids activities just keep comin!

And what better way to keep those growing minds and busy hands interested than a monthly subscription box for kids! Featuring a monthly book subscription and STEAM projects for children, Banyan Tree Kidz will not only inspire but grow those little minds.

Follow along as I divulge about our love for this monthly subscription box for kids from Banyan Tree Kidz!

#CreativeReadoftheMonth with Banyan Tree Kidz

If you’ve been following along with my creative lifestyle blog for the past few months, you would have noticed a special post each month focusing on reading and art.

I came up with the #CreativeReadoftheMonth project as a good incentive to visit our local library consistently, and encourage our family to read more. It’s proven to be a great way to encourage reading, but also a reminder to constantly pursue interactive kids activities together.




I couldn’t believe that while I was doing this in my own home to share with you all, there was another company with the same passion! And not only that, but they were local to me, right out of Vancouver! I hope you can imagine my excitement when they asked me to try out one of their monthly book subscriptions with STEAM projects for children.

note: STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math




Not only did my kids have a blast this month with Banyan Tree Kidz, but it was so nice to not have to come up with ideas of my own. While fun to do, it’s also daunting at times!

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Not One STEAM Project, but Two!

This month’s subscription box for kids focused in on the Arctic (a perfect subject when we’ve been getting arctic blasts of our own). Included with the box was the book “Arctic White” by Dana Smith and illustrated by Lee White, as well as not only one STEAM project but two!

The book follows a young girl and her grandfather living in the arctic circle. All she sees is white and more white, until her grandfather takes her on a discovery to find color. They come upon the northern lights the girl suddenly realizes that warmth and color are all around her. It’s a story of patience, family and hope.




To learn more about the arctic’s way of living, the STEAM projects for children involved building our own igloo and recreating the northern lights.

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Why I’m Really In Love With Banyan Tree Kids STEAM Projects for Children

Let me make it real simple for you, just like Banyan Tree Kidz does for you parents. Let’s go bullet point form!

  • Each book is hardcover
  • Materials come with the subscription box (no need to run to the store)
  • Easy to apply discussion points + craft instructions
  • Detailed stories about the book + STEAM subjects
  • Really cool STEAM projects for children!


banyan tree kidz- steam projects for children



Not only did I absolutely love that it came with all the materials needed, but I couldn’t believe how well executed everything was. From the instructions to the project guides, it made it into a relaxed learning environment for myself and my kids. And how cool did these STEAM projects for children turn out?! Absolutely love them!


banyan tree kidz- steam projects for children


The last thing I want to leave you with is that you don’t have to dive right in with a monthly book subscription and STEAM projects for children from Banyan Tree Kidz. You can purchase a One Time Box instead, giving your family the opportunity to see why i love them so much! Seriously, what are you waiting for?!

This post was sponsored by Banyan Tree Kidz

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